Bright Canopy: relaunching Wednesday, Sept 23rd

It will be interesting to see if the new pricing model is sustainable for Bright Canopy. I do think it’s a needed service, but it remains to be seen how users will adapt to the new pricing model.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Bright CanopyAfter experiencing a stormy official launch period at the end of August 2015, which resulted in the service having to be suspended, Bright Canopy have indicated that their streaming service for Second Life and OpenSim users will be re-opening to users on Wednesday, September 23rd.

The official announcement is due to be made at 23:59 GMT (15:59 SLT) on Tuesday, September 22nd via the Bright Canopy website. However, the text of the announcement has been released ahead of this to a number of bloggers including myself, with permission for us to help circulate the news in advance.

The announcement reads in full:

Launch Reboot

Bright Canopy is back!

Bright Canopy has been down now for almost one month. We have done our best to be transparent and communicative during the downtime. Please be sure to read the community meeting transcript for all of the details.

We have been working withโ€ฆ

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Lots of News!!

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Apparently it was a busy weekend for lots of people, not just me. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I have lots of tidbits to share with you today.

Here they are (in no particular order):

  • Tuty’s has released a new Kid Girl AO.ย  I don’t need a child AO, but some of the anims might be useful for routines.
  • A&M Mocap has released a new dance – The Real Twerk 3.
  • The A&M Mocap Maniacs are looking for choreographers – find all the details here.
  • Since today is May 4 (if you’re a Star Wars geek like I am, you know what that means!!), Starlite Theater is putting on a themed performance tonight at 7pm SLT.ย  I can’t decide if I want to go as Princess Leia or C3PO. ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Firestorm has released a new beta version of the viewer.ย  They’re calling it a beta because there are still some issues/bugs they need to fix, but there are a TON of new features.ย  I am most excited about the updates to the phototools and the ability to add filters (like you can in the Black Dragon viewer) before you take the photo.ย  Saves me post-processing time.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Bright Canopy has announced their invitation-only early access Pre-Launch on May 19th at noon SLT.ย  Read all about it here.

Lots of exciting stuff happening.

Enjoy your Monday, folks!

Reflections on a Lazy Sunday

This seemed appropriate with the birth of the new princess. :-)   Image Source:
This seemed appropriate with the birth of the new princess. ๐Ÿ™‚
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Well, I wish it was a lazy Sunday. ๐Ÿ™‚

Things continue at the same level of craziness in RL, and it’s difficult to find time to do all the things I want to do, like blogging and taking photos!

I guess on the up side, I’m learning to do some of those things faster. ๐Ÿ˜›

I was reading through my feeds today and saw a post about rumors regarding the possible name of LL’s next gen platform.

I don’t know if I believe that SANSAR will be the actual name of the NGP, but who knows?

I also came across another post about Bright Canopy, the people who are in the process of creating a service to replace the now-defunct SL Go.

I am happy that a service to replace SL Go may be available shortly.

However, I myself am kind of struggling with my feelings towards SL lately.

It all started with the announcement about the Linux viewer.

Knowing that many of my friends will definitely be leaving SL in the near future has left me wondering how I feel about it all.

Do I think that SL will close any time soon?


But then, they didn’t think their access would be gone, either.

So you never know.

I have several projects already in the works, and several still in the planning stages, and now I’m wondering whether it’s worth it to me to put in the work on a platform that ‘could’ disappear at any time.

For now, I’m still forging ahead, but not with the same gusto as previously.

Over the years, I’ve spent quite a bit of RL money in this ‘game’ called SL.

As I was reading through the forum comments about LL’s request for ‘help’ with keeping the Linux viewer going, I read this:

“I understand the “idea” but SL is not a neighborhood volunteer vegetable garden. It is the product of a for-profit company. What company tells the “customer” to work for free?”

If you want to read the thread, you can find it here.

While I understand that the nature of SL requires a certain bit of give-and-take between users and LL, it does seem a bit odd for a company to say, “Hey – here’s our product.ย  We’d love for you to use it, but you have to help us keep it up and running.”

I totally understand that the Linux users may be a small community and that the revenue it generates is much less than the operating cost.

It makes perfect business sense to then say, “Sorry – it just isn’t cost-effective for us to provide this service.”

However, after my recent experience helping a new user create an account (and who has yet to log back in), I’m starting to wonder.

How long will it be before the things I’m interested in become no longer ‘cost-effective?’

Perhaps my thinking is just a reflection of the cyclical nature of things.

I have usually taken a hiatus from SL each year, to give myself time to recharge.

This year, because of the projects I have going (and have in the works), I haven’t – and don’t plan to – take a hiatus.

Do you ever feel the need to take a step back and reflect/recharge on your Second Life?

Happy Hump Day

Because who doesn't like a little Liam? :-D Image Source:
Because who doesn’t like a little Liam? ๐Ÿ˜€
Image Source:

Yesterday was a busy day for me.

It was 21 Shoe so, you know – SHOES!!!

I’ve been busily trying to blog, photograph, and organize items I’ve collected over the past several weeks.

I’m making progress, but not there yet.

My schedule tends to be kind of fluid lately, so I’m hoping I can make it to the Velvet Vixens show tonight at 6pm. ๐Ÿ˜€

I came across a great tutorial from Alicia Chenaux about making a smile shape – editing your shape so that when you smile (using a classic/system avatar), you don’t look like a complete dorknoid.

I’m kinda mad at myself for not thinking of this – but she does a great job of explaining how it works.

So yay!ย  I can try my hand at pics where I actually have an expression on my face. ๐Ÿ˜›

Bright Canopy (the group that may be an alternative to SL Go), has a blog and is currently running a photo contest.

It sounds like the service may be up and running much quicker than many people (including me) expected.

So yay again!

I’m still debating over changing up the theme of the blog (I hate change :/), so if things look a little different, don’t panic. ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Hump Day, y’all!!

Streaming SL?

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Image Source:

I try to keep up with some of the technical happenings involving SL.

I stumbled across SL Go because I was frustrated at the limitations of my computer system.

I have since upgraded my system, so I wasn’t using SL Go as much.

However, I was still disappointed to learn that the service was being discontinued as of April 30.

In fact, I was in the middle of an experiment using my computer versus SL Go and comparing FPS and performance.

I went to a couple of dance shows and experienced some quite heavy lag, which was unusual.

So hubs hopped on SL Go and we were off.

Sadly, before I could finish up the experiment and publish the results, SL Go was axed.

With its demise, the experiment was pointless.


While I didn’t use SL Go as much as I thought I would, my husband enjoyed it very much.

His preference was to use it on his iPad, but much of the appeal of the service was that people who couldn’t afford high-end computer systems could use SL.

Those same people were really disappointed to see it go (no pun intended ๐Ÿ˜› ), and the end of the service leaves a definite hole.

There has been speculation whether another company could replicate the service.

It seems that a new service might actually be possible.

There was an article about using Frame to stream SL and a company called Bright Canopy has started a beta to see if/how it works.

The beta is now closed, but you can go here and sign up for their invitation-only pre-launch.

I have no idea how this all works (being a non-technical person), but it looks fascinating.

If you are a technical person, or you just want more details, Inara Pey has a blog post all about it.

I’m optimistic that another service like SL Go may actually happen.

I personally am not a fan of ‘mobile’ use of SL, I love my keyboard, mouse, and my big monitor waaay too much. ๐Ÿ˜›

However, for people who can’t afford a high-end computer system, a streaming service like SL Go enabled many to experience SL, even on older hardware.

I’m all for that – the more, the merrier when it comes to SL!