Dance News

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I checked the Dance Queens blog today and was happily surprised to find three (3!) new posts for dance shows.

Of course, dance shows are going on all the time, but having that many posts in one day is a rarity anymore.

So, in case you missed it, they are:

  • Les Jardin de Paris is putting on their “Notre-Dame des Parisll” show this Friday at 12:30pm SLT.  As always, IM DameLessage Igaly for reservations.
  • The Blue Velvet troupe is performing at the Royal Opera House on Sunday, November 9, at 2pm SLT.  This troupe is new to me, and I’ve never been to the Royal Opera House, so this show is on my ‘to-visit’ list.
  • The Spirit Light Dance Company is presenting their new show ‘Decades One’ this Sunday at 12pm SLT.  This is one of two ‘Decades’ shows they will be performing.  There is an admission fee of $250L for this show, and you must reserve your seat.

I wondered whether charging admission for dance shows would become a regular part of dance shows.  It seems it might be.  Of course, for big productions, it is a way for troupes to recapture ‘up-front’ some of the expense of producing the shows.  It will be interesting to watch this trend as it develops.

The Night Theater is also performing their ‘Wonderfully Wicked’ show this weekend and next, so be sure to check them out as well.  This is also the last weekend (I believe) to catch Euphoria’s amazing ‘Superhero’ show.  You get to ride around on a train from place to place as you view the acts – quite a nice experience, as set-up for the next act happens while you are traveling and looking at the city build.

Tomorrow is Friday – almost the weekend.  Enjoy your Thursday!




Kat’s Weekend News

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The weekend is finally here!  I’ll be plenty busy, but wanted to share a few things that might make your weekend more enjoyable.  🙂

The Avatar Social Network now has a mobile app – so you can stay connected on-the-go.  Check out more details here.  If you’re on ASN, don’t forget to add me.  🙂

The Dance Queens blog had an advert for a new (to me, anyway) dance venue – Blue Velvet Theater.  They will be doing a Halloween show on October 17.  Check out the details here.  While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the DQ calendar for other upcoming shows – Sat and Sun are always chock full of dance!

After spending some time this week searching the (not very useful) events listing and using the in-viewer search, I’m still looking for new places to explore.  So, if you know of someplace that is a ‘must-see’ in SL, let me know.  Comment here, on my Google+, on ASN, or on my Twitter.

Enjoy your weekend!