The Sands of Time

I’ve visited the Sands of Time before, but I wanted to go back for another look. When I visited previously, I was looking for a location for a photo, which I found rather quickly, so I didn’t spend a lot of time wandering around.

SL Fairy RingThis time I did. One of the first things I found was this magical fairy ring.  I stayed for a bit to see if I could spot any of the fae, but I had no luck. 😦

SL al JinnI was camming all over the sim, trying to get a feel for the place.  Also known as Majilis al Jinn, it has an Arabic/Moroccan feel to it.  The lush palm trees add to that oasis feel.

SL Sands of Time WaterfallThere were several little waterfalls around. Sitting around and listening to the sound of falling water is so soothing and peaceful. Each waterfall had several nooks around where you could sit and just relax.

SL Sands of Time ObeliskI stumbled on this obelisk while wandering.  I’m fascinated by the ancient Egyptians, so this was a cool find.

SL Sands of Time PeacockNear the obelisk I found this open courtyard, complete with peacocks.  I kept my distance – I’ve known a few peacocks, and they aren’t always the friendliest of animals. :-/

They are gorgeous, though, aren’t they?

It’s a beautiful sim, with a large area to explore, and a new find around every corner.  There are lots of secluded romantic nooks, so you might find your visit even more enjoyable if you bring along a special friend. 😀


An Uncertain Destiny

The last several days I have spent some time traveling around to new places, trying to ease my soul with beauty.

One of the places I found is ‘An Uncertain Destiny.’

gargoyle fountain

I found myself drawn to objects on the sim, like this gargoyle fountain. I love the play of light and shadows on him, the duality of it – is he as adorable as he appears? Or will he eat your face off?  Hard to know, isn’t it?

The sim is a rather rainy destination, so an umbrella is probably in order if you visit.

dragon light

This little creature caught my eye as well.  The detailing of the textures is simply stunning.  The lantern bathes him in soft light, bringing out the amazing patina.

vintage tricycle

I found this little gem just as I was getting ready to leave the sim.  A reminder of a time when life was simpler.

Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe

I’ve visited the Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe a couple of times before, but had never taken the time to wander around and check out the surrounding build.

After seeing it on the Destination Guide, I decided to head over and spend some time to see what I could find.

Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe 1

The first thing you see is, of course, the cafe.  It’s wonderfully decorated – these pastries look so scrumptious! My sweet tooth had me drooling all over this display case. 😀

Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe 2

Once you leave the cafe and wander a bit, there are lots of little hidden nooks and crannies filled with all kinds of cute and wonderful things.

These baby ducklings are adorable!

Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe 3

On past some seating areas I found a bridge, which led to another area.  Here I found all sorts of fabulous buildings, including this quaint little cottage, complete with working water wheel.

Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe 4

This building was my favorite – the round window reminds me of the all the rounded doors you find in the Shire where the Hobbits live. 😛

It was all just so homey and inviting.

Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe 5

Of course, my travels wouldn’t be complete without a lighthouse, and Cheeky Tiramisu did not disappoint!  The lighthouse is just lovely, especially with all the floating lanterns tied to it.

Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe 6

Beyond the houses and the lighthouse, I found another bridge that led me into yet another area.

When you visit, make sure you take the time to explore thoroughly.  There were several other areas I found that aren’t pictured here, but were gorgeous and beautiful and relaxing and soothing.

Cheeky Tiramisu is definitely going to be on my ‘return to’ list of places – beautiful, serene, and fabulous. 😀