How Time Flies!

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You know that old saying – “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.” I’m usually pretty good at staying on top of things, but sometimes I’m so immersed in details I forget to look at the big picture.

It’s a good thing WordPress sends reminders, otherwise I would not have known that today is my 4th (4th!) anniversary for this blog.  Amazing.

The blog has grown and taken some twists and turns from where I started, and I’m not sure I ended up where I intended to go, but it’s been a terrific journey so far. 😀

Can’t wait to see what this new year brings!

Time Flies

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Time flies when you’re having fun, according to the expression.

And indeed it does!

I received a notice today that I have been blogging here for 3 years!  I can’t believe it’s been that long already.

The blog has gone through several changes, and will likely go through several more before I am through.

I had actually been considering whether to continue blogging or not.  Over the years, I’ve tried a few different directions – some worked, some didn’t.

And I think all bloggers reach a point where they wonder if they have anything left to say.  I think I do, so for now, I’ll keep blogging. 😛

I’m having a lot of fun exploring SL and taking landscape photos, so you will definitely continue to see that in the blog.

Dance and LOTD posts may take a bit of a back seat to the photography, but I’m sure they will sneak back in here and there. 😀

For now, I’m off for a drink to celebrate my 3 year anniversary!

Hitting 500

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Over the past week or so, I’ve hit a couple of milestones without realizing it. 🙂

I got a notice a couple of days ago, congratulating me on my 2-year anniversary with WordPress.

Now, I haven’t actually been blogging that long, but I did sign up my account 2 years ago.

So yay me! for sticking with a platform. 😀

Because I schedule most of my posts in advance, I don’t see the ‘posts published’ counter when a post actually publishes.

Nor do I pay much attention to the number of posts I’ve done.

So when I got a notice that I’ve hit 500 posts, it was a nice surprise.

I’ve been trying to blog steadily, and my numbers show it.

I suspect that I will slow down a bit this summer, because my RL schedule always seems to get crazy then.

Too many activities and not enough time to fit everything in.

But I am looking forward to many more posts and comments about this crazy world we call Second Life.

So keep reading, because I’m pretty sure I have at least 500 more posts in me.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone!

Happy Anniversary to Me!

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Today is my wedding anniversary, so I am giving myself the day off!

My wish for you today is that you are as happy as I am.  Life is too short – make the most of it!

Happy Monday, everyone!