Time Travel to Prehistorica

I had a bit of time to do some sim-hopping the other day, and I decided to re-visit some places I’d been to previously.

I’m always on the hunt for great locations, especially to use as backdrops for photography.  I visit tons of fabulous sims where people who are landscaping geniuses have worked their magic.

Today I decided to re-visit Prehistorica – I’d been there once, quite a while ago, but watching all the dinosaurs was fun, so I headed back to see how it looked now.

SL Prehistorica Sim

They’ve added additional portals (new to me, anyway), so now you can visit other places besides the dinosaurs, like an underwater Atlantis sort of place.

But I was here for the dinosaurs, so off I went!

SL Prehistorica Creche Sim

I had to wander for a bit before I found the dinosaurs, but there was plenty to look at along the way.  I did stumble onto a raptor finishing off his dinner.  Luckily, he was full and I managed to shoot this photo of the remnants. 😛

SL Prehistorica Rocks

With a careful eye out for other raptors who might see me as a good meal, I kept wandering. I could hear other dinosaurs in the distance, so I headed that direction.

Prehistorica DinosaurSuccess!  I found this momma dinosaur wandering about, with her two babies never far away.  I thought the long-necked dinosaurs were herbivores, but she had some nasty looking teeth.  Discretion seemed the better part of valor, so I hid behind some rocks and zoomed in from a (hopefully) safe distance.

Prehistorica TriceratopsI also found this spiky guy nearby.  He seemed peaceful enough, but the horns were still a pretty strong deterrent to getting any closer.

If you like dinosaurs (and/or other things prehistoric), hop on over and explore Prehistorica.  There’s lots to see, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to wander around.  Don’t forget your dino repellant!

Tranquil Bay

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, so I was absolutely captivated by Tranquil Bay.  Tranquil Bay (Fall Trace) is the last visit in my Trace series.  It’s seriously amazing.

Tranquil Bay LandingYou land at this gorgeous spot – the colors of this sim are spectacular.  I love the soft orange of the horizon, balanced by the browns and greens of all the plant life.

Night TreeI think this is my favorite photo from my visit.  I love the glow of the lights in the tree and the fireflies – I can almost hear the cicadas and bullfrogs as I sit in front of the fire.

Tranquil Bay HouseThe pops of pink flowers here are stunning, mixed in with the earth tones of the house and surrounding plants.  That rocking chair on the porch looks so comfy – sitting there rocking, watching the sunset, sipping on my sweet tea . . . *sighs*

tranquil bay cabinCan you imagine living here? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get up every morning to a sight this gorgeous?

Tranquil Bay IndoorEven the indoor decor is fantastic – I love the woven net with the lights and the clock.  I’m not a huge fan of rustic, but this is so well-done.

Shooting StarsThere was no shortage of things to see, including these amazing shooting stars over the water.

This is definitely a place I’ll be visiting again – it’s so peaceful and beautiful.

Winter Beauty

It’s still winter here. Funnily enough, that’s ok with me.  I’ve gone from freezing all the time to being too warm a lot of the time, so winter sounds cool. It’s also keeping my heating bill down, which is nice.    😛

I don’t like being out in the snow, but I love looking at it. It makes everything look so calm and peaceful and glittery and gorgeous.

So my visit to Springfield Wood (Winter Trace) made me a happy camper.


The rugged, snow-capped mountains in the background, the adorable and oh-so-cozy looking windmill home – it’s simply amazing. I’m always in awe of landscapers and sim designers who can make magic like this.


I don’t see many stone houses where I live (none, really), and this one with the stone path and bench outside looks so inviting. The mix of bare deciduous trees with evergreens is fantastic, and the pops of red from the berries add to the overall look.

Winter Trace SleighI stumbled upon this fabulous sleigh and couldn’t resist taking a pic of the patient horse, just waiting to haul someone through this magical wonderland of snow.

Faithful DogI’m a sucker for animals, and this faithful dog is so adorable, sitting patiently waiting for his master to return.

Snow CartA bit off topic, but I’ve been taking photography classes and learning to play around with light, shadows, and depth of field.  Still, sometimes I stumble upon something, and this photo is one of those.  I love the soft falling snow, the crispness of the wooden cart contrasted with the blurriness of the bushes in the background.  I think it’s one of my favorite photos. 🙂

Winter Trace WindmillThis adorable windmill home is somewhere I’d love to live.  Imagine being all cozy and warm inside, snuggled up by the fire, while the snow falls outside.  Heaven!

Winter Trace MountainsI was really taken with the gorgeous mountains that were the sim surround – the craggy peaks covered with snow – simply stunning.

If you love winter (and even if you don’t), you won’t regret visiting Springfield Wood – just make sure you pack your camera!

African Beauty at Devin

I saw some pictures of Devin from other photographers, and I just had to go take a look for myself.

Devin Landscape

The sim is gorgeous.  This was taken near the landing point – the sun shining down on the water, the elephants at play – I couldn’t resist snapping a shot.

I’m a sucker for animals, so I had an absolute blast wandering the sim and taking photos.


I mean, how adorable is this tiny elephant?! There were animals of various kinds all around the sim, along with various areas where you could sit and just enjoy the scenery.

giraffe taking a drink

As I zoomed around with my camera, I found these giraffes taking a short siesta. Such magnificent creatures!

vintage rusty car

There were other things to look at besides the animals, including this rusty vintage car, probably for use as some sort of cobbled together shelter from all the animals.  It doesn’t look very comfortable, though.


This was one of my favorite areas  – who doesn’t love baby zebras?!  Mama was a tad overprotective of her little one, so I kept a respectful distance.

Devin landscape

The sim was so beautiful I wanted a wide-angle shot of everything.  The river running through it, all the animals, the sand, and the sun – a fantastic and wonderful place to spend a few hours and soak in the beauty of nature.

Failure to Thrive by Storm Septimus @ LEA15

A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit LEA15, where Storm Septimus has created the installation titled ‘Failure to Thrive.’

I wandered around taking photos, struck by the raw beauty of the build.

Failure to Thrive LEA15 Cage

I must admit, I did not get the info card from the artist when I landed, so I just used the windlight of the sim.

I was engrossed in taking pics and playing around with the various filters now available for snapshots.

However, there were several points where I was taken aback by the dark turn the build had taken.

Failure to Thrive LEA15 Birds

The beautiful birds have been pierced by scissors.

Failure to Thrive LEA15 Dolls

I was concentrating on the cute dolls in the cage.

After taking the photo, I was unnerved by the red glare of the doll in the background.

Then I realized what the ‘tea party’ actually was.

Failure to Thrive LEA15 Plate

Notice the fork stuck in the back of this hapless doll.

After my first wander-through, I went searching for an explanation or some insight into the artist’s thought process.

According to the artist, “If I were to use one word to sum it all up, well that’s easy, its simply about depression. I have been fighting with depression for almost as long as I can remember. Though I think it would take an idiot not to see that with the style of builds I install within SL. I find it very easy to indulge that side of me, and the results are usually bleak yet rather beautiful.  Originally the sim was to be just called The Gray Child as that was the title of my self indulgent mini ramble on a particularly woeful day. []In later thoughts I realised that’s what depression is … it is a failure to thrive .. emotionally.”  (via LEA blog)

After reading the explanation, I visited the build again, this time paying more attention to some of the underlying pieces I had missed or passed over on the first exploration.

Underneath the ‘tea party,’ I found strange creatures holding up the building.

Failure to Thrive LEA15 Creature

A creature like this is surely the stuff of nightmares.

Failure to Thrive LEA15 Creature 2

Or this one.

The build is certainly much darker than it originally appeared.

Discussing the build, Storm also said, “Alot (sic) of it looks perfectly acceptable from a distance… then when you get closer less desirable things come into focus. Agin a classic thing with people who suffer depression , on the outside we can quite easily appear like we are doing okay , get closer you see the cracks.” ( via LEA blog)

I took many more pictures than I can show here, so head on over to my KoinUp page to see additional (raw) photos.

I think I took somewhere around 50 photos, playing around with various filters and effects.

Failure to Thrive LEA15 Diver

I highly recommend taking some time to wander around the build – it was definitely time well spent.