Eerie Everwinter

I’ve been busy taking all kinds of classes (and teaching a few!) lately, trying to learn new things.

I recently joined the Journey group on a Photo Challenge expedition.  We all traveled as a group to the Everwinter sim – a build featuring an abandoned amusement park.

It’s dark, it’s grungy, it’s post-apocalyptic, and it’s fabulous.

Everwinter 1I had an absolutely fantastic time playing around with windlights and angles and everything.

That’s something I love about SL – I would never wander someplace like this in RL, or even watch a movie with a setting like this.

Everwinter 2But some of the places were just breathtaking. 😀

I didn’t get to finish the photo challenge, because I was called away in RL.

Everwinter 3I did, however, manage to spend enough time to take a boatload of photos. Everywhere you looked, there was something else to see and explore.

When you land, you are given a gas mask and a flashlight.  I didn’t wear the flashlight at first, but after seeing the cool effects that other people’s flashlights were making, I quickly grabbed it.

Everwinter 4It’s always interesting to learn how others like to spend their time in SL.  When I snapped this photo inside the abandoned diner, there was a young lady laying across the counter, just laying quietly.

She was there the whole time I was exploring.  I’m not sure what she was doing, but I was careful not to disturb her. 😛

Everwinter 5This was probably the creepiest thing I saw during my visit.  I hate clowns anyway, and seeing this outside my window would freak me out. And I mean that literally.

Everwinter 6There were tons of things to see, and these pictures are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you enjoy grunge, urban decay, or post-apocalyptic genres, Everwinter will be a delight.  Don’t forget to grab your mask and flashlight!