Yahoo Flickr? I’ll Pass . . .

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I’ve been debating for a while whether to sign up for a Flickr account.  I love looking at all the gorgeous SL pics.

Today I decided, “What the hell?” and went to sign up for Flickr.  I mean, I already have 7 emails, a Twitter, a Google+, an ASN account, and a blog – what’s adding one more account?  So I be-bop my way over to Flickr and hit ‘sign up.’

I am immediately confronted with a Yahoo! sign in page.

Wha . . . . . ???

I hit the back button, thinking I’d been redirected to the wrong place.


Turns out Yahoo! owns Flickr.  I don’t like Yahoo.  Much as I would like to see all the pretty pictures, my loathing at having to use Yahoo overrides that wish.  I already have several email accounts, I don’t want another one.  I foolishly assumed I could use my gmail account (or any email account I chose) to sign up for Flickr.  But, alas, that is not the case.

And so, I bid Flickr a disappointed adieu.  (Just FYI – there was apparently a huge ‘to-do’ when Yahoo acquired Flickr, redesigned the layout, and then implemented the changes with no notice to its users.)

I think I’ll go check out DeviantArt. 😀