Frights at Disturbia

When I’m sim-hopping looking for great photo spots, I have a tendency to avoid RP areas.  Mainly because I’m a huge introvert and I don’t want to interrupt anybody’s RP or get pulled into it. 😀

Even though I generally avoid RP areas, Disturbia seemed intriguing, so I decided to head over for a look.

Disturbia CrowsIt was as disturbing as promised. I started to take some photos of the scary clowns I found, but then I decided I didn’t want to frighten some poor reader who stumbled onto my photos.  So if you want to go see for yourself, feel free. This post will be clown-free,  however. 🙂

Disturbia SkullThere were lots of bodies littered around, along with other frightening sights, like this giant skull.

Disturbia Gas StationI’m not quite sure how a gas station fits in with an old carnival, but the plethora of dead bodies seemed to pull it into a cohesive whole.

Disturbia ChariotMayhem and destruction was everywhere – including this Roman-era chariot, complete with arrows, spears, and bloody helmets.

Disturbia StatueMy favorite thing on the whole sim was this statue. It’s beautiful, and haunting, and terrifying all at the same time. Stunning.

I can’t remember if Disturbia provided an OOC tag for observers, but I wandered around for some time and never ran into anyone.  If destruction and mayhem are your thing, head on over to Disturbia.

If you’re afraid of clowns, I hear Prehistorica is a great place to visit. 🙂

The Martina Show

On Friday, I went to a new show – The Martina Show.

It was very interesting.

Martina Show 1Lots of creativity, but very minimal in other ways.

The opening act was a hula hoop dance.

Now, I have a hula hoop somewhere in my inventory, but I never thought of using it in a dance.

There were some issues with timing, but it was a very creative dance.

I don’t think the dancers were using a mover system, but rather moving manually, which probably accounts for some of the timing issues.

Minimal set, no fancy effects, but a lot of creative thinking.

Martina Show 2After the hula hoop dance, it was time for the frogs to take to the stage.

Yep, you read that right.

Dancing frogs.

Delightfully adorable as they danced the Charleston.

It was a medley of the Charleston and a rock song, with a cute back-n-forth between the dancers.

The frogs finished up, took their bows, and handed the stage over to Jennifer Beals.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Flashdance. 😀

Martina Show 3Again, a minimal set, but effective.

It was a challenge to get a picture of this act, as she was dancing and tumbling all over the place.

She danced to the song “What a Feeling” from Fame.

After impressing everyone with her gymnastic and dance skills, it was time for another act.

This time two clowns took to the stage.

The scene is the interior of a beauty salon, and one clown begins to style the other’s hair.

Martina Show 4Sadly, RL called me away and I didn’t get to see the end of this act.

I’m told, however, that the hairdresser clown gave the other a huge afro, which resulted in a chase scene around the stage. 😛

There were a couple of other acts, which I also did not get to see.

I’m not sure if there are any additional performances of this show planned, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from Martina.

Some of these acts are more performance art than dance, but nevertheless entertaining.

It will be interesting to see what she comes up with next.