Exploring Unconditional

Time is the one thing I always wish I had more of.  There never seems to be enough time in my day to accomplish all the things I want to get done.

I suppose I should be grateful that I have things I want to do on my list, rather than it being full of things I have to do.

There – that’s me, practicing gratitude.  😛

I did manage to carve out some time to head in to SL for some exploring.  I visited several places, but I always have more on my list.

One of the places I visited was Unconditional.

The sim is gorgeous and full of little hidden areas. I’ve seen pictures from it all over Flickr, so clearly lots of people find it as pretty as I did.

In some places, it reminded of home – I’d see this sort of thing traveling around the roads where I live. 

I think this is one of my favorite pictures of all those I’ve taken.

Of course, there are no beaches where I live, so I always find those areas fun to explore, since I can’t do that in real life.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in SL.  But be sure to stop by and give Unconditional a visit.  You won’t regret it.


As I’ve had free time, I’ve been back in SL exploring sims.  I’ve missed taking photos and playing around in Photoshop.  I’ve posted a couple of things on Flickr and I figure I have a while until I’ve uploaded my 300+ photos still available to me as a free Flickr user.

I didn’t have a ton of time to explore Whimberly, but what I did see was gorgeous.  I’ll have to make sure I return for another visit when I have more time.

I’m still a sucker for lighthouses. 😀

Field of Dreams

Nope, not that one. 😀

This Field of Dreams is a gorgeous sim I found while ambling around SL.

Rustic House

The rustic landscaping is simply stunning and there are little details everywhere you look. (I almost missed the cute red bird sitting on the fence.)

SunflowersThis field of flowers stopped me in my tracks – this is something I see regularly here at home (it’s our state flower) and giant fields of sunflowers are awe-inspiring.  And the seeds are pretty tasty, too! 😛

Cat chasing pigeonsI couldn’t resist snapping a pic of this scene – the cat trying to stealthily sneak up on the birds, the birds flying up out of danger, and waiting to see whether the cat will actually snare something or fall ignominiously into the water fountain.

Rustic WineryI’m a big fan of the Tuscan look (as are many others, judging from the number of times I see Tuscan decor/landscaping), and this winery/picnic area looks so inviting.

There is lots more to see and explore at Field of Dreams, so grab your camera and head on over to check it out for yourself!

Hestium II

While out and about looking for places to photograph, I came upon Hestium II.  The land description mentioned ‘stories,’ so as a writer, I was curious and went to explore.


When you land, you receive a notecard about Hestium.  It states, “The houses in this tiny community are ‘inhabited’ by unseen people.  They are people from all walks of life, from different times and places – with different backgrounds and agendas.

But who are these people?
That is for you to discover. Their homes hold clues to who they might be – sometimes in plain view, sometimes hidden away. Walk in, look around – in cupboards and under beds. Examine their homes

So why are they here?
That too is for you to decide. YOU can create their stories.”

Curiouser and curiouser. 🙂

I wandered around, trying to see what clues I could find.  Inside the cottage above, there were traces of the inhabitants.


It looks like they left expecting to come back – the table is still set for breakfast.  I’m not sure I’d want to climb up that ladder every night to go to bed, but the view out the windows is amazing!


I tried to see if I could figure out who had been there and where they were, but no luck. 😦

The sim build is beautiful, though, so even if you’re not a sleuth, it’s still well worth visiting just to see it all.


I found this gorgeous castle? temple? Inside was a – well, I’ll let you explore that part for yourselves. 😀

Have fun creating your own stories!

Byrd Island

Perusing my way through the Destination Guide, I came upon Byrd Island.  It sounded intriguing so I went to see for myself.


The land description reads, “Take a step back in time to explore this once inhabited island. The Light house keeper and his family left the island never to return. Could it have been the birds, or something else? Byrd Island is now open for tours.”  Indeed, the island was empty of inhabitants, other than the multitude of birds.

Since the island was empty, save for me, I took the opportunity to take some time and experiment with the lens settings as per Myra Wildmist’s blog posts.  I was able to get the full sim shot above, though I obviously need some more practice!


The island itself is a bit foreboding, with a windlight that gives it a spooky feel.  Add in the ravens flying around everywhere, and you can almost imagine Tippi Hedren running around screaming. 😀


There are lots of nooks and crannies to explore, and since there is no one else about, don’t be shy about poking around.

This would be a wonderful place to take some spooky and/or eerie photos, now that Halloween is fast approaching. 😛

The Gates of Melancholy

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit The Gates of Melancholy. According to the land information, the sim is inspired by the life and work of famous American painter Andrew Wyeth.

Gates of Melancholy 1

I’d seen pictures of the sim taken by several different SL photographers, so I was curious to head over and see it for myself.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Gates of Melancholy 2

There are tons of areas to explore and the windlight is simply amazing. Sometimes I will find myself playing around with the windlight on sims to get different effects for my pics.  But I loved the windlight on this sim. 😀

Gates of Melancholy 3

I think one of the reasons the sim is so appealing to me is that it reminds me of 1) home, and 2) simpler times.  No reminders of things that are ubiquitous today – cell phones, TVs, cars, etc. Just peace and quiet.

Gates of Melancholy 4

I would love to live somewhere like this – near the shore, where I could listen to the waves crash on the beach, but high enough to be protected from most storms, sheltered by huge old trees.

Gates of Melancholy 5

I’ve never lived near the water, so I am fascinated by places like this.  Being that close to so much water seems like it would be amazing.  Of course, I’m sure I wouldn’t appreciate the storms and hurricanes, but it’d be worth it, right? 😛

The sim is absolutely gorgeous, so hop on over and check it out.

Exploring Sarawak

Sarawak has been on my to-visit list for some time.  I had the chance to wander around for a bit a few days ago, and it was fantastic.

Sarawak 1

I love the other-worldly look of these stone gazebos.  You can even sit for a spell on the floor pillows, gazing up at the sky.  For this visit, I left the region windlight active – this one just added to the mood – serene and calm. 🙂

Sarawak 2

I wasn’t expecting to come across a dragon, but isn’t he magnificent?!  I’m not sure I would camp out below an active dragon; definitely some hardier souls than me!

Sarawak 3

There are some very picturesque areas of Sarawak, including this one.  I love the simple windmill, sitting on this little peninsula of the sim.

Sarawak 4

I’ve seen this house before (and photographed it before), but I couldn’t resist this angle.  I love water wheels, so that was an added bonus, and the way the path from the cottage meanders down to the building in the distance is absolutely charming.

Sarawak 5

The path from the cottage above leads you to this gorgeous ivy-covered tower.  With the sunset glowing in the background – it is such a striking sight that I stopped for a moment just to enjoy it. 🙂

Sarawak is filled with lots of nooks and crannies, and there are some fabulous areas that I haven’t shared here, so be sure to spend some time walking around and exploring.

And don’t forget to bring some dragon snacks, just in case!  😛

Tranquil Beauty at Selidor

I’ve often visited Selidor, home of Fallen Gods.  Alia Baroque is well-known for his amazing skins.

However, I had never taken the time to wander around the sim, which is a shame, because it’s beautiful.
Selidor Fallen Gods 1

After seeing Selidor listed on the Destination Guide, I decided to take a quick jaunt over there and see what I could find.

What I found was a wonderfully decorated sim.  I discovered two new areas I’d never seen before, including the island building in the picture above.

Selidor Fallen Gods 2

A beautiful, tranquil, and magical place. There’s even a ‘Lost Town’ just waiting to be found. 🙂
Selidor Fallen Gods 3

My favorite spot, though, was the absolutely fabulous gardens.  There are little hidden areas everywhere, each filled with lovely statues, furniture, and more.  I spent quite a bit of time exploring, because there was something new around each bend.

Ancient statues, hidden coves, gorgeous waterfalls – it was all just stunning.

Selidor Fallen Gods 4

I would love to have a fountain like this one in my own garden.  Though many of the statues seem to have a Grecian influence, there were also statues with an Egyptian flavor, as well as a bridge that reminded me of Viking ships with their dragon figureheads.

Selidor Fallen Gods 5

Of course there were fantastical elements all over, including this amazing statue.  The sim is a treasure trove of wonder, and you never know what you’ll find around the next corner.

Selidor Fallen Gods 6

So if you find yourself shopping at Fallen Gods, don’t forget to step outside the store itself and explore this amazingly gorgeous area.

Electrobit City – ‘You’ve died, and have been thrown from this reality! ‘

This looks interesting – definitely going to have to remember to check it out!

Cait's World

Those of you following me and my adventures on this blog know I am a terrible gamer. I just cannot play video games that require moving, shooting, running and escaping even if my real life would depend on it.
I do like how it all looks though and I guess that’s my problem: I love to look around and admire the graphics, the colours and everything and then before I have found the right button to push it is in most cases like the subject of this blogpost ‘You’ve died, and have been thrown from this reality!‘ .
That’s okay with me, I will stick to Candy Crush Soda and Mahjong. Also fun….ahem.

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Limited Views of Second Life

Image Source:  kittycats.biz
Image Source: kittycats.biz

A couple of months ago, I came across an article on Business Insider about Second Life.  The author seemed to surprised to find Second Life was still around, and spent some time exploring.  She had a ‘guide’ – a resident who took her around and showed her some of the things she does in SL.  You can read the original article here.

The reaction to the article from SL residents was mostly negative.  It was argued that her experience with SL was limited, and that she missed out on much of what makes SL ‘great.’  I, too, would argue that the author’s experience was not ‘typical.’  It’s certainly not how I spend my time in SL.  However, I haven’t been a ‘new user’ in quite some time, so perhaps it is my view that needs expanding.

I began to wonder – how do others spend their time in SL?  If you’re a dancer, you spent a lot of your time choreographing, building, and performing.  But what about the rest of the time?  Where do you go?  What do you do?  If you log into SL for an evening of ‘fun,’ what does that look like for you?

Do you wander around beautiful sims taking photographs?  Do you go sailing?  Flying?  Scuba diving?  Do you roleplay?  Do you have a regular group of friends you spend time with or do you spend most of your time in-world alone?

As I was writing this, I came across another article discussing how ‘Adult’ sims have proliferated in SL and questioning how (or if) LL plans to address this issue in their ‘next gen’ platform (or SL2.0, as many refer to it).  Read the original article here.  Be sure to read the comments – they are interesting as well.

It’s worth noting that not all ‘adult’ rated sims exist solely for the purpose of porn/sex.  I’ve been to several dance shows which were located on adult sims (because there was nudity in the show).  However, I wasn’t tripping over people obliviously humping one another in the streets. To those of us who spend our time in SL doing many other things besides cybersex, this assumption seems strange indeed.  It is yet another limited view of SL.

SL has a lot of different communities doing a lot of different things.  I asked in a previous post what the dance community could do to encourage new people to visit and stay.  What do other communities (like RP, tiny, etc.) do to attract new people?

Chime in and let me know what else there is to do in SL.  I’m constantly on the lookout for new experiences.  I’ve never been scuba-diving or sailing or . . .  Show (and/or tell) me what I’m missing!