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Well, the Question of the Day series has run its course (for now).  I’ve learned a lot, I hope you have too!

Yesterday I asked if there was a preference for gender within a dance troupe.  Again, the results continue to surprise me.  I would have thought that either a) gender didn’t matter or b) people were looking for more male dancers.

Not so.

The vote was evenly split among those who had no gender preference (I got one right!) and people who preferred a mostly female troupe.

Curiouser and curiouser.  🙂

A big thank you to all of the readers/dancers/performers who took the time to read and answer!

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Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Question of the Day #15 – Male vs. Female

women menJust when I thought I was going to get one of my biggest questions answered – but no.  After viewing the results of yesterday’s poll, it seems that nearly everyone (70%) has no idea why a venue asks the audience to set their viewer to midnight.  Something to think about, for those of us who create routines for others to enjoy.  No one (0%) thought that setting your viewer to midnight makes a performance look better.  And yesterday I attended a dance show that didn’t ask me to set my viewer to midnight.  Maybe times they are a changin’, eh?

Today, I wanted to delve into why there seems to be such a disparity in gender when it comes to dancers in troupe.  Females almost always outnumber males.  Why?  Is it due to audience preference?  I’m curious, so let’s find out. 🙂


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Question of the Day #14 – Set to Midnight

I’m learning a lot with this series of posts, so I hope you are too!  Yesterday I delved into performer’s preferences for firing special FX.  The results were once again split right down the middle, with The Artiste HUD tied with SpotOn for firing special FX.  Yesterday was also the day that misse Tigerpaw gave a lecture in the DQ dance classes about particle effects, so yay me! for being so timely. 🙂 (And yay misse! who is an absolute genius with particles!)

Today I thought I’d ask a question that I’ve often asked myself.  Why do venues always request that you set your viewer to midnight?  Does it really improve the performance?  Let’s find out!


Thank you so much to all the readers who are following, commenting, voting, and reading!

Question of the Day #13 – Special FX

Well, the poll results are continuing to surprise me.  I predicted that most people would be using the manual method to add/remove/change props, clothing, etc.


The majority of respondents are using The Artiste for costume changes, followed closely by users of the SpotOn Costume Assistant, and manual changes were the least used.

So, let’s find out what people are using to fire all those fancy special FX we all love so much. 😛



Question of the Day #12 – Costume Changes

Yesterday I asked what mover systems people are using.  The results show an even split between the SpotOn mover system and The Artiste mover system.

Today’s question deal with costume changes.  Whether you are adding or removing costume pieces, props, special FX, cothing layers, or changing entire outfits, what are you using to do it?


Thank you to everyone who has participated in the previous polls!

It’s finally Friday – almost the weekend!  🙂


Question of the Day #11 – Mover Systems

Yesterday I asked about dance HUDs and what people are using.  I must admit, I was surprised by the results.  For years, HUDDLES was the ‘go-to’ dance HUD.  Then Barre came along and was the new ‘thing.’  Next was SpotOn – and because their HUD is made to work with their mover system, I expected that most people would be using that HUD.  Not so.

According to yesterday’s poll results, the most popular HUD among respondents was The Artiste Performance HUD (47%).  SpotOn Performance Director was the next most popular (27%), followed by the Barre (7%).  The rest of the votes were for various HUDs, including Akeyo and Vista, but not the HUDDLES.

So I’m very interested to see the results of today’s Question of the Day.


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Question of the Day #10 – Dance HUDs

Image Source:
Image Source:

I’m learning a lot from the Question of the Day.  Before I started asking them, I would have thought that the audience preferred large stages, lavish sets, and multiple dancers.

Turns out I was wrong.

The audience just wants to be entertained – imagine that!

Yesterday’s question asked whether repeat performances were okay.  Most of the respondents said that repeat performances were okay.

After asking a lot of questions about the audience’s perspective, I thought I’d turn now to asking performers about their preferences.  What tools are dancers using and why?

So for today’s question, I’m starting with a basic tool – the dance HUD.  I know what tools I use and like, and what tools seem to be popular, but perhaps what ‘seems’ popular may really not be.  (As turned out to be the case with some of the audience preferences!)

So, dancers – what dance HUD do you use?  I’ve listed a few of them, but there are too many to include all of them.  If the one you use isn’t on the list, please use the ‘other’ option and let me know which one you prefer.

Thank you all for participating – and don’t forget to nag your friends to weigh in too!

Question of the Day #9 – Repeat Performances

Image Source:
Image Source:

Yesterday’s question of the day asked if audience members had a preference – a show featuring only dancers, a show featuring a mix of acts, or a show with anything BUT dancers.  I was glad to see that no one voted for the last option.  The majority of people voting said they would prefer to see a show with a mixture of acts.  So if you are a venue owner, perhaps that is something to think about.  At the very least, a stand-up comedian, for instance, is probably a lot less script-heavy than a dance act. 😉

Today’s question of the day deals with repeat performances.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I go to a lot of dance shows.  Because many dancers perform at more than one venue, I often end up seeing repeat acts.  So I’m curious if audience members (or dancers themselves) have a strong opinion about repeat performances.  There are also big productions that, because of their size and complexity, are performed repeatedly and then retired.

Since the last QOTD showed that people enjoyed variety, I’m wondering if that carries over to viewing repeat performances.  So weigh in and let me know what you think.


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Question of the Day #8 – Dance or Variety Show?

Yesterday’s question of the day inquired about audience preferences for an ‘after-show’ experience.  Strangely (I found it strange, anyway), no one was interested in an after-show social mixer.  The rest of the respondents were evenly split between an audience participation dance as a closing number, or just heading home after the show.

Today’s question asks whether there is preference among audience members for strictly dance numbers in a show, or whether there is any interest in other types of acts.


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Enjoy your Monday!