Dance Xcetera

As I said before, Saturday was a full day of show watching.

I managed to make it to one other show – and boy, am I glad I did!

I’d seen a video of this group before, but not an actual performance.

What I saw at the show will definitely have me going back for more!

Lots of creative routines with very well done sets and choreography.

DanceX_001The show opened with some very nice eye candy.

If Santa’s helpers all look like this, I’m gonna have to try harder to stay on the nice list!


DanceX_002I loved this routine – very creative use of ice skating animations.

I’ve seen many different ice skating/ice dancing routines this season, but this one is by far my favorite.



DanceX_009This routine wins the ‘cute’ award – hands down!

I love the hippo song, and this little hippo avi is just too adorable.

The dance animations used were very creative as well.


DanceX_010One of my favorite Christmas songs for the last several years has been ‘The Christmas Can-Can’ by Straight No Chaser.  (If you haven’t heard of them, look them up – they are amazing!)

This routine was one of the best choreographed routines I have seen in quite some time.

Great use of a variety of animations, a nice but simple set, and a focus on the performers.


DanceX_015I am a sucker for ballet dances, and this one was truly enchanting.

I loved the ballerina angels descending on the snowflakes.

After they landed, a giant Christmas tree rose up in the background – just amazing.


DanceX_017The last routine of the show was Rudolph and the other reindeer.

I loved how his nose actually blinked. 🙂

Adorable costumes and cute choreography.

If you haven’t seen this show, make sure to catch it!