Choreography Theory

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Yummy and I often get into deep discussions about what makes choreography ‘good.’

For me, other’s choreography is often like art – I know what I like when I see it.

I don’t know how other people choreograph, because it’s not generally something you watch other people do.

You could, but it would probably be incredibly boring, because much of what goes on is internal – personal decisions about what will/won’t look good, how to put things together, what overarching concept the choreographer is trying to achieve.

When I choreograph, it starts with an idea – sparked from a song I’ve heard, a costume I’ve seen, a fantastic prop piece I’ve found, or it can all start with the end vision.

I never know.

I went out internet searching for information on choreography theory.

What I found was a good Prezi presentation (albeit with a few errors) about choreography theory.

You can find it here.

It’s worth a watch, if only for the fantastic Fosse video embedded in it. 😀

I’ve long wanted to do a class on Formations, and I think that will be the next course I write curriculum for.

If you have a large stage and multiple dancers, formations are essential to keeping the audience engaged.

Choreographing for a group is very different than choreographing for a solo or duet.

The presentation did remind me, however, of my love for dance – especially Fosse.

God, I love Fosse.

So much so, that I was inspired to create a couple of poses from the video in the presentation.

I love the lean back pose the girls strike in the video at various times, so I made one. 🙂

I also made another pose that I think will work nicely as a transition pose for several 60s dances, like Abranimations The Jerk.

I am putting them out in a box at my theater for free, so stop by and pick them up. 🙂

Turn left as you enter the theater and the box is on the wall – touch and ye shall receive.

(Also, you could hit up my subscribo right above it while you’re there.) 😀


Fosse Poses

I always try to keep an eye out for new pose and animation stores.

Many times they are just ‘new to me’ stores.

However, I was excited to see Psyche from MaHal post about a set of ‘Fosse’ poses.

I am a huge fan of Fosse and headed right over to check them out.

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I totally stole Pysche’s pic (hope she doesn’t mind!), but the poses were amazing – and mirrored poses are included.

I bought both packs and picked up a few other sets while I was there as well.

I will be adding Chisa to my list of animation/pose stores.