Change Is Inevitable

I spent most of Saturday afternoon teleporting around SL and looking to see what’s changed in the 2 years or so that I’ve only been inworld intermittently.

I was trying to see if any new animation stores had opened so that I could see (ok, buy) some new dances.  Didn’t really find any.  Although I did find a few old stores still around.  Old as in they haven’t uploaded anything new in the last few years.  But SineWave was around forever even though nothing new was added.  Not sure when it finally closed, but it’s no longer there.  Or at least, no longer accessible.  It shows up in search, but I get an error trying to tp there.

I’ve been going through my inventory and boxing/deleting old things.  Which, to be honest, is most of my inventory at this point.  There are always things I won’t part with – sentimental things and my dance animations, of course.  But everything else is fair game.  I have an overflowing build folder that is full of items I use to build sets.  It needs going through (again) but it’s so large it’s overwhelming. So, clothing folder it is!

I deleted most system clothing several years ago after I bought a mesh body.  I still have a lot of mesh and applier clothing, but everything is at least 2 years old now.  Which is, like, a decade in SL time, right? 😛

I really should go through my hair and makeup folders as well – no need to keep that 9 billion prim hair from 2010, is there?  Just kidding, I got rid of most of those a couple of years ago.

Back in 2013, I bought a CTS Wardrobe system.  Boy, was that a blast from my SL past.  Once upon a time, I was trying to put everything in my wardrobe so I could see photos of what I had, since many creators don’t include photos of the item in your purchase.  I haven’t touched the system since 2015, I don’t think.  I know that probably 90% of what’s in the wardrobe was boxed up and/or deleted in 2016.

Right now, I’m leaning towards just deleting most of my clothing and buying new stuff.  I mean, things have to have improved in two years, right? I’m still waiting on bake-on mesh, but the animesh project did happen while I was away.  So I’m curious to see that in action as I wander around inworld.

The saddest thing I’ve found so far is that PurpleMoon is closing.  I’ve been a member of that group forever – almost since I joined SL.  I was going through my groups and seeing what notices I’ve missed and discovered the sim was going to close that day.  So I missed out on her huge closing sale.  Bummer.

Ah, well, change is inevitable, right?


I am a creature of habit, so change is never easy for me.

I’ve had enough upheaval in the last few weeks to last me for the next couple of years. :-/

A week or so ago, I lost 1/3 of my inventory in the Great Inventory Debacle of 2016.  I did send a ticket to LL, and they attempted a fix, but alas, my precious inventory items disappeared into the aether.  😦

I’ve been spending my time since then trying to replace what I could, but was forced to accept that 1) I couldn’t replace everything, and 2) I probably didn’t absolutely need most of what I lost.  Are there things I wish I still had?  Yes.

However, sitting around whining about it wasn’t going to change anything, so I set about working on my next routine.  And since my inventory is so depleted, it only makes sense to do some power shopping to replace it all, right?  😀

While I was shopping, an old friend dropped into my IM box and we started chatting.  She’s always giving me crap about being too skinny, so she took it upon herself to ‘update’ my shape for me.

I’m not used to the new shape quite yet, but I am pleased with some of the photos I took wearing the new shape.

Like this one:

LOTD 272 B

A tad more risqué than I normally put on my blog, but hey, it’s my blog, right?  😛

Diawa didn’t make me shorter, which I appreciated.  I am short in RL, so I like being tall in SL. 😀

LOTD 273

The shape is much curvier than I am used to, especially the thighs.  I’ve worn the shape for a while, trying to get used to it.  I will definitely be trying it out during some of my performances, so I’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, me and my thighs are going to do some more shopping!! ;-D


Linden Lab are transitioning to a new payment system

If you haven’t updated your payment information yet, you should do it soon to avoid interruptions in your services. I updated mine today!!

Daniel Voyager

Linden Lab have announced this week that Second Life is transitioning to a new payments processor for credit cards and that they want you to update your Second Life Payment Info today.

The lab mentions in the blog post that you may notice small authorization charges made to the credit card linked with your account. “These charges are made to confirm the validity of the billing information on file and will be automatically voided by your bank or credit card issuer.”

It’s not known yet when the new payment system will be completed but this is a good time to update your Second Life info.

The blog post explains more…

Second Life is transitioning to a new payments processor for credit cards. If you use a credit card for Second Life payments and have not added or updated your billing information since July 7, 2015, we strongly encourage you to re-enter…

View original post 173 more words

It’s Thursday!

Image Source:
Image Source:

Well, it’s Thursday.

That means I’ve almost made it through the week – yay!!

Last night there was a lot of nasty weather around here, and so some activities got shuffled around.

Today’s to-do list includes cleaning the house (ugh) in preparation for a party this weekend.

I have a few last-minute errands still, but mostly it’s housework and paperwork left.

I am ready for summer to start – I need a few days to relax!

Year of Change

I was discussing various issues with a friend yesterday, and it seems 2015 is indeed the ‘year of change’ for many people in SL.

New venues opening, old ones closing, friends leaving, people shuffling around – it seems every time I log in, something has changed.

Lots of people seem to be reflecting on their SL lives and making changes, sometimes making changes in RL as well.

There also seems to be a shift in the dance community from ‘burlesque’ to ‘performance art.’

Perhaps ‘burlesque’ was too narrow a term to encompass what people want to create in dance in SL?

It will be interesting to see what the rest of the year brings. 🙂

New Dance Stuff

I am happy to see some new shows coming up – Fusion Dance Crew is doing a performance on Saturday, as are the Breezes Dancers.

The dancers over at Paramount started a new show – more intimate and a little more risqué than their regular Saturday shows.

They have their regular Saturday show this weekend, and then the new ‘Night Players’ show next Tuesday.

I also saw an ad for a new show by a group called La Femme – I’ll have to try and check it out.

New Other Stuff

Some of you may have noticed the new look of the blog.

So far, I’m digging it.  😀

I’m still making small changes here and there, but I think it’s looking pretty good.

I was also feeling the need for some change, so I changed my gravatar picture.

Let’s see if anyone notices! 😛

New Look

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Image Source:

Well, I did it!

I finally took the plunge and changed the theme of my blog.

I really loved the old theme, especially the fonts and the colors, but the layout just didn’t work sometimes.

It was an older theme and didn’t have some of the bells and whistles I wanted.

C’est la vie – progress (and technology) marches ever forward, yes?

There are some things about the new theme I’m debating changing – I’m not thrilled with some of the font choices, but I’m not sure if I dislike them enough to shell out $ to change them.

So, I’ll live with it for now.

I’m not even sure how much of a difference it actually makes for some readers – so much of the layout is unseen on a phone or tablet versus what I see on my PC.

But I’m happy with the change – it feels good. 🙂

Now that the blog is under control, I can concentrate on some other projects (RL and SL).

I have research to do, blog posts to write, pictures to take – it never ends.

I love being busy, though – I do my best work under pressure.

And great news yesterday – Nai has been so busy that his ‘365’ inspiration idea took a hiatus.

It’s back, albeit in a different form, and I can’t wait to get started with some of the ideas!

In Flux

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I’ve been thinking about making changes to my blog for some time now.

I think I’ve finally decided on a new theme.

It may seem silly, but I spent a lot of time looking at themes and finding one that I think will work.

Now I have to spend the time to change over to the theme, redo all my widgets, make sure all my links are working, etc. etc. 😀

So the look of the blog may be in flux for a few days while I get all that accomplished.

I’ve also been slowly working my way through my inventory and paring it down.

The ‘Costumes’ folder is killing me, as I knew it would.

Some things are easy to delete, others aren’t.

However, I’ve made a HUGE dent in my clothing folders, so yay!!

I have a few more mesh outfits to go through, but everything else is sorted and ready for new stuff.

Which is good, since there are always a ton of events going on. 😛

Yesterday I visited FaMESHed, The Instruments, and Oneword – so I’ll have some cool pieces to include in upcoming LOTD posts.

I finally buckled down and applied to some feeds and was accepted, so I can also now happily claim to be a syndicated blog. 😀

Now that I’ve gotten a handle on where I’m going with blogging, I can get back to dancing!

I’ve collected a bunch of new props and such, and I’m itching to try them out.

I also need to finally unpack my new Stage Manager and learn how it works.

Enjoy your Tuesday while I’m slaving away sorting costumes. 😛


Change - Blue Button
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This week has been a bit of a whirlwind for me.

New things have started in RL, which means a week or so of adjustments to our new schedule.

New things are on the horizon in RL, which means another couple of weeks of adjustments.

So it looks like things will be in flux for me for the next few weeks.

Not my favorite thing – I am a creature of habit.

I like routine.

I like predictable.

New things are on the horizon in SL as well.

I’ve been taking photography classes and trying to improve my photography skills.

I have a couple of victims lined up . . . erm, I mean, volunteers, for some photo shoots, so I’m hoping that goes well. 😀

I am still busy on the blog (and thanking my lucky stars I went with WordPress instead of Blogger).

I am working on some routines for a performance (and I am horribly, terribly behind).

The Avi Choice awards are Saturday (which I think I will be attending), so I am anxious to see the results of those.

At least it’s Thursday, which means it’s almost Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend!!

Tuesday Tidbits

tidbit-tuesdayI was a little under the weather yesterday, so I didn’t spend much time on the computer.

So, of course, there are lots of things to report. 😀

  • The Avi Choice Awards voting closed yesterday.  The winners will be announced at the ceremony this Saturday, Feb. 28.
  • Blogger has made a change to its ‘adult content’ policy – so if you have a blogspot blog, you might want to check it out.  I have used Blogger, but I much prefer WordPress. 😀
  • Lady Garden Cabaret will have their monthly show this Friday at 3pm.
  • The Waterfront Theater will perform ‘Jersey Boys’ on Friday at 3pm.
  • The Sci-Fi Convention is open and will run through March 1 – if you haven’t stopped by to check it out, add it to your to-do list.
  • Strawberry Singh had an interesting Monday Meme about ‘things SL made people do or learn.’
  • I haven’t seen anything about Firestorm’s latest Tool Tip Tuesday video, but I’m looking forward to it. I always learn something new. 🙂

I have a busy day ahead of me, so that’s it for now.

Enjoy your Tuesday!!

Question of the Day #12 – Costume Changes

Yesterday I asked what mover systems people are using.  The results show an even split between the SpotOn mover system and The Artiste mover system.

Today’s question deal with costume changes.  Whether you are adding or removing costume pieces, props, special FX, cothing layers, or changing entire outfits, what are you using to do it?


Thank you to everyone who has participated in the previous polls!

It’s finally Friday – almost the weekend!  🙂


Scared of Change

Some people like change, other people have to be forced into it, kicking and screaming.

For me, it depends on what the change is.

I’ve run across an article about scale in Second Life several times in the last few weeks.  It’s an article on a blog called The Digital Pasture.  The initial article was about the fallacy that land is expensive in Second Life.  Read the post here and draw your own conclusions. (I don’t own land in SL, so I wasn’t that interested in that aspect of the post.)

When I read through the post, I was interested to read about a related post dealing with the issue of scale in SL.  That post talks about how scale is ‘off’ in SL.  According to the post, the starting height for new avatars is over 6 feet.  Not the average height in RL for males or females, to be sure.  There are a few sims (like Jo Yardley’s 1920’s Berlin sim) that are built to a realistic scale.  I was interested in the idea for a number of reasons.

With the (hopefully) soon-to-be available options like Oculus Rift, I think scale will become more important.  It won’t seem very realistic if all the buildings around you have doors and windows that appear 300 feet tall!  If building to scale also lets you conserve on prims/LI, that’s always a good thing.  Who wouldn’t like to have more prims/LI?

I was also interested to read about how the default camera setting can cause issues.  It’s not something I had even really thought about before.  So I decided to change my camera settings and see how (or if) they affected my time in SL.  I changed the settings following the directions in the post (using the centered view).  After about a week of use, I am very happy with the new camera settings.  I am better able to navigate my way around (something I needed when completing The Lost Mine hunt!) and I am not constantly pulling my camera down to see around me more clearly.

I am contemplating changing the size/scale of my avatar.  I have previously resisted attempts to change my shape too much.  😛   After all, your avatar is ‘you’ in many ways, and it can be very difficult to make changes.  Part of the appeal of SL (and other virtual worlds) is that you can be whoever/whatever you want.

Change can be scary.