In the Dark – LOTD #215

LOTD 215
She stood tall, gazing

down at him haughtily.

“What do you say, boy?”



Hair: Magika – First Light  (3565)

Skin: Lumae – Niska Amber – Petals  (@My Attic)

Head: Lelutka – Lotte

Eyes:  IKON – Triumph Eyes – Electric

Eyeshadow: Slack Girl – Basic Needs Eyeshadow

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Body/Hands: Maitreya – Lara

Feet: Slink – High

Top:  The Annex –  Sweater Vest – Grey   (@My Attic)   (8070)

Pants: The Annex – Chinos – Charcoal (@My Attic)  (2290)

Shoes: Bushu – Millie – Black  (@My Attic) (2318)

Pose: Ma Vie – Didi (@My Attic)

Decor:  Paper Moon – Moving Photo – Storm is Coming (@Genre)

Floorplan – Leaning Cross – White  (@Collabor88)

Second Spaces – Coven Hall Stand – Black (@Collabor88)


Genre and My Attic @ The Deck are two of my favorite events, and I am loving all the goodies from the current rounds.

First, the decor piece from Genre – I LOVE LOVE LOVE these animated storm frames from Paper Moon!

There are three different ones, and they are all amazing.

Collabor88 had these other fab pieces from Floorplan and Second Spaces.

Floorplan has been a favorite store for a long while, and this cross is an example of why.

I also love the hall stand from Second Spaces – it’s such a versatile piece.

The outfit is all from My Attic – and fantastic pieces they are!

The top and pants are from The Annex, and they are adorable.

Choose from lots of different colors so you can mix/match to your own personal style.

The shoes from Bushu are amazing, and come in a variety of colors as well.

I’m loving this skin from Lumae so much I haven’t taken it off yet. 😀

And I’m all attitude with this pose from Ma Vie, also found at My Attic.

This round of My Attic closes soon (September 30), so don’t miss out on all the goodies!

Genre and Collabor88 will be open for a while yet, but you should definitely check them out as well.

Happy shopping!

Blown Away – LOTD #212

LOTD 212
She struggled briefly,

trying to keep composed and

not be blown away.



Hair: Tableau Vivant – Editorial – Eastern Wind (@The Arcade)  (7006)

Skin: Glam Affair – India

Head: Lelutka – Lotte

Eyes:  IKON – Triumph Eyes – Electric

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya – Lara

Coat:  Ben’s Boutique – Hannah Dress – Cream  (3664)

Earrings/Necklace:  Zibska – Tess Set  (21130)

Shoes: Friday – Samantha Booties – Copper  (@Collabor88)  (2620)

Pose/Prop: Nantra – Weather or Not


This photo took me a while, and I’m still not happy with it.

I’ve been trying to learn to use a green screen, and I just can’t seem to get the hang of getting rid of all the little bits, especially with hair.

That said, it’s certainly not something I would have attempted even a few months ago, so I’m proud of myself for trying. 😀

When I saw these hairs by Tableau Vivant at The Arcade, I had to try my luck.

I wanted the hair you see, though not necessarily in the ‘funky’ color pack I got.

But I made it work. 😉

I found this fabulous trenchcoat dress at Fi*Friday’s this week – only $55L!

It went perfectly with these fabulous booties from Friday, out now at Collabor88.

Zibska had a sale recently, and I picked up this jewelry set.

I started looking through my poses to see what I had, and found this cute set from Nantra.

The umbrella is included, and it’s texture change, so you can make it match just about anything.

Too bad they didn’t have one that was turned inside out!

LOTD #191 – Dreamy Blues

LOTD 191 - Dreamy Blues

She didn’t want to open her eyes.

The dream had been so real.

The stars, the animals, the gorgeous dress – it was so much better than reality.



Hair: Exile – Full of Grace  (36462)

Skin: Glam Affair – India

Head: Lelutka – Lotte

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya – Lara

Dress: Ison – Orchid Gown – Blue Orchid (@Collabor88)  (3442)

Foot Wraps: Friday – Aisling Wraps – Blush (@Collabor88)  (572)

Sheep/Star Lights:  Half Deer – Dream Lantern – Sheep (LookAt), Stars – Standing (@Collabor88)

Floor Glitter: Keke – Glitter Floor (@Collabor88)

Paper Cranes: DDD – Paper Cranes (@Collabor88)

Bunny/Kitten: Mish Mish – Cloudy – Bunny, Kitten (@Collabor88)

Pose: Nantra – Social Climber


I probably should have just named this LOTD “I finally made it into Collabor88!” 😀

As you can see, there are a ton of cute and must-have items in this round.

It’s an anniversary round, so it’s bigger than usual, which is probably why it took me so long to get in.

Regardless, I am in love with these items.

As soon as I saw this gown from Ison on my Flickr stream, I knew I had to have it.

I went with the blue (one of my favorite colors).

The foot wraps from were another must-have – I know I will get a lot of use out of these.

When I saw these cute animals from Mish Mish, I just couldn’t resist.

I’m showing the bunny and kitten attachments here (there’s also a pig in the fatpack), and it includes rezzable versions.

So adorable!

Ditto with the sheep light and stars from Half-Deer.

I threw down the floor glitter from Keke and added the paper cranes from DDD.

Lots and lots of dreamy goodness I just couldn’t say no to. 😛

If you haven’t made it to Collabor88 yet, make sure you go before this round is over.

You won’t be disappointed!

LOTD #190 – Moonlit Summer

LOTD 190

She leaned against the column, inhaling the sweet scent of jasmine.

The stones were surprisingly warm under her feet.

She silently watched the fireflies in the bright moonlight.



Hair: Exile – Full of Grace

Skin: Glam Affair – India

Head: Lelutka – Lotte

Eyes:  IKON – Utopia Eyes – Pale Cerulean

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya – Lara

Dress: Fine Rain – Kim – Summer Outfit – Black

Necklace/Earrings: Exquisite Jewelry – Rachel – Silver

Castle Prop: DRD – Studio Set – Castle (@Erotigacha)

Stars: Keke – Star Glitter (@Collabor88)

Pose: Nantra – Beach Illustrated


For the past several months, I’ve been running myself ragged to different events, trying to get ‘new’ items to show off.

It’s been fun, but exhausting, and time-consuming, and expensive.

So I’ve changed things up a bit.

There are some ‘new’ things in this photo, but most of it is old, much loved stuff. 🙂

Of course, my Maitreya Lara body and my Lelutka mesh head.

Someone in a blogger group mentioned Erotigacha (which I would normally have skipped, because – gacha), and it piqued my interest.

DRD has an amazing set of photo props and they are worth every L$.

How kick-ass is this castle prop?!

You can’t see the whole thing in the photo, but it’s quite large.

I really wanted one of the Roman ruin props, but after getting a duplicate of the castle, I quit playing.

(If you would like to have the duplicate castle, just IM me in-world and say the magic word.)

I did, however, manage to score the rare studio lot building prop, so yay!

Once I rezzed the castle, I knew I wanted to do some kind of moonlight shot.

It needed a little something, so I added the star glitter from Keke that I picked up at Collabor88.

I saw this dress from Fine Rain on the sale list for Secret Wednesday and I fell in love with it.

I love the flowy maxi skirt and the subtle flowery print.

The loose knit of the top and jacket just look so soft and comfortable, exactly like what I would wear on cool moonlit summer night.

I paired all that with this gorgeous updo from Exile.

I even remembered to try out some of my fancy Photoshop filters and actions I’ve been collecting!

My weekend is already filled to the brim with tasks, so while I am a busy bee, kick your feet up and enjoy some well-earned weekend relaxation.

Happy Friday!

Finding Joy


Whenever I’m feeling the blahs, I try to get back in sync with the universe.

I do that lots of different ways, but doing something creative is one I particularly like.

This picture is a departure for me, in that I only had two goals:  use the ballet legwarmers from Reign, and have fun. 🙂

Reign is having a picture contest using their Collabor88 item, which is the legwarmers.

I debated for a while, but finally settled on the black, because I thought I would get the most use out of them.

In fact, I have spent hours scouring SL and Marketplace looking for something just like these, so I was ecstatic to see them.

Earlier this month, while shopping the Mix event, I picked up this cute little projector from Keke.

I knew I wanted to somehow show movement in the photo (like the leaping girls in the projector image), and of course I have a ton of ballet dances.

However, after several failed attempts, I just wasn’t getting what I wanted.

Then I remembered that I could change it so my animations would be in slow-motion.

Once I did that, I was able to capture the moment I wanted – that moment mid-leap, the explosion of energy, of joy.

I added the tree branches and text in Photoshop.

I realized after taking the photo that I had failed to bump up my resolution, so the final product is grainier than I would like.

However, I’m pretty happy with the way this turned out – I even actually submitted it for the Reign contest, though I know I won’t win.

But I had fun making it, and that’s all that matters. 😀

LOTD #173 – Lilacs and Talcum

LOTD 173

She looked around, the sense of nostalgia almost overwhelming.

She’d spent many a happy hour here as a child.

Running her fingers lightly across the sideboard, she picked up the blanket.

It still smelled of lilacs and talcum, like her grandmother.



Hair: Exile – Quiet Waters (@Collabor88)  (1501)

Skin: WoW Skins – Sara – DarkTan

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Hands/Feet/Body: Maitreya – Lara

Dress:  Dead Dollz – Isabeau – Sand (@Shiny Shabby)  (14014)

Eyes:  IKON – Utopia Eyes – Pale Cerulean

Ring: Maxi Gossamer – Roho Ring (@Mix)  (1381)

Shoes: Essenz – Cincinnati – Cream (2090)

Pose:  Chisa Creations

Decor Items:

Funky Junk – Little Writing Shed

Grimes Central Design – Mesh Old Tailor’s Dummy

Dust Bunny – Vintage Space Heater – Coal, Tea Pot, Toaster, Porcelain Deer – Coal

Park Place – Old Fashioned Telephone

Second Spaces – 4 Across Set

8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Desk & Chest, Milk Bottles

Dust Bunny & Windsong – Paper Butterflies

Magic Moon – Mahogany Hat Rack


I’ve decided I need to go yard-sale shopping more often. 😀

I saw a notice on Plurk that someone was having a yard sale, and I couldn’t resist going to pick up a few things.

Reasonably priced, and I justified the ‘no-copy’ items because, though I can’t use them in a performance, I can most certainly use them in a photo!

So many cute vintage things, and this isn’t even all of them!

I like to visit sims for photoshoots, but sometimes I can’t find anything that suits the feel/vibe I want.

In those situations, I build my own scene.

As I was browsing the yard sale, I could see the scene coming together in my head.

And I’m happy to say that it turned out pretty close to what I wanted. 😛

The little writing shed from Funky Junk is a $50L Friday find from a previous week- and a steal!

It’s such a cute little shed, I know I’ll get tons of use out of it.

I had a lot of fun decorating up the inside with various pieces and parts.

When I saw this dress at Shiny Shabby, I just had to have it.

I saw it on early access day, but it wasn’t available for purchase yet.

So I went back and braved the lag – I love the lacy vintage look of it.

The Exile hair is their offering at this round of Collabor88.

I love the length and the sideswept bangs – so pretty!

The ring is another gem from Maxi Gossamer’s Look Book for Mix this month.

There’s so much stuff in there, I’m still opening boxes. 😀

And I’m still in love with Essenz shoes.

I’ve had these for a while, but they are gorgeous.

I still have some boxes to open, because I went to the 50% off anniversary sale.

It runs through July 26th, so if you haven’t stopped by Essenz yet, you should.

Shoe heaven awaits!

LOTD #168 – The Blues

LOTD 168

She closed her eyes, arms up, waltzing with an imaginary partner.

She glided around the room gracefully, listening to the soft music coming from the neighbor’s radio.

Sighing with regret as the music ended, she opened her eyes.



Hair: Truth – Randa (1876)

Skin: Glam Affair – India

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Hands/Feet/Body: Maitreya – Lara

Head: Lelutka – Lotte

Outfit:  Purple Moon – Fiona Set – Blue  (@On9)    (4844)

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Savannah Heart Key  (@Uber)   (10151)

Bracelet:  Decoy – Nerissa Cuff – Sky (@C88)  (396)

Shoes: JD – Harper – Navy (@Uber)  (3598)

Pose:  !bang Poses

Decor Items:

Floorplan – Wire Seahorse (@C88)

Second Spaces – Under the Sea Dresser – Cerulean Whale (@C88)

Consignment – DIY Mermaid Signage – Blue (@C88)


I have been busily opening and sorting boxes.

I’m so behind that some events are getting ready to start their next round, and I’m just now getting them blogged!

Shame on me!

I found this gorgeous outfit from Purple Moon at On9.

The undershirt can be made sheer (as I am wearing) or solid by using the HUD, and the belt is texture change as well.

The necklace and shoes I picked up at Uber (which is ending shortly, so if you like them, go quick!) and completed the look perfectly.

I love how detailed the necklace is and the key is so charming. 🙂

The amazing hair is from Truth, a recent release.

I love the way it falls – so pretty!

The rest of the items I wanted to show you are from the current round of Collabor88.

With a theme like “Under the Sea,” I knew I’d love a lot of the pieces, since blue is my favorite color. 🙂

I love floorplan, and I couldn’t resist the cute little wire seahorse.

It’s even color change, so there are lots of options to match decor.

The mermaid from Consignment I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.

I love the faded metal texture of it.

I almost walked by this gem of a dresser from Second Spaces.

They had several different colors, but of course I chose the blue – and I love the whale detail.

So cute and fun!

I also found the bracelet at C88, from a new-to-me store – Decoy.

I love the cuff and the delicate chain that slips over your finger.

It added the perfect touch to complete my look.

The rest of the decor pieces are just items I had in my inventory.

Collabor88 is still open, so head on over and pick up some of this gorgeousness for yourself.

Happy shopping!

Since I’ve Been Gone

Image Source:

Due to that pesky RL, I missed being in-world for about 3 days.

Wow, does time fly in virtual reality!

I missed the opening of the SL12B celebrations and 21 Shoe. 😦

I also missed ‘No Panties Day,’ which was yesterday, according to my calendar.

I missed 50L Friday and a 60L Weekend, darn it.

I can usually find some pretty great steals during those.

I’m still trying to find time to put together some LOTD posts with all of the goodies I collected from various events.

Genre opened their new round – the theme is Military and I picked up some nice items, including a set of cool poses I can’t wait to try out.

I stopped by The Instruments yesterday, but since the theme is Game of Thrones and I don’t watch, I ended up not purchasing anything.

I tried to go to SummerFest, because I want to pick up some of the cute summery items, but it was very crowded, so I’ll have to try again when I’m not trying to multi-task. 🙂

Due to my recent windfall, I stopped by Lelutka and bought one of their mesh heads.

I can’t wait to try it out when I have time to take some photos.

And I just realized I haven’t made it to Collabor88 yet either.


I’ve got some serious shopping to do.

The LOGO Alex head is still on my want list; I’m hoping to pick that up this week as well.

So I may look a little different in the coming LOTD posts. 😀

I’ve got so much stuff and it’s driving me crazy – I need to spend some time organizing everything!

And since I will be blogging this next round of A Tattered Page, I have to re-read the novel.

I’d better get busy.

Enjoy your Tuesday, folks!

LOTD #134 – Working Girl

LOTD 134She tried to keep the boredom from showing on her face, but it was hard.

Standing out in the cold night air attracting and directing traffic to the club wasn’t fun, but she had to make a living somehow.

She’d have the sniffles tomorrow for sure.

She mentally crossed her fingers, hoping the cold wouldn’t affect her voice at the audition.



Hair:  Exile – Miles to Nowhere (@Collabor88 – current round)

Skin: Eye Candi – Nina – Tone 4

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Hands: Slink – Elegant

Eyes: Curious Kitties – Animea Eyes – Blue  (@Genre – current round)

Eyelashes: Redgrave – Classy

Lipstick: Blacklace Beauty – Lustrous Kiss – Purple

Lingerie: MAAI – Wabi Lingerie – Purple

Shoes: N-Core – Coquette – Pure Black

Necklace:  Tantalum – Morano Necklace

Rings: Izzie’s – Celestial Midi Rings – Silver

Pose/Dice Prop: W.Winx & Flair – I Feel Lucky

Neon Signs: !deviousMind – Peep Show/Kneel Pinup (RARE)


LOTD #102

LOTD 102I wasn’t sure I’d find anything I’d like at this round of Collabor88.

The theme is ‘punk’ and I figured I’d stop in, window shop, and leave.


I found this fabulous dresser from Commoner called ‘Pretty in Punk.’

I also loved the ‘Punk Rock’ neon sign from floorplan.

I loooove floorplan – almost all the items are copy/mod, so they are great for using as props.

You can’t see it in the pic, but the sign blinks.

It comes in various colors – I chose the white.

The candles are from my visit to We ❤ Roleplay.

They are from aisling and they come in several colors and various sets.

And they are mesh as well as copy/mod!


Hair:  Truth – Rogue

Skin: Eye Candi – Nina – Tone 4

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Pale Cerulean

Hands: SLink – Elegant

Dress: Azul – Maeve – Coral

Pose: Tuty’s