It’s Friday?

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My week has been kind of crazy in RL, and it’s got me all discombobulated.

I keep thinking that today is Saturday.

My kids are out of school for Spring Break, so next week promises to be crazy as well, with everyone home and in my hair all week.  :/

I spent most of my time in SL yesterday sorting through inventory.

I finally decided to tackle my folder of shoes. 😛

I deleted several pairs, boxed up a ton, took pics of the ones I kept, and organized them in my ‘wardrobe’ system so I can search for them when I might need them for a routine.


I started to work on my ‘costume’ folder, but after about 30 minutes, it was clear that a sort of those will require at least several days of work.   😦

I did also have a chance to try out some outfits with my mesh body and figure out the appliers.

I understand how the appliers work, but once you ‘apply’ parts of an outfit, they remain until you apply something else.

You can turn them ‘off’ with the HUD, but they are still there.

Surely there should be a way to ‘clear’ the appliers?

Yes, there is!

There is (yet another) applier you can get for free that will ‘clean’ whatever you have previously applied to the mesh body.

That should make my life easier when I start trying out my rather large lingerie/burlesque outfit collection. 😀

Now, what would be REALLY AMAZING would be if someone would make an Omega applier that could clean/apply via a chat command.


Because then you could use your dance HUD to ‘chat’ a command to apply/remove appliers during a routine.

Now, THAT would be cool. 🙂

Friday starts the weekend of dance shows, so check the blog calendar and check out something new.

Happy Friday, people!

Mesh Mouth

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There’s been a lot of buzz the last few days over the Skin Fair opening tomorrow.

I could have gone to an early preview, but I didn’t.

Honestly, I already own a TON of skins, and I only wear one on a regular basis.

Once in a great while, I’ll go searching through them and find something for a routine, but I just don’t change my skin a lot as a rule.

So, I was really stoked when Laqroki announced they had made appliers for the Maitreya body.

I’ve just now gotten around to actually playing with them to see how they work.

I must admit, I’m not thrilled.

The hands and feet match perfectly, but I can’t seem to get rid of the line/seam at the neck, no matter what I do.

And after a day of trying on practically every mesh outfit in my inventory, it was a bit discouraging to find that only one or two items actually work.

After searching around for various fixes, I got sidetracked a bit by the mesh mouths.

PXL has released a new mouth that seems all the rage.

I’ve said before that I don’t understand the appeal of mesh heads.

To me, you end up looking the same as everyone else.

Even with different skin and makeup, the underlying structure is the same and just doesn’t seem as ‘realistic’ or unique to me as a classic avatar face.

I’ve seen some new heads on the market, and creators may be getting closer to a realistic look (complete with customizing options), in my opinion.

A mesh mouth seemed much easier to tackle than a mesh head, so I got the PXL demo.

I must say, it was more complicated than I expected.

I’m still not clear on how the HUD works (I think pieces of it are disabled for the demo, but it doesn’t tell you that in the info nc).

I wasn’t able to get a perfect skin match, but I got fairly close.

And the positioning seemed pretty good right out of the box.

But I’m not sure whether I want to take the plunge and buy the mesh mouth or not.

I like the way it looks.

But – another mesh attachment?

It’s already a major pain dealing with SLink hands/feet and all the HUDs and appliers.

When I first got the SLink hands, I was collecting nail appliers right and left.

But I rarely use any of them.

That was one of the appeals for me about the Maitreya body.

The hands and feet are all right there, and one HUD does the nails for both.

I’m just not sure I’m up for another attachment and adding another 10-15 minutes of futzing around with colors when I’m trying to get dressed.

Has anyone tried the PXL mouth?

What do you think of it?

Are there other mesh mouths that might be better?

More News!

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I need more hours in the day to keep up with everything going on lately.

Applications have opened for Round 3 of The Tattered Page event – the book chosen for this round is Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

I can’t wait to see what amazing things designers come up with for this book!

After a day of failed tps, I finally made it into the Burlesque Fashion Fair late Sunday.

There were a ton of cool items, and I picked up a few new outfits.

They have appliers, so I’m hoping to try them with my new mesh body and see how it all works.

Speaking of mesh bodies – Laqroki announced Sunday that they now have appliers for the Maitreya and SLink bodies.

If you get over to LAQ before February 9, you can score them for FREE!

I, of course, rushed right over to get mine, and I am looking forward to doing my LOTD pictures in my LAQ skin.

I’ll finally feel like ‘me’ again!

Voting for the Avi Choice Awards – the Arts was supposed to open yesterday, but it apparently did not.

So if you haven’t voted yet, don’t forget to head over there and vote.

Hopefully, today the ballot is up and running. 🙂

Also, ColdLogic announced yesterday that they are having a 50% off sale in their mainstore, so if you like their designs, now is a good time to stock up!

I’m bummed that I’m still waiting to get into the sim for the new MadPea hunt, so to cheer myself up, I found some cute puppy pics.

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Aren’t these two adorable?

I’ve always wanted a husky, but somehow I ended up with a dachshund.

Go figure. 😛


Content Creators – I Get It

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Yesterday was a bit of a frustrating day for me.

I have a ton of projects I’m working on all at once, and yesterday I couldn’t seem to get anywhere with any of them.

One of my ongoing projects has been to work more with my Maitreya mesh body (which I love!) and see if I could figure out how to tint it to match my current Laqroki skin.

Thinking that I could just go grab an RGB value from somewhere, I went looking.

I found about 15 different ones, and none of them worked.


So, because I had a picture I wanted to finish, I ended up wearing the Glam Affair skin I bought.

It looks good.

It looks really good.

It just doesn’t look like ‘me.’

I spent a little bit of time feeling sorry for myself because Laq doesn’t make appliers for the Maitreya body.

But I totally understand why they don’t.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad applier world out there right now.

I have no idea how content creators keep up with it all.

It has got to be maddening.

I’ve made some clothing myself (using both system and mesh templates) and I’ve considered selling them on MP, just to have a few L$ trickling in now and again.

I haven’t, so far, because I have absolutely no intention of learning how to do appliers.

Which, I assume, would hinder sales.

Everyone wants something for nothing these days.

Was it annoying to have to pay for the GA SLink appliers separately from the skin I purchased?


Do I understand why the creator does that?

Yes. Absolutely.

Time is money.

After watching my daughter (a ‘digital native’) struggle to learn Blender, I have no doubt of the time and skill it requires to create good content for SL.

That said, I also have to watch my own bottom line.

So sometimes that amazing headdress from !dM is totally worth the $300L in gacha tries.

Sometimes it isn’t.

That’s my own decision, and not something I would ever complain to a creator about.

They price their products based on many factors, including difficulty, creation time, overhead expenses, etc.

Are some products priced ridiculously high (imo)?


Does that mean I complain about it?

Hell, no.

It just means I don’t buy it.  😀

*For a content creator’s view of this issue, read this post by Sian.

She makes some incredibly amazing stuff, and it’s interesting to hear about this issue from a creator’s perspective.