Pandora Box of Dreams

One of the picturesque sims I’ve visited recently is the Pandora Box of Dreams sim.

Pandora Box of Dreams Second Life

I didn’t have as much time to wander around as I would have liked, but what I did see was absolutely lovely.

I’m wintered out, so it was a nice change of pace to find a sim that is decorated with beautiful fall colors.

Pandora Box of Dreams 2

This tree house was my favorite.  I love how the trees are a bit gnarled and the staircase curls around the trunk up to the second floor.

Pandora Box of Dreams 3

Not too far from the treehouse was this cute church building.  But instead of a church, it’s actually a library! Tons of bookshelves and books, and reading nooks everywhere – a book lover’s dream. 🙂

I’ll definitely be heading back when I have more time to wander around.

Aspen Fell and Lucienne

As everyone in my house (well, almost everyone!) headed back to work/school on Monday, I found myself feeling a bit off-kilter.

It’s nice having the house back to myself and getting back on a regular schedule.  But I’m still not quite back in the swing of things.

So I thought I’d wander around SL a bit and take some photos. I’m always on the lookout for picturesque places, and there were several I’d been meaning to visit.

Aspen Fell was the first stop on my journey.

Aspen Fell 3

The sim is absolutely gorgeous. Lots of trees and little hidden nooks to explore.  It had some snow in a few places, but I was happy to see it looked more like fall.  I’m snowed out. 😦

Aspen Fell 1

I confess, I was also killing two birds with one stone.  Niran Dean has updated the Black Dragon viewer again and I wanted to try it out.

It always takes me a bit to remember where everything is since I use Firestorm most of the time.  Once I got it figured out, I was in heaven.

Black Dragon seems to be much kinder to my graphics card and processor than Firestorm when taking high-resolution photos.  I can take photos with both, but Black Dragon is just a wee bit faster when saving to disk. 🙂

After Aspen Fell, I headed over to Lucienne.

It was still decorated for the holidays.  The buildings are just so quaint and picturesque.

Lucienne 1

I love to see how other people decorate their land.  I don’t do a lot of home decor or landscaping myself, so I am always fascinated by other’s builds.

Lucienne 2

I love the look of this little cafe.  It seems a bit chilly to eat outside, but the inside looks warm and inviting.

Lucienne 3

There were lots of little nooks and crannies to explore here.  I love A-frames and this one is just adorable.  This is the kind of home I would love to have if I lived somewhere with lots of snow.

Lucienne 4

If a stately manor is more your style than a simple A-frame, Lucienne has that too.  I love the grand look of this mansion.

Be sure to click on the SLURL’s in the post so you can visit and see the wonder for yourself. 🙂