The Drax Files 38: economic empowerment in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

I found this article interesting – more so for the conversation between Inara and Drax that she shared after the video than the video itself.

In the video, Eboni Khan says that SL has a very low entry barrier for businesses.  I agree – you can set up an in-world store or one on Marketplace in minutes.  However, that doesn’t guarantee that your business will be successful.

With the advent of mesh (and having to learn related programs like Blender or Maya or Z-brush or the like), I feel like the barrier to having a successful business has increased.  Maybe it has, maybe it hasn’t.

When I first landed in SL, most creating was done in-world.  When I started looking into making clothing, I realized I would need to learn Photoshop to really do it well.  So I began learning Photoshop.

To make clothing these days, it needs to be mesh.  Yes, there are still those who prefer system clothing, but most prefer mesh.  You can buy templates of course, but to be an ‘original’ creator you need to make your own.

That means learning a 3D modeling program, learning how to rig the clothes to the SL avatar and all the various mesh bodies (something that almost everyone seems to find horribly tedious, if my Plurk timeline is to be believed), and then dealing with things that sound difficult – UV unwrapping, making your AO maps, then dealing with textures, including spec and normal maps in addition to the traditional diffuse maps.  It’s enough to make your head spin.

In addition to all of that, it would seem then that people would, of necessity, spend more time in out-world programs (like Blender) than they do in-world.

What about you? Do you feel it is more difficult now than before to have a successful business in SL? 

The 38th video of The Drax Files World Makers arrived on Wednesday, June 8th, focusing on fashion designer Eboni Khan, who has been designing women’s apparel for the last decade, marketing it…

Source: The Drax Files 38: economic empowerment in Second Life | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Have Some Fun With Drax!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Draxtor Despres before.

He’s the creator of “The Drax Files,” a series of machinima/videos that highlight creative people around the grid in SL.

You can check out his YouTube channel here.

He also does the popular “Drax Files Radio Hour” every Friday with Jo Yardley (owner/creator of the 1920’s Berlin sim).

Yesterday on Twitter, I saw the trending #ImmersiveDrax hashtag and had to check it out.

I’m not exactly sure who started it, but people have been taking a photo of RL Drax trying out some VR tech and Photoshopping him into pictures.

They are hilarious!

A few of my favorites:



I love this one – I’m currently playing the Lego Jurassic World Game, so it was extra funny to me. 😀



I loved this one too, and not just because Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies.

But my all-time favorite so far:


This kept me in stitches most of the evening.

And then Strawberry Singh made a Flat Drax!!

The Monday Meme for yesterday was Flat Drax – pick up your own Flat Drax (he comes in two versions) free on the MP.

So you can get your own Flat Drax, take some pics, and tweet them using #FlatDrax.

Or you can post them to Strawberry’s Blog Memes Flickr Group.

I hope the #FlatDrax pictures are as hilarious as the #ImmersiveDrax ones!

Enjoy your Tuesday, everybody!

Tuesday Tidbits

tidbit-tuesdayIt’s only Tuesday?


This week is taking forever already.

A few tidbits for you:

⇒  What’s the meanest thing someone’s ever said to you on social media?  Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme is all about the haters.

I recently came across this image and I think it sums things up pretty well:


⇒  The latest Drax Files was about my favorite SL artist, Whiskey Monday.

Check it out:

Drax Files: World Makers 28

⇒  Canary Beck wrote a post about a style make-over guide for men in SL.

One of the first things she says is you need at least $8,740L to complete this look.

Say what?!

Now, I appreciate the post, because there are lots of guys who don’t have a clue where to start.

And it’s a ‘ground-up’ build, including skin/shape, etc.

But $8000L?

That seems expensive.

Or is it just me?

⇒  Ciaran Laval reported that Premium Members (that’s me, yay!) will now be able to receive 50 offline IM’s, rather than the previous 25 limit.

Now, my offlines go to email, so it probably won’t be as big a deal to me as other members, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Something useful to go along with your premium membership!

⇒  Crossing my fingers that LL and OnLive will work something out and do a package deal (as Jo Yardley suggested) and bundle premium membership with an SLGo subscription.

Now THAT I would find useful!

⇒  Caitlin Tobias wrote a post about her recent issues using the official SL viewer.

Clothes disappearing, inventory lost (the WHOLE thing, not just certain items!), etc.

She can’t use Firestorm (which I looooooovvveeee), so she ended up trying Singularity and then the Alchemy viewer (which I’ve never heard of before).

So I got to wondering – what viewer do you use, and why?

Is there one you’ve tried and absolutely hated and why?

Education in Second Life

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about education and SL, something that interests me (since I’m a teacher).

I can certainly see potential in using SL for all kinds of different educational applications.  For example, I once had students recreate the town from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ using Google SketchUp.  The students loved it (even though Google SketchUp was a complete pain!). It would have been so much easier to do the same sort of thing in SL.  However, having to install a viewer on every laptop in the school and then having every student sign up for an account would have been logistically impossible (for many reasons that had nothing to do with SL).

But the possibilities remain.  Now that LL is once again (?) providing ‘educational’ discounts, perhaps there will be an uptick in educators using it.

The latest Drax Files episode showcases what a Texas University is doing with and within SL:

*Note: if the embedded video doesn’t appear for you, click here for the link.

It’s Almost Friday!

I’m really looking forward to seeing ‘Paradise Lost’ this weekend!  And after seeing this video from the Drax Files about the production, I’m even more excited.

Take a look:

If the embedded video doesn’t show for you, click here for the link.

I can’t wait!!