K&M SOPA Class Listings

Below you will find a listing of the courses offered by the K&M School of Performing Arts.

The course title is followed by a short list of topics to be covered in that class.  If there is a (P) next to the course title, the class has a pre-requisite.  The tools required for each class are also listed.  If you are interested in a class with a pre-requisite and feel you have the skills to take the course, please contact Kat Feldragonne to discuss instructor approval to take the course.

Classes will be held in voice, but students will also receive a notecard with notes for each class.  Class signups are first-come, first-served.  I reserve the right to change/add/modify class dates/times if necessary.  Classes are three (3) sessions and are limited to eight (8) students.

You must join the K&M in-world group for classes.  All notices and reminders will be sent through this group. Once I have confirmed your enrollment in the class, I will send invites for the group, so make sure you have a group slot free.

*NOTE: Though I teach classes using the SpotOn tools, these classes are not officially endorsed by SpotOn.*

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Artiste-only Classes: Ownership of the Artiste HUD and/or palette is recommended, but not required.

Intro to Artiste – an introduction to some basic concepts with Artiste. Topics include:

  • Sequences
  • Events
  • Emotes/chat
  • Adorns/removes
  • StageSight

Intermediate Artiste (P) – introduction to the palette. Topics include:

  • Palette as mover
  • Anchor
  • Controller/markers
  • Palette as object
  • Particle FX/animated textures
  • Director/Curtain/Stage HUD

Advanced Artiste (P) – TBA

Artiste Master Classes (P)– TBA

Non-Artiste Classes:

Choreography Course – choreography concepts. Must own a dance HUD that allows for sequenced choreography. Topics include:

  • Philosophy of dance
  • Basic information on dance HUDs/animations
  • Genres of music/dance
  • Lag/Caching
  • Freestyle choreography
  • Sequenced choreography
  • Incorporating poses, walks, stands

Mover Course– using the SpotOn Choreography Designer. Topics include:

  • Making a mover route
  • Timings
  • Routes with more than 7 WP’s
  • Hovertext, particles, prefixes
  • Object movers
  • Mirror
  • Recreating a route from a NC

Set Building Course – set building/design concepts. Topics include:

  • Textures
  • Linking
  • Snapping to grid
  • Lighting/FX
  • Faders
  • Rezzers (including SpotOn Stage Manager and Multi-scene)

Costuming Course – costuming concepts. Ownership of SpotOn Costume Assistant required. Topics include:

  • Costume design
  • Adding/Removing items (including SpotOn Costume Assistant)
  • Quick changes
  • Organization

Advanced Choreography Course (P) – advanced choreography concepts. Ownership of SpotOn PD HUD & SpotOn Choreography Designer required. Ownership of SpotOn Group Formation HUD helpful, but not required. Topics include:

  • Choreography Theory
  • Using the SpotOn PD HUD
  • Group choreography
  • Couples
  • Formations (including SpotOn Group Formation System)
  • Animation layering