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Get Creative
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While this blog is about photography gear, I thought the underlying principle applied to dance as well.

Or anything, really.

It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of, “If I just had this tool, I could do this.”

I’ve heard people say, “When I win the lottery, . . . ” when talking about dance tools/gear they would like to buy.

I agree that tools are nice, but they are not the ‘be-all, end-all’ of creativity and performance.

Yes, perhaps others have newer, nicer tools than you do.

So what?

No one can buy creativity.

It can be the biggest, flashiest, filled with every tool you could imagine performance, and if there is no creative spark in it, it will fall flat.

So until you win the lottery, focus on what you DO have and how you can get creative with it!

Source: PhotoPlus Expo…..Gear lust, and creative alternatives | DWPhotoworks Blog

The Night Theater – Fallen Gods

Yesterday was chock full of shows, so I have a ton of editing and blogging ahead of me today. 🙂

I received a notice that The Night Theater would be doing two performances at the Fallen Gods sim as part of their 8th Anniversary celebration.

If you missed it, you missed out!

TNT Fallen Gods 1The acts all revolved around various gods and they were simply stunning.

The first act was set in a springtime forest, complete with beautiful nymphs and a satyr.

The set builds were amazing, as were the costumes.

Many of the acts incorporated skins from Alia Baroque, the well-known creator of Fallen Gods.

If you’ve never visited the store, you should. 🙂

TNT Fallen Gods 2After the stage was cleared, the next act was beautiful for its simplicity.

Some columns, some great lighting, and again, some stunning costumes.

As the act progressed, Aelva went from statue to beautiful woman.

I’ve long been a fan of Aelva and The Night Theater, and their creativity continues to delight.

Following the transformation, the next act was Medusa.

I have this particular costume, but I’ve never used it to dance, because I couldn’t see how it would work.

TNT Fallen Gods 3Aelva managed spectacularly. 🙂

Rising from the depths of her ichor-filled pond, she danced among the stone remains of those who dared to enter her lair.

Another amazing set build and some very creative choreography.

The last act of the show was my absolute favorite.

I’m a sucker for mermaids anyway, and then throw a gorgeous Poseidon into the mix?

I’m there. 🙂

TNT Fallen Gods 4Rising from the sea-foam depths of the ocean, the mermaids frolicked among the waves.

The set was fantastic, and the costumes (again showing off Fallen Gods skins) were stunning.

Here too I was amazed by the creativity of the choreography.

The mermaids danced partially in/out of the water, thus disguising some of the difficulties of using certain dance animations when wearing a tail.

The leaps and spins of the mermaids in the air was magical to watch.

The show only lasted about 30 minutes, but the entire audience was mesmerized.

Gorgeous work and kudos to Aelva and her troupe for the spectacular show!