Kat&Mouse SOPA Logo WhiteWelcome to the Kat & Mouse School of Performing Arts (SOPA)!

I decided to form the school because I want to provide new dancers with the knowledge they need to start their performance dance careers.  I also want to help experienced dancers to achieve their dance career goals.

K&M SOPA is aimed at dancers of all skill levels.  Courses are grouped into skill sections – choreography, set building, costuming, and movers.  There are also some tool-specific courses.

Classes will be in voice, but students will also be provided class notes for review/reference.  Classes will be held at the K&M Theater.  There will be no charge for the classes, though of course donations are much appreciated.  Classes will be held in groups, but I will provide one-on-one instruction as necessary.  You can take the classes in any order you wish, unless there is a pre-requisite listed.

Once class dates/times are announced, you can sign up for the courses that interest you.  You will receive confirmation of your enrollment.  You will need to have an open group slot, as students will need to join the K&M group.

You will find a listing of the courses offered (and the skills taught in each class) listed on the Class Listings page.  Many of the classes focus on the SpotOn system of movers and HUDs, but I am also offering classes on the Artiste products.

My goal is to help you learn what you want to know in order to be the performance dancer you want to become.

MISSION STATEMENT:  To help those interested in dance to acquire skills in order to achieve success.