It’s Advent-ure Season!!

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Yesterday was December 1, which means that along with the plethora of events every month, lots and lots of stores are doing Advent Calendars.

I have a few favorites that I do every year (like the Abranimations Advent), but there are tons more.

I found a listing on the Fab Free blog of various stores who are doing Advent Calendars this year.  I know there are other listings, but I like this one, because it also tells you if the calendar is totally free (open to everyone), requires a free-to-join group, or requires a pay-to-join group.

Totally free ones are my preference – even with the extra group slots I get as a premium member, I never seem to have enough!

I don’t mind joining for a bit to do the Advent, though I always feel slightly guilty for joining and then leaving after getting the freebies.

(I’ve always wondered how merchants feel about that – is it just expected, a part of doing business? Or does it annoy the bejeesus outta them?)

If it’s a paid group, I generally just give the calendar a pass, unless I already happen to be in the group.

Some of the calendars are really fun.  At Sway’s, for example, you get a free HUD, and then have to hunt around the store to find 24 Christmas baubles.  When you find the one for the correct day (#1 for yesterday), you return to the pile of Advent gifts, find the correspondingly numbered gift and click.

Voilá! Adorable free gift. 🙂

I actually found all the baubles yesterday, so now I just have to go back each day and pick up my gift.  Sweet!

Visit the Fab Free blog here to find the listing of all the stores doing an Advent calendar. (Note: I checked at DMC yesterday and there was no Advent Calendar set out. Save yourself a trip.)  😀

Some of the Advents don’t start until December 12, so be patient.  Also, yesterday saw the start of this year’s Peace on Earth hunt.  It’s a fabulous hunt, and has become something of a tradition for me.

I think there are 74 stores participating this year – and it’s a totally free hunt.  I don’t think there was a blog set up for it as yet, but you can join the hunters group in-world for free and grab a notecard with all the SLURL’s.

Happy Adventing!!!

It’s Not Over!

So glad to hear that pieces of Fab Free will remain open. A wonderful resource for many of us in SL. 🙂

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Hello FabFree Folks,

After reading the enormous outpouring of supportive and kind comments regarding FabFree and it’s positive impact on the grid, Prudence, Julianna and myself were inspired to put our heads together and come to the conclusion that there is just no way we can put an end to such a caring community of people.  We have realized that there was a time before the complexity that Fabfree has grown into with multiple groups, a headquarters and a large designer listing that was still quite “fabulous”.

We have re-structured our management (again, try to keep up with us! lol) and will be staying open, but making some very big changes, turning back the clock a bit to make things more easily managed by our team of Volunteers.

*  Blog:  Our blog will remain open and active – continuing to feature free and under 75L offers.

*  Inworld Group:  We…

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Fabulously Free in SL is Coming to a Close

Fab Free is closing?! I’m at a loss for words, and that doesn’t happen very often, I assure you. 😦

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Hello Fab Free. It is difficult for met to write this blog post, but I won’t delay. Fab Free will be closing at the end of October. This was an incredibly difficult decision, though I feel it is the best decision for Fabulously Free in SL. Being part of Fabulously Free in Second Life has been such an amazing adventure. There are times when it was the one thing I knew I could look forward to. Sadly, my time in Second Life and that of Fab Free is changing. My hope and intention is for the whole of Fab Free to end on a positive note.

I want to say that I cannot express my gratitude enough for the exceptional team of bloggers, and contributors, past and present, enough. Fab Free would not and could not be what it has become without their hard work and dedication. To all those…

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