2015 Reflections

Image Source:  bryancallen.com
Image Source: bryancallen.com

As 2015 is winding down, it seems that people are all taking a step back to reflect and evaluate the year.

In RL, I had a few losses, and lots of joys.  Same in SL.  🙂

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I do set some goals for myself. If I meet them, great!  If I don’t, that’s okay too.

Most of my goals are things I’d like to do or learn, and I don’t tie them to a year.  Heck, I know some of my goals will take longer than a year.

I’m still working on projects that I started last year, and I hope I will continue working on them for several more years, at least.

This year in SL I started teaching dance classes and I am loving every minute of it!  The students have been terrific and I can’t wait to see what 2016 is like.

I’ve learned a lot this year working with Photoshop, and I plan to continue that in 2016.  I bought a Wacom tablet, and one of my smaller goals is to learn how to use it.

One of the things I’d love to do is learn to work with mesh.  Approaching Blender is a bit like approaching a cockpit when you have no idea what all the buttons and knobs do and someone tells you you have to fly the plane. 😛

So I will be working on learning Blender in 2016.  I’m pretty sure this is a project that will take me more time than I want it to!

I’m also working on learning more about using the Artiste and incorporating all of its features into my dancing – no small task, indeed. 😀

Whatever 2016 brings, I know I will have plenty to keep me busy, in both RL and SL.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Image Source: play.google.com
Image Source: play.google.com

It’s finally Christmas!

This is always my favorite time of year.  I found it a little difficult to get into the holiday spirit at first, but it arrived just in time. 😀

Everyone had a great time opening up their gifts.  Hardware has been installed, games have been downloaded, and I am coloring while I listen to my favorite Christmas songs.

I hope you got to spend your holiday with those you love the most.

To all my family and friends, Merry Christmas!

Inventory Sorting Challenge

Image Source: cutelypoisoned.com

The other day I was moaning about how my inventory has ballooned to almost 38K items.  (I know, I know, that’s a drop in the bucket for some of you.) 😛

I try diligently to keep my inventory around the 30K range, so it’s starting to make me a bit twitchy that it’s getting so high.

I usually end up doing a marathon sorting/purging session, where I rez/wear items and then delete, box, or keep them.  Some things have sentimental value, some things I actually use, and some I box because I’m convinced I might need them someday. 😀

So, to make it a bit more fun, I’ve decided to combine my sorting/purging with blogging and photography.

The biggest folder in my inventory (besides shoes!) is my ‘building stuff’ folder.  This is where I stuff everything that I think I might use in a set for a routine.  Furniture, lights, landscaping items, vehicles, holiday decor – you name it, it’s probably in there.

It hasn’t been cleaned out in, well –  it has never been cleaned out.  😛

So I’m sure there are items that I can delete, or at the very least box up.  Some because they are just outdated, some because they aren’t copy/mod, and some because I have no idea why I kept them in the first place. 😛

The other day I came across an alphabet blogging challenge.  The challenge is to use only items in your posts/photos that all begin with the same letter.

I thought it would be fun to combine the alphabet challenge with my inventory sorting.  So, as I sort/purge, I will be trying to create scenes for a picture using items that all start with the same letter.

That should be easy, right?  😀

P.S. I started sorting Christmas stuff, because that seemed like a good place to start.  If I haven’t used it since last Christmas, I probably don’t need it, right?  I found a 21-prim snowman lurking in there.  He’s gone now – and his 21 prims!! 😀

It’s Advent-ure Season!!

Advent Calendar graphic
Image Source: 30dayadventures.ca

Yesterday was December 1, which means that along with the plethora of events every month, lots and lots of stores are doing Advent Calendars.

I have a few favorites that I do every year (like the Abranimations Advent), but there are tons more.

I found a listing on the Fab Free blog of various stores who are doing Advent Calendars this year.  I know there are other listings, but I like this one, because it also tells you if the calendar is totally free (open to everyone), requires a free-to-join group, or requires a pay-to-join group.

Totally free ones are my preference – even with the extra group slots I get as a premium member, I never seem to have enough!

I don’t mind joining for a bit to do the Advent, though I always feel slightly guilty for joining and then leaving after getting the freebies.

(I’ve always wondered how merchants feel about that – is it just expected, a part of doing business? Or does it annoy the bejeesus outta them?)

If it’s a paid group, I generally just give the calendar a pass, unless I already happen to be in the group.

Some of the calendars are really fun.  At Sway’s, for example, you get a free HUD, and then have to hunt around the store to find 24 Christmas baubles.  When you find the one for the correct day (#1 for yesterday), you return to the pile of Advent gifts, find the correspondingly numbered gift and click.

Voilá! Adorable free gift. 🙂

I actually found all the baubles yesterday, so now I just have to go back each day and pick up my gift.  Sweet!

Visit the Fab Free blog here to find the listing of all the stores doing an Advent calendar. (Note: I checked at DMC yesterday and there was no Advent Calendar set out. Save yourself a trip.)  😀

Some of the Advents don’t start until December 12, so be patient.  Also, yesterday saw the start of this year’s Peace on Earth hunt.  It’s a fabulous hunt, and has become something of a tradition for me.

I think there are 74 stores participating this year – and it’s a totally free hunt.  I don’t think there was a blog set up for it as yet, but you can join the hunters group in-world for free and grab a notecard with all the SLURL’s.

Happy Adventing!!!

Dealing with that Creative Rut | Photofocus

Image Source:  salescoachdan.com
Image Source: salescoachdan.com

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut.  Especially right now, when RL is filled with the holidays and family commitments.

It’s easy to fall back on something easy, something you’ve done before.  But how do you break out of it?

This article has some interesting ideas, as well as some common sense suggestions.

Source: Dealing with that Creative Rut | Photofocus

SL Blogger Meet N Greet

Yesterday was a very full day for me – a ton of shows, a LOT of inventory sorting, and a blogger meet-n-greet.

I almost forgot about the meeting but lucky for me, the fantastic hosts sent out a reminder!

SL Blogger Hosts
Our lovely hosts, Monica (L) and Ember (R)

The meet-n-greet was hosted by Monica Querrien and Ember Adored.

The first part of the meeting was an ice-breaker, with everyone introducing themselves, saying why they blog, and why they came to the meeting.

I think the general consensus was that we all came to the meeting to meet other bloggers 😀 and to hopefully learn something from each other.

It was interesting to see all the diverse people who blog.

We shared blog & Flickr links, so I think we all gained a few followers. 😛

The meeting was scheduled for two hours.

By the time everyone got done introducing themselves and sharing, over an hour of the time had been eaten up.

Some people might find that tedious, but it was interesting to see the variety of blogs and styles.

After all the introductions were complete, the discussion portion began.

SL Bloggers
Some attendees

Lots of ‘do’s and dont’s’ for blogging were discussed, though we didn’t have time to get into great detail.

I’m not a fashion blogger, so I am interested to see how other bloggers do things.

For instance, my LOTD posts are primarily a creative outlet for me, not necessarily a way to showcase the latest fashions on the grid.

I have discovered that I don’t have the time or energy (or the budget) to go dashing around to every event on the grid so that I can show off the newest shiny.

I don’t link every item from my LOTD, though I do credit them all (including poses).

However, I love reading the posts of others and finding some great items when I do. 😀

There are plans for future meet-n-greets, so if you couldn’t make it to this one, don’t worry.

I know that the time of the meeting was an issue for some; I’m hoping that future meetings will also have various times, so more people can attend.

A huge thank-you to Moni and Ember for hosting this!

Setting Goals and Celebrating Success

Image Source: management4success.wordpress.com
Interesting figures, no? Image Source: management4success.wordpress.com

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to learn more about social media and marketing.

Last month I attended a webinar on social media marketing and I’m currently taking a course on managing social media.

There are a million social networks these days, and I’m finding it difficult to keep track of everything and be as organized as I want/need to be.

One of the things discussed at the webinar was setting SMART goals for yourself (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound).

Instead of a vague goal like ‘increase engagement,’ your goals need to be specific and measurable.

For example, my goal for last month was to increase my number of followers.

I looked at my stats to find out my current number of followers, added the number, and that was my goal.

Specific (add X number of followers), Measurable (number of followers), Attainable , Realistic, and Time-bound (1 month).

Goal setting can be a challenge because I find myself checking stats constantly, and it becomes an energy drain for me.

After only a few days, I had met my goal.


But since it only took a few days, clearly I needed to reassess my goals.

So I set a new goal and I am trying to increase my followers by a specific percentage rather than a specific number.

Because I was busy doing other things (like the social media course), I hadn’t been checking my stats every day.

Yesterday, while I was doing something else, I happened to notice that I had gained quite a few more followers.

Yay again!! 😀

I’ve been so busy concentrating on other things that I forgot how good it feels to see your hard work start to pay off.

I may not have met my goal yet, but I’m on the way there, and I’m excited!

I think sometimes we have a tendency to focus on the end goal, which is good, but we forget to celebrate small successes along the way.

Because who doesn’t like to celebrate?!

Carlton Dancing Gif
Image Source: superuser.com




Now I’ve Done It

FB Photo Dimension
Maybe I’ll remember the dimensions this time! 😛

Yep, I’ve gone and created a Facebook page.  😛

So now I can (hopefully) keep better track of SL goings on – I am ‘liking’ pages and joining groups and sending friends requests like mad!

(If you’re on Facebook, find my page here.)

Now I need to get busy doing stuff to fill it up. 🙂

I have a week break before things get back to normal busy in RL again, so I thought I’d take advantage of the extra time and do some of those things I’ve been meaning to do, but never seem to get around to doing.

Facebook page – check.

New curriculum – check.

Current classes – check.

Dancing – check.

Photography – check.

Social Media Certification – working on it!

I’ve been busily grid hopping to different events (did everything open in October??!!) and I have a ton of boxes to open and sort.

What fun!

I’m trying to finish Octoberville, and then make my way over to the Peatonville Asylum.

And, though I’ve sworn off most gachas, the TAG! gacha event is open, and I have to at least go check it out, right? 😛

AND  – I managed to win the Fallen Gods gift from their Fortune Teller machine.


Top fashion picks for Belleza! – Mesh Body Addicts

I did not buy the Belleza body, but I’ve considered doing so, since you now get three bodies in one package.  It does have some options I would love for my Maitreya bod to have – like having more than one hand style.

For now, I’ll stick with my Maitreya, but maybe I’ll get the Belleza some day.  I’m debating now whether to take the plunge and get the new Catwa mesh head, which looks amazing.

But, no new purchases until I unbox everything I already have sitting in my huge inventory!!!

Source: Top fashion picks for Belleza! – Mesh Body Addicts

Let your Fingers Do The Talking and Win Early Access to Peatonville | MadPea

I didn’t play The Collection game, sadly, or I’d be entering this myself.  I’m hoping to talk my husband into doing Peatonville with me when it opens. 😀

Source: Let your Fingers Do The Talking and Win Early Access to Peatonville | MadPea