Paramount Theater – Anything Goes

It’s been quite a while since I went to some dance shows, and I had some free time this last weekend.

I went to Fusion Dance Crew’s Cinematastic show Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening I went to the Paramount show.

Paramount 1I didn’t get to stay until the end, but I wanted to share some pics with you of what I did see. 😀

The opening act was to a favorite song of mine – Eye of the Tiger.

The dancers were in their training gear and practicing moves on the stairs a lá Rocky.

I loved the costumes and the choreography was very well done.

Next up was an interesting set to Here She Comes by Bonnie Tyler.

Lots of neat special effects and a costume change.

If you’ve never been to Paramount, they have a very well-oiled machine when it comes to shows.

Paramount 2While some dancers will be de-rezzing or rezzing sets onstage, they will have a smaller set/dance going on in front of the curtain.

This makes for a lot less ‘down-time’ between large acts.

For this show, I focused on taking pictures of the larger numbers.

There were a lot of good acts, so rather than talking about each one and boring you to death, I’m just going to post the pics! 😛

I know the dancers are already busy working on their next show, so you have plenty of chances to take in a show.

For those of you who like a little more ‘adult’ entertainment, Paramount also puts on a special “Night Players” show each month with routines and costumes that are more avant garde than the regular Saturday shows.

Paramount 4
California Gurls
Paramount 6
Message in a Bottle
Paramount 7
Paramount 8
Roundtable Rival