Furillen is a sim I’ve visited before, but it is constantly being reinvented.  One constant, however, is that it’s always an amazing place to take photographs, and this iteration is no exception.

It is a wintery, bleak landscape, but it is easy to lose yourself in the grandeur of the scenery.  These trees seem to touch the sky as you stand underneath.

There are a lot of places to sit and reflect in Furillen, including this eclectic collection of chairs near the edge of the water.  I can almost smell the salt on the air and feel the spray on my face.

This seemingly abandoned caravan looks so lonely underneath the bare branches of the tree, yet somehow also welcoming.

I’m always fascinated by which pieces of ‘real life’ make it into sim design.  These utility poles are a great example of things that add realism to the sim – things we see every day, but don’t even think about anymore.

Judging by the multitude of pics I’ve seen on Flickr, many other SL’ers find Furillen as fascinating as I did.

When taking photos, I often spend quite a bit of time playing around with windlights.  Not so here.  The region windlight seemed perfect for the sim, and I couldn’t find anything I thought looked better.

So if you’re ready to spend a bit of time wandering in the cold and snow, make sure to add Furillen to your travel list.


Bleak Beauty at Yorkshire Moors

While looking for a nice spot for some photography, I stumbled upon the Yorkshire Moors.

Home to the mainstore of Rayne Couture, the bleak and dark landscape instantly intrigued me.
Yorkshire Moors 1

The moors were mostly uninhabited, but I did find a few wild denizens. 🙂

I love places where I can wander, surrounded by beauty (and not a lot of people). I need my solitude, and places like this allow me to recharge my batteries.

Yorkshire Moors 2

I am love with this little garden shed, and the person who went to the trouble to add the reflection of the tree in the window.  A fabulous touch and it adds so much to this scene.
Yorkshire Moors 3

And, of course, my requisite lighthouse picture.  I’m considering putting all of my lighthouse pictures together in a collection. 😀

I love the windmill – it looks like all the windmills I see around my home, but never next to a lighthouse!
Yorkshire Moors 4

The colors and light are fantastic.  Bleak, but at the same time, so gorgeous and beautiful. The horses are nice, but my favorite thing was the peacock flying around. 😛

Yorkshire Moors 5

I normally don’t have much trouble finding things to say about the places I visit and photograph.

This place, however, has me speechless. (Which doesn’t happen often, I assure you!)  The place is full of contradictions – mostly empty, but full of scenes to fill your soul; dark, but so warm and welcoming at the same time.

The pictures don’t do it justice, so if you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands, take a visit to the Yorkshire Moors.

Kick your shoes off and stay a while. 🙂