The truth about events… [NSFW] – Mesh Body Addicts

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This is an interesting post from Daria over at Mesh Body Addicts.

Some of the pics are NSFW, so be careful before you click over to the full post.

I have to say, as someone who has frequented many of these shopping events, I’ve become much more selective about where I shop.

I do sometimes get early access to events through my blogging group, which is fabulous, because the lag is generally pretty low.

My computer is fairly high-end, however, so I don’t experience many of the issues mentioned here.

I do agree with the issue of people who seem to get into an event and then just ‘park’ there.  I’ve also often wondered why most events are ‘full’ at 35-40 avatars, when I’ve been to many shows where there are double that amount of people.

When I shop, I do try to be a polite shopper – I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, I don’t wear a lot of attachments (soo many people walking around with pets attached – very annoying), and I often don’t even wear my mesh body.

I confess, I don’t demo a lot of things.  I can’t think of something I’ve bought that I couldn’t make work.  I know there have probably been a couple of things, but it’s few and far between for me.

I look at the event catalogues (or on Seraphim) to see what I might want before I go to the event, so I can get in, buy, and leave.

If there’s nothing I really want, then I’ve saved myself a trip, a lot of hassle, and probably a lot of L$. 😛

I haven’t event tried to get into Collabor88 yet, and I’m still seeing notices all over that people can’t get in.

I’d much rather shop an event like Mix, where you get a HUD with LM’s to all the stores and you’re not fighting every fashionista in SL to get in. :-/

The post is an interesting read – make sure you read through the comments as well. 🙂

Source: The truth about events… [NSFW] – Mesh Body Addicts

Second Life: Render Speed Tricks | Nalates’ Things & Stuff

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This blog post from Nalates Urriah gives some instructions on various settings you can tweak/change to try and improve your viewer’s performance, especially at events where are there are lots of avatars present.

I used to use the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+4 to derender avatars at busy events.  However, I found it that sometimes derendered other things that weren’t avatars (like certain machines at The Arcade).  I’m not sure why it does that, but I have since just derendered avatars using the radar tool in Firestorm.

Some interesting information, but tweak/change with care. 😀

Source: Second Life: Render Speed Tricks | Nalates’ Things & StuffNalates’ Things & Stuff

Where Do You Shop?

EventsI’ve been reading with interest a new series of blog posts from Auryn Beorn regarding resources for new merchants.

She’s only written a couple of posts so far, but I’m finding it fascinating reading.

After reading her latest article, I was scanning through recent blog posts in my reader.

I saw yet another notice of a store moving to Marketplace only.

It got me to wondering – is Marketplace replacing mainstores in SL?

I know that cost is almost certainly a factor, given the price of land/rentals.

It also seems that events (where there are lots of different merchants in one location) are much more popular than mainstore shopping.

There have been a few events that have attempted to get shoppers back in stores (The Mix, currently running its July round, is one of them).

However, the general consensus from what I’ve read in various places (forums, social media networks, etc.) seems to be that events work and mainstores are just a money drain.

I am a little surprised by this, but clearly I am in the minority.

Given that the most popular complaint about SL besides land cost is lag, I don’t understand why shopping at a large event where the lag is generally horrible is preferable to shopping at a mainstore.

Some of the more popular events (like Uber, Collabor88, FaMESHed, etc.) are so jam-packed that it’s often several days before I can even get in.

When I first heard about Mix, I thought it was a great idea.

I loved the thought of not having to fight horrible crowds and laggy conditions just to do a bit of shopping (especially considering that sometimes I don’t even make a purchase at the event).

Plus, I had the ability to look around the store and see other items the creator had for sale.

If I like one item, I’ll probably like two or three.

I use Marketplace quite a bit, but generally only when I am looking for something specific – like a certain costume for a routine, or a certain accessory, etc.

Which isn’t always that easy (or successful), given the horrible search functions on Marketplace.

So, I thought I’d do a quick survey and see if I’m (as usual) standing over in left field by myself. 🙂

Where do you prefer to shop and why?

Please share the poll – the more responses the better!