Never a Dull Moment

StarliteVegasDancersThe last few days have been hectic, both in SL and RL.  Of course, there was the DQ Dance festival this weekend, which I was a part of.  Although it was a ton of fun to participate and to see all the amazing creativity from other troupes, it was a long weekend.

Yesterday I was very busy in RL.  I finally returned home and logged in to watch the Starlite Dancers at their Michael Buble tribute show.  (Full disclosure:  I am dancer at the Starlite Theater.)  Isabelle Mavendorf created some amazing choreography and it was a treat to watch the Vegas showgirls in their beautiful costumes.

I also managed to find some time to do a few hunts here and there.  I am currently doing MadPea’s Blood Letters hunt (today is Day 18), and I came across a really cool hunt/game called the Mine Shaft Hunt.  You mine for rocks and other things, which you can use to get/find treasure keys to open the treasure boxes in all the stores.  I still haven’t figured out how to do the ‘valuations’ portion of the hunt, but I’m working on it.

I also saw yesterday on my Twitter feed that the Peace On Earth hunt will take place this year.  The long-time organizer has moved on, but someone has stepped in – which I am grateful for, because I look forward to the POE hunt every year.  There’s usually a ton of cool stuff from very talented designers, and it’s all free.  Can’t beat that, right?

As usual, it’s never a dull moment!

An Inspiring Weekend of Dance

DanceQueensGalaxyThis weekend was the Dance Queens ‘Dance Galaxy’ festival.

Held over two days and featuring 14 different dance troupes, it was an amazing event.

Kudos to BabyPea von Phoenix and Diawa Bellic, the juggernauts behind the scenes.

For most of the two days, the sim was full, as audiences enjoyed the dance stylings of troupes like Spirit Light Dance Company, the A&M Mocap Maniacs, the Starlite dancers, Fusion Dance Crew, and many more.

From an audience perspective, the shows went off without a hitch.  At many of the performances, there was little to no wait time between acts.

If you didn’t go, you missed out!

New Stuff?

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Image Source:

Reading through my feed today, I came across a post about a new AO at Tuty’s – the Burlesque AO.  So, of course, I had to go see it!

I tried out several of the walks and bought them, because I know I’ll use them in routines.  And then I tried out the stands, and kicked myself, because I ended up just buying the whole AO. 😦

There are 21 stands (many of which I really liked and would be great used as transition animations in dances) and I absolutely loved some of the sits.  So, it was cheaper to buy the whole package, even after my dumb earlier purchase of the individual walks.  If you like burlesque, check it out!

I also saw a post about a new dance chair at Henmations.  After checking it out, I’m not really sure if it’s new or not.  At $2700L for the copy version, it’s a little pricey.  And when I tried it out, the very first dance I selected made me dance through the chair.  So, not something I’ll be buying.  Check it out for yourself – maybe I missed something. 😛

Don’t forget, today and tomorrow is the Dance Queens Dance Galaxy Festival – two whole days of dance, dance, dance!  There are some great troupes performing, and I’ll be in two show on Sunday, so stop by and say hi.

Have a good weekend!

Kat’s Weekend News

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The weekend is finally here!  I’ll be plenty busy, but wanted to share a few things that might make your weekend more enjoyable.  🙂

The Avatar Social Network now has a mobile app – so you can stay connected on-the-go.  Check out more details here.  If you’re on ASN, don’t forget to add me.  🙂

The Dance Queens blog had an advert for a new (to me, anyway) dance venue – Blue Velvet Theater.  They will be doing a Halloween show on October 17.  Check out the details here.  While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the DQ calendar for other upcoming shows – Sat and Sun are always chock full of dance!

After spending some time this week searching the (not very useful) events listing and using the in-viewer search, I’m still looking for new places to explore.  So, if you know of someplace that is a ‘must-see’ in SL, let me know.  Comment here, on my Google+, on ASN, or on my Twitter.

Enjoy your weekend!


Ideas for Inspiration from Babypea

InspirationCheck out Babypea’s post on the Dance Queens blog about ways to wake up your inspiration Muse – lots of great ideas!

Feeling Uninspired?

I plan to try a couple of these myself.  I tend to pick my music first and go from there.  I’m going to try some of these ideas and see what happens!


Dance Queens Dance Classes

Always wanted to learn how to dance/choreograph/perform in Second Life?  The Dance Queens group is offering a series of dance classes, beginning September 27 and running through November 15.  Classes will be held at 5pm SLT on Saturdays.  Contact Babypea von Phoenix to reserve your spot today!  Classes start next week, so don’t delay!

Dance Queens Elections

It’s been a year since the trio (Nai, Didds, and ZZ) took over leadership of DQ from Nottoo.

A year!

Time flies, doesn’t it?  So, it’s time for elections again.  I’m not exactly clear on the process, but it looks like if you are interested in a leadership position, you need to write up a ‘profile’ and send it to ZZ so she can put it on the blog.  Or put it up yourself, since many members have posting rights.  So far, at last check, ZZ and Shadow had posted profiles.

If you’re interested in helping to lead DQ, send in your info!

Find the DQ blog here:  Dance Queens blog    That link should take you directly to the Elections page – scroll down to see the profiles by ZZ and Shadow.

Happy Dancing!