Bakes On Mesh Series – Part 2 (Maitreya & LeLutka)

Since I’ve owned my Maitreya body for what seems like forever, I decided to start out my Bakes On Mesh (BOM) testing with it.  There are already tons of blog posts out there about how to use BOM, so I’m not going to spend a ton of time reviewing it all.

The Maitreya body is not BOM ready.  You have to purchase a relay in order for BOM to work (as well as making sure that you are using a BOM viewer).  The relay for the Maitreya body is free on Marketplace.

Basically, to start, take off everything.  Body, feet, hands, hair, clothes, alphas – everything.  What you’re left with is the original system avatar.  Previously, you needed to wear alpha layers to hide the system avatar.  With BOM, you don’t need the alpha layers.  Essentially, the BOM system takes the layers you wear on your system avatar and ‘bakes’ them onto your mesh parts – hence “Bakes On Mesh.” It also hides the system avatar so it can’t be seen under your mesh body parts.

Once you’re down to the system avatar, put on your Maitreya body, hands, and feet.  Add the Maitreya HUD and the Maitreya BOM relay.  (I can’t remember if you have to click the relay or just wear the first system skin, but once you apply a system/BOM skin, you don’t need to continue to wear the BOM relay.)

I was going to just take photos wearing the Maitreya body, but the deformed system head from my Bento shape was hideous, so I ended up adding the LeLutka Simone head as well to test.  LeLutka sent out updated heads that are BOM ready, you just have to click on the HUD to activate it.

Once I had all that done, I hunted around in my inventory for a system skin.  The first one I found was a skin from 2015 – DS Lyberty Spelt Quartz.  (Don’t mind my bald head – I didn’t want hair to distract from the skin!)

It actually looked pretty good.  So I tried a few more.  This is a Belleza skin from 2013 – Mya Pale BBB 1.  The make up looks good on the LeLutka head.


The next skin I tried was LAQ Martina was 2013.  This skin was my go-to skin for a long time.  You can see, however, the tip of the nose and upper lip area under the nose look odd.  The shading is off.  Ah, well, I didn’t expect everything to work out perfectly.

Next I tried a skin from Lumae – Fae 6 Cinnamon Plum Delight from 2015.  This skin has freckles – you can see that they applied to the Maitreya body with no problem as well.  I did try a few of the old ‘cleavage’ tattoos – remember those?  Some were better than others, so in many instances you’re just going to have to try things on and see what works and what doesn’t.

The last skin I tried was my most recent go-to skin – Glam Affair’s Margot India Dark from 2015.

After testing quite a few other skins and finding out that most worked well, I decided to try messing around with some makeup.

I have to say, this is the part that got me the most excited.  I used to have a ton of system layer makeup and tattoos.  Once mesh bodies and heads hit the grid, they’ve basically been languishing in my inventory.  I don’t know why I didn’t box them up like I did everything else.

Because BOM supports system layers, you can now once again layer makeup and tattoos – up to 62 layers, if I remember correctly.  BOM will bake them onto one layer and then apply them to your mesh parts.

For example, here is some system layer face paint I got from who knows where:

Here’s some snowy winter makeup I found:

In addition to single layers, you can add multiple ones.  In this picture, I am wearing a blush layer, an eyeshadow layer, and a lipstick layer, in addition to the system skin.  BOM applies them all to my mesh head.  The eyeshadow is a bit off, but the blush and lipstick look great.

Once I had playing around with skins and makeup out of my system, I decided to focus on what I knew would be problem areas – the hands and feet.  However, this post is long enough, so I’m going to discuss those in Part 3 of this series.

Top fashion picks for Belleza! – Mesh Body Addicts

I did not buy the Belleza body, but I’ve considered doing so, since you now get three bodies in one package.  It does have some options I would love for my Maitreya bod to have – like having more than one hand style.

For now, I’ll stick with my Maitreya, but maybe I’ll get the Belleza some day.  I’m debating now whether to take the plunge and get the new Catwa mesh head, which looks amazing.

But, no new purchases until I unbox everything I already have sitting in my huge inventory!!!

Source: Top fashion picks for Belleza! – Mesh Body Addicts

New fullperms Freebies out: Belleza Freya and Isis Proportionaate Shapes and Physics Kits

A free kit to help those of you who like to keep your avatars proportional. The kits are made for the Belleza Isis and Freya bods, but I’m sure they would be useful for other bodies as well. Play around, have fun, and share what you think. 🙂

LOTD #49

LOTD 49After searching a bit for a costume for this LOTD, I realized I don’t own a lot of green clothing.

Another excuse to go shopping!

Today’s color is green and I traveled to a peep show for this pic.


Hair: Truth – Esperanza

Headpiece: Xan’s Closet – Fan Dance Headdress

Lingerie Set (bra, corset, garter, panties, stockings): Blacklace – Harlequin – Teal

Gloves: Blacklace – Erielle

Boots: Bax – Ankle Boot – Black Suede

Skin: Belleza – Mya Pale

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Pale Cerulean

Eyelashes: Redgrave – Classy

Location: Ponchau

Pose:  Frogstar

LOTD #44

LOTD 44A friend and I were talking about circuses the other day, and then dark circuses.

Inspired, I put together this little outfit.


Hair:  Truth – Kenzie – LightBlondes01

Dress: Egoisme – Funky Dress

Necklace:  WCI – Gothic Cross Necklace

Bracelet: SaDalBaRi Design – Wristband Peoria

Boots: Virtual Impressions – Katlyn Boot Christmas Edition

Skin:  Belleza – Betty SK 5

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modded)

Makeup: Blacklace Beauty – Lustrous Kiss Natural

Tattoo: PMS – L’Amour Tattoo 2

Nails: Angel Rock – Capria Nails

Eyes: IKON – Utopia – Pale Cerulean

Eyelashes: Redgrave – Classy

Location: Pyri Peaks


SL SkinAfter buying the Maitreya body and playing around with it, my only real concern was that my everyday skin does not have any appliers for it.

I have been wearing a Laqroki skin for as long as I can remember.

I had one skin for a while and then decided I wanted something in a darker skin shade.

I’ve bought other skins over the years, but they just never seemed like ‘me’.

Since Glam Affair was the default skin for the Maitreya body, I went and purchased a skin from them.

But it just didn’t look like me. 😦

So I thought I’d compare some of my skins and see what the differences are.

I took a baseline pic wearing my Laq (mocha tone) skin.

Laq SkinI took off everything except a pair of earrings. 😀

The only real complaint I have about the skin is the mouth.

I always end up with a weird flat area on either side of the bottom lip.

Other than that, I’ve been pretty happy in general with the skin.

It has 10 different makeups and so I have a nice selection of options.

When I went shopping for new skins, it was a bit of sticker shock.

These days, one skin is the same price as what I paid for my entire pack.

Another stumbling block for me has been finding a skin that is close to my current tone.

Everything now seems to run to the (extremely) pale side.

I have a bunch of WoW Skins I’ve collected from various events, so I tried some of them on.

The skins were listed as tan, dark tan, and bronze, so I thought they would be close to my current skin tone.

Wow Greta TanNot so.

This is the tan version of Greta.

Not exactly tan, in my book.

And I’m getting weird shadows all over.

The lips do seem a bit nice than Laq, though.

Maybe dark tan will be better.

Wow Greta Dark TanWell, it’s a little better.

Still not close to my current skin tone.

And still getting weird shadows around my eyes and out from the nose.

I do like the little beauty mark.

Cute, but still not ‘me.’

So I thought I’d try the ‘bronze’ tone.

Wow Greta BronzeHmmmm.

Seems bronze is not darker than dark tan.


And still with the weird shadows.

Just FYI, I did not move, change camera position, or do anything to these photos, other than crop and resize.

So, it doesn’t appear that WoW Skins is ‘me’ either.

Since I have the Maitreya body, I went to Glam Affair and tried their skins.

I must say, their skins run to the pale side as well.

GA Asia GiftSince I was finding the new skins so pricey, I went looking to see what I already had.

I found a GA skin in the Asia tone that I picked up somewhere.

Too pale.

Weird shadows out from the nose again.

But loving the lips!!!

After much searching through the various skin tones of GA, I decided that the India tone would be the closest to my current skin.

GA Amberly IndiaMy timing was good, and I managed to pick up the Amberly skin during a FLF sale.

Only $50L for 10 skins, which was a complete steal!

I won’t use the Asia tone ones, but the India tone is close to my current one.

Again, loving the lips.

But I don’t get why the weird shadows coming out from the nose.

I also picked up a Margot skin from GA.

GA Margot IndiaI like the Margot skin a lot.

Just a nice, clean look to it.

I love the brows here.

And though it’s not as dark as I would like, it’s close enough for me to live with it.

Since GA skin appliers are included with the Maitreya body, it seemed like a no-brainer.

Easy skin matching.

Oh, I could try and use the RGB picker to match my Laq skin, but it never seems to look exactly right.

Before I bought the Maitreya body, I was seriously considering the Belleza one.

I might still get it.

I have some Belleza skins, so I pulled them out to see what they looked like.

Belleze Mya PaleAgain, some of them are very pale.

I love, love, love the cat eye makeup on this skin.

And the lips are pretty damn good too.

But still the weird shadows out from the nose.

Or am I just seeing things?

Nice, but too pale for me.

Belleza MimiMimi is slightly darker, but not enough.

A nice, clean fresh look.

But the mouth seems somehow ‘off.’

Weird shadows.


Well, maybe the Belleza mocha will be closer to ‘me.’

Belleza Shyla MochaI asked for darker, didn’t I?

Maybe this is just a tad too dark.


Well, it’s at least closer.

So I know have a decent option if I decide to get the Belleza body.

And going back and looking over all these skins, it’s amazing to me how much of a difference just changing skins can make.

What skin is your ‘everyday’ skin?

What skin makers do you love?