News and Happenings

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I miss a few days because I’m busy with projects, and the blogosphere explodes with tons of news and happenings!

Here are some tidbits I found surfing about today:

The Arcade is opening its December round soon.  It’s usually a lag-fest, because it’s such a popular event.  So – if you’d prefer to be an ‘early bird,’ you can try to purchase one of their early access passes.  They are selling 20 of them, starting today at 5pm SLT.  Check out the link here if you want more information.  It’s a cool idea, and one that will be popular.  I know lots of people who would be willing to pay a bit extra to get in early and/or get in before the mad rush!

Serendipitously, as I was reading about the Arcade, and groaning internally about the horrible lag that always accompanies it, I came across another blogger’s thoughts about the whole ‘gacha’ scene in SL.  An interesting read on how gachas started and how they how changed.  Personally, I only play if it’s something I would just outright buy in the first place.  To me, some of the gacha vendors are like that impulse section at the cashier’s stand.  You end up with buys that you later regret.  And I too, have grown weary of the gachas where you only get pieces and parts of an outfit.  I’d rather just pay the L$ and get the one I want.  But that’s me.  🙂

I finished the MadPea Blood Letters Hunt (it’s still running until November 30 – if you don’t mind blood/gore and more than a bit of adult content, it was a ton of fun).  I made it to the prize room, after being lost in a maze for about half an hour.  But I did it – it was even more fun after finding out that a friend was doing the hunt as well, so we teamed up to finish the last day.  I’ve never done a hunt like this one before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  MadPea is selling some mementos from the hunt, including the book set and the dead bodies, if you’re interested.  And I saw today that they will have a new hunt beginning on December 1.  This one is called ‘Scrumptious Sweets‘ so I’m hoping it will be refreshing change from all the detective work of this last hunt!

And the last piece of news – Sinse has released a new ‘Only Girl’ AO that comes with 5 dances.  Stop by and check it out – I’m always on the lookout for goods sits, stands, and walks, and AO’s are terrific source for those.

Never a Dull Moment

StarliteVegasDancersThe last few days have been hectic, both in SL and RL.  Of course, there was the DQ Dance festival this weekend, which I was a part of.  Although it was a ton of fun to participate and to see all the amazing creativity from other troupes, it was a long weekend.

Yesterday I was very busy in RL.  I finally returned home and logged in to watch the Starlite Dancers at their Michael Buble tribute show.  (Full disclosure:  I am dancer at the Starlite Theater.)  Isabelle Mavendorf created some amazing choreography and it was a treat to watch the Vegas showgirls in their beautiful costumes.

I also managed to find some time to do a few hunts here and there.  I am currently doing MadPea’s Blood Letters hunt (today is Day 18), and I came across a really cool hunt/game called the Mine Shaft Hunt.  You mine for rocks and other things, which you can use to get/find treasure keys to open the treasure boxes in all the stores.  I still haven’t figured out how to do the ‘valuations’ portion of the hunt, but I’m working on it.

I also saw yesterday on my Twitter feed that the Peace On Earth hunt will take place this year.  The long-time organizer has moved on, but someone has stepped in – which I am grateful for, because I look forward to the POE hunt every year.  There’s usually a ton of cool stuff from very talented designers, and it’s all free.  Can’t beat that, right?

As usual, it’s never a dull moment!

Blood Letters Hunt

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After watching my inventory balloon from hunts and gachas, I decided I’d stop doing them.

So then, of course, along comes the latest MadPea Hunt – Blood Letters.  It’s a hunt where you play a private eye and have to solve a string of murders.  Since I am an ID channel addict and forever watching true crime shows, I HAD to particpate.  😛

I have to say, it something I look forward to doing every day.  From Nov 1 through Nov 25, there is a new clue (and a new prize) each day.  It’s an ‘adult’ hunt, so some of the prizes are a little risqué, to say the least.  But I have thoroughly enjoyed logging in every day to get the new clue and find the daily prize.  At the end of the hunt, for those who solve the mystery, there are an additional 25 prizes from all the participating businesses.

If you enjoy puzzles, or mysteries, or MadPea hunts, join in!  It’s a lot of fun, even though it can be frustrating at times.  Find the information and where to start here.  It is a tad expensive, as the HUD you need is $400L.  However, the number and quality of prizes makes it worth the expense.

So far, my favorite prize has been the Dagger Necklace from Maxi Gossamer, although I’m sure I’ll find a use for the crawls in the Dutchie AO.  Find a listing of the prizes here.

Happy Hunting!


New MadPea Hunt

I don’t go on many hunts anymore.  I ended up with a giant inventory full of things I will never use or wear.  So in the interest of keeping my inventory count low (and maintaining my own sanity), I don’t do them anymore.  It’s a great way to find lots of new places, so I sometimes participate for that reason.

However, the announcement that MadPea is doing a new hunt caught my eye.  I did their ‘Lost Mine’ hunt and loved it.  I love puzzles, so I love hunts where you have to solve puzzles.  Plus, you can’t just use ‘area search’ to find the item you need, zoom to it, get it, and tp on to the next spot in the blink of an eye. 😛

The new MadPea hunt (called ‘Blood Letters’) looks like it will be really fun – in a scary, erotic, adult kind of way.

You can read all about it here on Inara Pey’s blog.

It starts November 1st, so get your sleuthing gear ready!