Sinners Burlesque – The Bat Show

On Friday, the Sinners Burlesque troupe hosted a charity event for Bat World, part of the “The Truth About Bats & Avies” event run by SL Goth.

The show was spectacularly spooky, with, of course, lots of bats. 😀

Sinners Bat Show 1A trio of scary bat dancers opened the show.

I don’t usually set my lighting to midnight for shows, because I find it difficult to take pictures.

However, for this act, I must admit that the shot I took at midnight is better.

I love the silhouette of the dancers against the huge moon.

Very spooky, indeed!

Sinners Bat Show 2After the trio exited the stage, Aura took to the stage for a very informative and beautiful routine.

I had no idea how fragile bats can be.

Light pollution affects them, as does the use of pesticides.

Aura’s act was beautiful, but haunting.

Apropos for Halloween. 🙂

Sinners Bat Show 3Next up was Sanne, dancing on a rather scary looking bat.

I didn’t record the names of the songs they danced to, but they were all slow, spooky, and hauntingly gorgeous.

The glowing red eyes in the background was a nice touch.

After Sanne, Aura took to the stage again.

Sinners Bat Show 4This time it was more of a traditional Halloween set, with a bit of goth thrown in. 😀

After rising from her coffin, she danced, and then was mobbed by her flock of bats and vanished.

A cool effect. 😛

Join the Sinners Burlesque group to stay updated on all their happenings.

In addition to events like these, they also do regular cabaret/burlesque shows.

A wonderful troupe with some amazingly creative dancers.

Fantasy Faire Is Coming!

RFL PicFantasy Faire 2015 is just around the corner – only a week away!

I visited the Faire for the first time last year and sadly did not get to spend much time exploring.

I’ve learned a few things since then, so I’m hoping to be able to get there earlier and have an easier time wandering around. 🙂

There are always events in SL going on for various charities.

I have a soft spot for the Relay For Life events, because unfortunately, cancer is embedded in my family history.

I’ve lost more family members to it than I care to count, and I’ve endured a few scares myself.

Biopsies suck, just in case you were curious. 😦

As I was surfing through various feeds, I came across a link to a Flickr about RFL.

It’s Catalina Staheli’s Flickr, with pics of people’s reasons why they support RFL.

The photos (and their reasons) are very touching.

So if it wasn’t already on your ‘to-visit’ list, add Fantasy Faire.

You’ll see tons of amazing stuff and you’ll help support a worthy cause.