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While I’m sure that copybotting will be around as long as there are people on the internet, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it.

Strawberry Singh posted an article after being contacted by a full perm content creator.  If you’ve ever shopped on Marketplace, you know it’s full of copybotters.  And generally, as quickly as they are reported and stopped, they create a new account and start selling again.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight the good fight. 😀

Some (most) of the copybotters don’t even attempt to hide what they are doing, using the same vendor ads as the original (and legal) creators.  When you see a copybotter, it would be nice to drop a line to (one of) the original creators, so that they can file a DMCA claim and have the copybotter removed.

Again, it won’t stop them, but perhaps if it’s a tad more difficult or time-consuming, it will slow them a bit.

Read Strawberry’s full post:

I was recently contacted by a Full Perm Creator (Valentine Resident of Underground) who has informed me of a seriously frustrating problem on marketplace regarding full perm illegal sales. Apparently there are many accounts on the marketplace reselling full perm creations that they do not have permission to resell. They purchase full perm items from […]

Source: Full Perm Marketplace Scams – StrawberrySingh.com

Content Creators – I Get It

Image Source:  community.secondlife.com
Image Source: community.secondlife.com

Yesterday was a bit of a frustrating day for me.

I have a ton of projects I’m working on all at once, and yesterday I couldn’t seem to get anywhere with any of them.

One of my ongoing projects has been to work more with my Maitreya mesh body (which I love!) and see if I could figure out how to tint it to match my current Laqroki skin.

Thinking that I could just go grab an RGB value from somewhere, I went looking.

I found about 15 different ones, and none of them worked.


So, because I had a picture I wanted to finish, I ended up wearing the Glam Affair skin I bought.

It looks good.

It looks really good.

It just doesn’t look like ‘me.’

I spent a little bit of time feeling sorry for myself because Laq doesn’t make appliers for the Maitreya body.

But I totally understand why they don’t.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad applier world out there right now.

I have no idea how content creators keep up with it all.

It has got to be maddening.

I’ve made some clothing myself (using both system and mesh templates) and I’ve considered selling them on MP, just to have a few L$ trickling in now and again.

I haven’t, so far, because I have absolutely no intention of learning how to do appliers.

Which, I assume, would hinder sales.

Everyone wants something for nothing these days.

Was it annoying to have to pay for the GA SLink appliers separately from the skin I purchased?


Do I understand why the creator does that?

Yes. Absolutely.

Time is money.

After watching my daughter (a ‘digital native’) struggle to learn Blender, I have no doubt of the time and skill it requires to create good content for SL.

That said, I also have to watch my own bottom line.

So sometimes that amazing headdress from !dM is totally worth the $300L in gacha tries.

Sometimes it isn’t.

That’s my own decision, and not something I would ever complain to a creator about.

They price their products based on many factors, including difficulty, creation time, overhead expenses, etc.

Are some products priced ridiculously high (imo)?


Does that mean I complain about it?

Hell, no.

It just means I don’t buy it.  😀

*For a content creator’s view of this issue, read this post by Sian.

She makes some incredibly amazing stuff, and it’s interesting to hear about this issue from a creator’s perspective.

SL – No Amateur Content Creators Needed?

Image Source:  blog.cucollector.com
Image Source: blog.cucollector.com

I’ve been following a conversation thread over at Avatar Social Network about what people ‘miss’ about Second Life.  I don’t consider myself an ‘oldbie,’ but I’ve been in SL off and on since 2009.

Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older, or perhaps it’s just the times ‘a-changin,’ as they do.  One of the things that people found the most attractive about SL (myself included) was that it was a world where darn near anything was possible.  You can RP, you can shop, you can dance – whatever you want.  Can’t find the perfect outfit?  Make it yourself!  Can’t find the perfect home?  Build it yourself!

Now, I’m not saying that these things aren’t possible today in SL.  However, it sure seems like you need a whole heckuva lot more skills than you used to.  Want to build something?  Mesh is the new black – you need to learn Blender or some other 3D modeling program.  (I’ve tried Blender – it leaves me feeling like I need to sign up for a university course in order to understand it.) Want your mesh to have a texture with all the new materials options?  Take a class to learn the difference between normal, diffuse, and specular maps.  Then learn Photoshop or Gimp to make your texture(s).  And don’t forget the AO map!

When I first came to SL, anyone and everyone was creating something.  Not so, these days.  Since most people don’t have the time (or maybe the patience) to learn Blender, Maya, Photoshop, etc.  They’re buying templates to create with.  Nothing wrong with that.  I’ve done it plenty myself.  But I find that, more and more, everything is starting to look the same.  Especially in clothing.  I’ve seen the same mesh dress in a thousand places.  Sometimes with different textures, sometimes not.

There was a comment on a NWN article that SL is becoming ‘more consumer-oriented and less “build your own world” focused.’  It remains to be seen whether that is a good or bad thing for SL.