Inventory Bloat – Thanks, BOM!

Who has the biggest inventory?

Now that Bakes On Mesh (BOM) has hit the grid, things have changed.

While I am excited for all the old (and new!) stuff I can now wear easily with BOM and without faffing with a zillion appliers, I am NOT excited about the inventory bloat I see headed my way.

Unless you’re an old SL’er from way back, like me, you may not remember how all the system layers worked.  But we never had enough of them.  When mesh bodies hit the grid, suddenly everything became appliers (HUDs with whatever you needed to wear/apply loaded into them).  So instead of 20 thongs in 20 colors in my inventory, I had one mesh thong, and HUD that would let me change it into 20 different colors.  20 items vs 2 items was a blessing for my inventory.

But now that system layers are back with BOM, I can easily see my inventory creeping up every time I buy something.  Because some people will want the system layers, but others will still want the appliers – so creators will provide them all.  Who doesn’t want to keep their customers happy?

But that means I could end up with 24 items – the 20 BOM system layers in different colors AND the mesh item AND the HUD/applier.

I may have to become ruthless when it comes to new purchases.  I’m still on the fence about unboxing my old inventory stuff as well.  I mean, while it’s great that I can wear a skin I purchased in 2013, do I really want to?  Is it worth spending the time unboxing everything just to see?

When I box something up in RL, my rule is that I haven’t needed it in 6 months or longer, it goes.  It clearly wasn’t something I needed.  (There are exceptions, of course – seasonal clothing and decorations, things like that.)  But since my SL inventory is, in theory, infinite – maybe they can just stay in boxes for now and I can wait another 5 years for a trip down memory lane.

We’ll see.  In the meantime, I definitely have some purging to do!  If you need tips for managing your own inventory, I’ve written some tips and tricks here.  It’s still useful information. 🙂

Inventory Bloat

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If you know me, you know that I hate having a bloated inventory.

I work pretty diligently to keep it around 30K items.

Once I get over that 30K mark, I will start sorting, boxing, and deleting.

Some things have sentimental value, like pics of friends that are no longer in SL, or items given to me by my loving husband.

I used to hate deleting things, which is crazy, because I am pretty ruthless when it comes to de-cluttering in RL.  If you don’t use it, out it goes – usually to a charity so that someone else can get use out of it.

A year or so ago, I quit boxing up extra sizes of mesh items.  I have no idea why I did this in the first place – I’m not going to suddenly change my avatar shape enough that I would need them. 😛

Now, when I buy something that comes with the standard sizes, I save the fitmesh (if there is one), I save two sizes (in case my boobs or butt poke through in one) and the rest get deleted.

I am guilty of saving fitmesh for bodies I don’t own, I confess.  I’ve considered buying either the Slink body or the Belleza one, so I hang on to those items ‘just in case.’ 😀

I don’t own much system clothing anymore, except for costumes for dancing.  Working out how to dance with a mesh body (which can be done) is sometimes tricky with layers, so I will often just opt for my system avatar when I dance.

I am currently sitting at around 35K in inventory, which is driving me bonkers.  I need to sort and box up some stuff, which I hope to get around to sometime next week.

A lot of the bloat has come from blogging events.  I know that many people think that bloggers only blog to get free stuff, but that’s far from true.  Some do, of course, but not the majority.

I blogged for some events because I genuinely like the events and designers, not because I wanted free stuff.  Free stuff was nice, of course, but not necessary for me.

I don’t generally buy fatpacks of anything (even shoes!).  Mostly because I’m cheap. 😛   But also because I try to pick colors that will provide a variety of options, the same as I do in RL.

I don’t own 14 colors of the same sweater in RL, and the same is true in SL.  So when I started blogging for a few events and I got fatpacks of everything, the inventory got overwhelming pretty quickly.

I understand why the designers do it that way – they have no idea what other items you’re going to blog, and giving you a variety of options means more chances that you’ll choose to include one of their items.

But I have no idea how fashion bloggers keep track of their massive inventories.  Hats off to them, because I couldn’t do it. 😀

These days, I buy what I like (an in & out shopper, that’s me!) and I delete what I don’t want or need.

I do wish there was some sort of ‘Goodwill’ in SL for transfer items.  I have plenty of quality items that I could get rid of, but no one to give them to.  😦

If I could just box them up and drop them off somewhere, so that someone would get some use out of them, that would be amazing!

Sure, I could sell them on MP, but that’s a lot of work for not much return.  I don’t need L$ for them, I just hate to delete them if someone else could use them.

Oh, I know it would never work.  Set up a ‘thrift shop,’ where people could drop items set for sale to $0L, restrict to avatars who are less than 30 days old.  But then people would just make new avis, get all the stuff for free, and then sell it on MP for a profit.

Do I sound cynical? 😛

I guess there’s nothing to do but start deleting.

*Dives into the pile of boxes and starts sorting*