Strawberry Land

I’ve visited several art installations by Cica Ghost and found them all enthralling.

When I heard about Strawberry Land, I headed straight on over to explore. 😀
Strawberry Land 1

The build is full of strawberries, of course, but much of what captured my attention had little to do with the giant strawberries littered all around.

There were tons of little vignettes, filled with whimsical pieces.

Strawberry Land 2

It must be very windy in Strawberry Land. 😛

At the landing point, there is a LM giver to Cica’s store, which I highly recommend visiting.  You can find some of her whimsical creations for sale there – lots of fabulous items.

Strawberry Land 3

I like the yellow better, but it seems this fellow is having a hard time making up his mind. 🙂

Strawberry Land 4

Of all the pictures I took (and there were a lot!), I think this is my favorite one.  I love how the wind is affecting everything – hair, clothes, flowers, balloons.

Strawberry Land 5

I spent a bit of time wandering and trying out different windlights and photo effects.  It’s always so much fun to play around and try to interpret someone else’s build.

Strawberry Land 6

I love the look of this wooden hutch – I should have looked to see who made it!

Strawberry Land 7

I found this little bi-plane tucked away on a corner of the sim.  Seeing this was a homey touch for me, because a plane like this is often seen overhead where I live. 🙂

If you haven’t visited Strawberry Land yet, set aside some time and go have a look-see.  Don’t forget your windbreaker!

Dreamers – LEA24

I had the opportunity over the weekend to visit the ‘Dreamers’ art installation by Cica Ghost.

Located on LEA24, visitors find themselves “in a surreal world canopied by a magical sky,” where “sixteen figures look upward to dream, and eight eagerly share their visions with visiting explorers.”

I always enjoy visiting the LEA sims and seeing what magical and amazing things others have created.  Then I get busy snapping pictures. In the past, I have played with various windlight settings, trying to put my own spin on what I’m seeing.

However, after spending a bit of time fussing around, I decided that the region windlight was perfect.  I plan to go back and visit again – it truly is a place for dreamers. 🙂

Dreamers 1

I loved the two butterfly trees on the beach.

Dreamers 2

A bird’s eye view of the dreamers.

Dreamers 3

The surreal wash of colors in the background is stunning.

Dreamers 4

The soft hues and the playful decor are impressive.

If you have some time to spare, do your soul a favor and visit Dreamers.