Time and Space

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The older I get, the more time is on my mind.  I took a hiatus from this blog for a while, and while I was gone, the blog had its 6th birthday.  6th!

I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for 6 years.

When I started it, I had more free time and so I posted more often.  I’d thought that as I got older, my free time would increase, but it hasn’t worked out that way.  However, I’ve missed blogging and writing, so here I am.

Space is the other thing on my mind – I use the free version of WordPress for this blog, so I get a limited amount of space for the pictures I add.  When I was posting reviews of dance shows, I had multiple pics per post.  Same with when I started doing travel photos – multiple pics per sim.  I’ve only used 21% of my free storage so far, so I guess I have another 12 years or so before I need to worry about reaching the limit? 😛

Seriously, though, it’s a real dilemma.  You want pics because those interest people (and drive traffic) but the tradeoff is the space requirements.  I could upgrade to a paid account with WordPress and get more space, but that’s hard to justify right now.

I also used to post my pics to Flickr, but now Flickr is limited as well, unless I pay to go Pro (which I won’t).  So now I’m back to debating what social media I might want to use with the blog.  I used to post on KoinUp back in the day and they’re still around (and still free, I think) or I could use my Ello account.  Any suggestions besides Fakebook and Twitter?  😀

Glutton for Punishment

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I’ve posted several times about how overwhelming managing multiple social media accounts can be.

Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment.  -.-

I went and signed myself up for some new networks.

If you belong to any of these networks, look me up – I’m always happy to meet new friends. 🙂


KoinUp is a site I found after watching an episode of Designing Worlds on photography.

My first impression is that it’s sort of like Flickr (which you can apparently cross-post to from KoinUp).

I joined a few groups and I’m giving it a few days to see how I like it.

I added KoinUp to my Feedly reader a month or so ago, and I like being able to just scan through some of the art when I have a few free moments.

I tried adding Flickr to Feedly, but they refuse to play nice together. 😦


On the recommendation of Ever Afterr (check out her blog here), I decided to check out Reddit.

After reading through the FAQs and their posting rules, I decided to go ahead and join.

It’s kind of overwhelming at first, but I removed a bunch of subreddits and pared it down to a usable amount.

I found a book subreddit, so I’m already having fun reading everyone’s comments.

(Just FYI – I hated Anna Karenina and my favorite book of all time is a tie – To Kill a Mockingbird/Jane Eyre.)

I couldn’t find a mobile app for Reddit that wasn’t 3rd party, so I’ll have to see how useful/engaging I find it if I’m only using it when on my PC. (If you have any suggestions that work well for you, let me know.)


I signed up for Ello when it first came out, because I hate Facebook.

I haven’t been on in months, and decided to go back a few days ago to check it out.

It doesn’t seem that active for SLers – or am I missing something?

If you’re on Ello, tell me – I would love to have some active people to follow!

I also read (I think) that they are working on a mobile app, which would let me be more active.

I spend most of my time on social networks via my phone, not my PC.

Other Projects

Becky recently wrote a blog post about SEO and blogging.

In it, she mentioned Google’s Webmaster Tools.

I had tried using them months ago, but got lost in all the technicalities and just abandoned it.

I went back and tried to get back into it.

I’m still floundering.  😦

I’m also debating whether it is worth the work to get a Google+ Page in addition to my profile.

I’m also investigating some other apps that would help me manage all the social media streams.

If you have a Google+ Page or use a service like HootSuite, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Networking Questions

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In the last few of weeks, there have been a couple of posts over at New World Notes about various social media networks and the writer’s opinion on their usefulness for Second Life users.

As a blogger, I am always looking for ways to make connections – with other bloggers, readers, SLers, etc.

A great way to do that is social media.

However, there are sooo many platforms and only 24 hours in a day (and I reserve some of those hours for sleep and RL!), so how do you decide which ones to use?

Also, how can you get the most out of the time you do spend on each network?

Rather than covering all the networks mentioned in the NWN articles, I’m going to stick to the ones I use or have questions about (hey, this is about me, right?).

I would love to streamline my process, so I’m asking all you brilliant people for your tips and tricks on the various platforms.


(Okay, this isn’t really a social network, but I still have questions. 😛 )

Obviously, I use WordPress to blog.

However, a TON of people use Blogger.

Is there an easy way (or any way) to ‘like’ a Blogger post?

On WordPress blogs, I can hit a ‘like’ button or leave a comment very easily.

I haven’t found a way to ‘like’ Blogger posts.

Also, with Blogger posts, I have to pick a ‘profile’ to use for a comment and 9 times out of 10, when I hit ‘publish,’ Blogger eats my comment.   -.-


I use Twitter, but I’m not sure that it’s all that useful for networking in SL.

I follow quite a few people, but most tweets tend to be people tweeting their blog posts or pics.

Is there a way to streamline/pick SL content for my Twitter feed?

I have tried using TweetDeck, but I usually am on a mobile device when I’m on Twitter, so is there a way to use TweetDeck on mobile?

Are there ‘must-follow’ people on Twitter?

What hashtags do most SLers use when tweeting about SL?


I finally caved several months ago and got a Flickr account, and I must say, I love it.

I love taking photos and playing around in Photoshop, and I’m having a ton of fun.

However, the Flickr UI (which apparently is constantly changing), is not user-friendly at all.

I have joined groups and followed others, but is there a way to easily view recent group photos besides clicking through to each group’s postings?

A group photostream, like the one I get for people I follow on Flickr?

I’ve tried adding an RSS feed to my feed reader (Feedly), but it doesn’t work. 😦

Are there tags I should be using (for my own photos and for searching) other than ‘Second Life’ or ‘SL’?

Avatar Social Network (ASN)

I signed up for ASN because I loathe Facebook.

I know I can have a Facebook Page as my avatar, but I don’t like the constantly changing privacy policies at Facebook.

Plus, a Page just doesn’t give you the tools that a profile does, so it doesn’t foster the same networking ability.

I like ASN.

It’s easy to use (it’s set up in many ways like Facebook with ‘likes,’ ‘groups,’ ‘pages,’ etc.) and there is a large friendly community.

ASN serves other virtual worlds besides SL, but there are plenty of active SLers on ASN.

However, I feel like I could be getting more out of ASN.

Are there people I should be following on ASN?

Any input about ASN is appreciated. 🙂


I am on Google because I have Gmail.

I do not have a Google+ page – should I?

People can follow my profile on Google – is it necessary to also have a page?

I like Google – I think the tools are more intuitive to use than most other platforms.

But like ASN, I often feel I could/should be getting more out of the time I spend there.

Other Platforms

I am on Ello, but when I first joined, it was not very populated.

I haven’t been back in a while – is the SL community there growing?

Or was it just the latest new shiny alternative to Facebook?

What about SLUniverse and the forums?

Are there other platforms that are helpful for networking with other SLers?

Enlighten me, people!!!

Mental Fatigue

Photo Credit ~ NoeNoeGirl
Photo Credit ~ NoeNoeGirl

This week is going to be a busy one, and I already know I’m not going to get everything done that I want to.  That’s a depressing thought on a Monday. :-/

I feel like my brain is going to explode.  Or shut down.  One of those.

I’ve been reading blogs, books, and tweets.  I’ve been writing and choreographing and building.  I’ve been on a dead run since I got up this morning, and it feels like I haven’t even made a dent in my to-do list.

However, I did get an invite to Ello (thanks @jennspoint!), so now I can check it out and report back on it.

I finished the choreography to one routine last night – but not the one I should have.  :-/

I saw a video today about a new gizmo that will let you rezz no copy and/or no mod items as part of your set.  That blew my mind.  I’ve been going through my inventory and getting rid of no copy/no mod items for exactly that reason, and now someone has found a work-around.  YES!  That’s what we need more of in SL – freedom from limitations.

The other thing we need more of (besides everyone being nicer to each other) – MORE DANCES!!  Come on, dance makers – get busy! I’ve got $L to spend, if you’ve got good animations to sell. 😛

Happy Monday, everyone!

An Alternative to Facebook?

Ello's Logo
Ello’s Logo

I’ve written before about my dislike for Facebook.  Looking for alternatives, both for my RL and SL, has been . . . interesting.

I found ASN (Avatar Social Network) and so far, I like it.  I’m not as active as I’d like to be, but that’s my fault, not the platform.  For SL purposes, it’s a good alternative to Facebook.  Then I heard about Ello.  I wanted to try it (both RL and for SL).  But now I’m not sure if I want to or not.  I haven’t gotten an invite yet, so my feelings may change once I do.

Today I stumbled across this post on Google+:    Ello, goodbye by Aral Balkan

I read in another article yesterday that Ello has received funding from venture capitalists.  Why is this important?  Because it means that, at some point, those who provided the capital are going to want a return on their investment.  Where are they going to get it?  From you.  Which means that you are once again in danger of being a ‘commodity’ to a social media platform.

While I was initially excited to hear about Ello, now .  . . not so much.

At this point, I wouldn’t even mind paying a fee to use a network, if it meant I could be sure (as sure as you can be in this day and age) that my personal information isn’t being sold to some ‘corporation.’  Is it too much to ask that my posts be seen by my friends/followers (people who are, presumably, interested in my posts) without me having to pay to ‘promote’ my posts?  Is it too much to ask that I not be deluged with ads for products that some ‘algorithm’ thinks I might be interested in? (Just FYI, Mr. Al Gorithm, I’m NOT interested, tyvm.)

Think how much time you’d save if the stuff you saw on your feed was only the stuff you’d actually SAID you were interested in!

Is that so much to ask?