Where Beauty is Neverfar

After completing my course through Visionaire, I’ve been even more excited to travel around SL and find gorgeous sims to practice with.

I keep a list of places that I’d like to visit when I have time to go for a photo wander.  Neverfar was on that list, so away I went!

VR WindmillI must say, Neverfar absolutely fantastic.  I normally play around with various windlights when I take photos, but the sim windlight is spectacular.

All the earth tones were fabulous, and the landscaping and decorating were amazing.

Neverfar Artist VignetteEverywhere I looked there was another stunning view.  I would love to have an outdoor studio space like this one.

VR Living Room VintageI was blown away by the design aesthetic of the whole sim.  I’m normally not a fan of shabby chic or rustic vintage, but this sim is one I could definitely live in.  The sumptuousness of the decor and the lived-in, cozy feel made for some spectacular scenes.

Swamp HouseAs I walked around, I found surprise after surprise, including this fabulous little patio area.

Beach HouseThis little shack with its comfy chair makes you want to just kick off your shoes, sit down, and relax with your favorite book.

Boardwalk Cafe VintageIf you get thirsty, you can head a short ways down the boardwalk and grab a cold drink at this gorgeous little cafe stand.

Neverfar sim SLOne of the things I love about SL is being able to see the creative genius of its residents.  I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed Neverfar – it’s not my usual style, but it is so gorgeous.  I found myself staying much longer than I normally do, just to let the beauty sink deep into my soul.

Take a few minutes and go for a visit – it will not disappoint.

The Sands of Time

I’ve visited the Sands of Time before, but I wanted to go back for another look. When I visited previously, I was looking for a location for a photo, which I found rather quickly, so I didn’t spend a lot of time wandering around.

SL Fairy RingThis time I did. One of the first things I found was this magical fairy ring.  I stayed for a bit to see if I could spot any of the fae, but I had no luck. 😦

SL al JinnI was camming all over the sim, trying to get a feel for the place.  Also known as Majilis al Jinn, it has an Arabic/Moroccan feel to it.  The lush palm trees add to that oasis feel.

SL Sands of Time WaterfallThere were several little waterfalls around. Sitting around and listening to the sound of falling water is so soothing and peaceful. Each waterfall had several nooks around where you could sit and just relax.

SL Sands of Time ObeliskI stumbled on this obelisk while wandering.  I’m fascinated by the ancient Egyptians, so this was a cool find.

SL Sands of Time PeacockNear the obelisk I found this open courtyard, complete with peacocks.  I kept my distance – I’ve known a few peacocks, and they aren’t always the friendliest of animals. :-/

They are gorgeous, though, aren’t they?

It’s a beautiful sim, with a large area to explore, and a new find around every corner.  There are lots of secluded romantic nooks, so you might find your visit even more enjoyable if you bring along a special friend. 😀


Tension at La Digue du Braek

La Digue du Braek is a sim I found while hunting through the destination guide. The sim is an experience of the push-pull of industrialism versus leisure.

La Digue HouseI started out on the leisure side.  It was a sandy beach, with pieces of habitation here and there, like this broken down house.

La Digue beachMostly the beach was empty.  Bleak, but pretty.

La Digue CamperI did find this trailer, complete with a little seating area where you can take a load off for a while.  Across the little inlet, I could see the industrial area with all the cranes and shipping containers.

La Digue TowerThe industrial tower looks like trailers that have all been piled on top of one another.  Not very aesthetically pleasing, but functional, I suppose.

La Digue StorageNext to the housing area were these lovely storage containers.  They weren’t marked as biohazards, but I don’t think I’d want to live next to them.

La Digue WarehouseThere is a huge warehouse on this side of the inlet, although it seems rather broken down and in disrepair.

It was an interesting sim to wander around – there are lots of little hidden things to find, and I enjoyed just sitting near the beach and watching all the container ships come and go.

Frights at Disturbia

When I’m sim-hopping looking for great photo spots, I have a tendency to avoid RP areas.  Mainly because I’m a huge introvert and I don’t want to interrupt anybody’s RP or get pulled into it. 😀

Even though I generally avoid RP areas, Disturbia seemed intriguing, so I decided to head over for a look.

Disturbia CrowsIt was as disturbing as promised. I started to take some photos of the scary clowns I found, but then I decided I didn’t want to frighten some poor reader who stumbled onto my photos.  So if you want to go see for yourself, feel free. This post will be clown-free,  however. 🙂

Disturbia SkullThere were lots of bodies littered around, along with other frightening sights, like this giant skull.

Disturbia Gas StationI’m not quite sure how a gas station fits in with an old carnival, but the plethora of dead bodies seemed to pull it into a cohesive whole.

Disturbia ChariotMayhem and destruction was everywhere – including this Roman-era chariot, complete with arrows, spears, and bloody helmets.

Disturbia StatueMy favorite thing on the whole sim was this statue. It’s beautiful, and haunting, and terrifying all at the same time. Stunning.

I can’t remember if Disturbia provided an OOC tag for observers, but I wandered around for some time and never ran into anyone.  If destruction and mayhem are your thing, head on over to Disturbia.

If you’re afraid of clowns, I hear Prehistorica is a great place to visit. 🙂

Time Travel to Prehistorica

I had a bit of time to do some sim-hopping the other day, and I decided to re-visit some places I’d been to previously.

I’m always on the hunt for great locations, especially to use as backdrops for photography.  I visit tons of fabulous sims where people who are landscaping geniuses have worked their magic.

Today I decided to re-visit Prehistorica – I’d been there once, quite a while ago, but watching all the dinosaurs was fun, so I headed back to see how it looked now.

SL Prehistorica Sim

They’ve added additional portals (new to me, anyway), so now you can visit other places besides the dinosaurs, like an underwater Atlantis sort of place.

But I was here for the dinosaurs, so off I went!

SL Prehistorica Creche Sim

I had to wander for a bit before I found the dinosaurs, but there was plenty to look at along the way.  I did stumble onto a raptor finishing off his dinner.  Luckily, he was full and I managed to shoot this photo of the remnants. 😛

SL Prehistorica Rocks

With a careful eye out for other raptors who might see me as a good meal, I kept wandering. I could hear other dinosaurs in the distance, so I headed that direction.

Prehistorica DinosaurSuccess!  I found this momma dinosaur wandering about, with her two babies never far away.  I thought the long-necked dinosaurs were herbivores, but she had some nasty looking teeth.  Discretion seemed the better part of valor, so I hid behind some rocks and zoomed in from a (hopefully) safe distance.

Prehistorica TriceratopsI also found this spiky guy nearby.  He seemed peaceful enough, but the horns were still a pretty strong deterrent to getting any closer.

If you like dinosaurs (and/or other things prehistoric), hop on over and explore Prehistorica.  There’s lots to see, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to wander around.  Don’t forget your dino repellant!

The Trace Too – Summer Trace

The Trace has long been a go-to destination for photographers and beauty lovers.  There have been some changes, so I decided to head back for another look.

What I discovered is that there are now three (3!) Traces – decorated for Summer, Fall, and Winter.  The Trace Too is the Summer Trace, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

beach buoy

This was my view upon landing – simply stunning. I love the soft pinks and purples in the horizon. The waves and water are so realistic – I just stood and listened and looked for a while.

beach house at The Trace Too

There are several beach houses dotted around the sim, all superbly staged.  They looked so comfy and cozy, it was hard to resist plopping down onto one of the swinging chairs and lazing the day away.

chair at The Trace Too

There were also little vignettes here and there, like this adorable sun chair, tucked in under a sheltering tree branch.

Fountain at The Trace Too

I love fountains, and this lovely maiden with her fishy companion was just too cute.  Something about the sound of running water is so soothing.

beach house at The Trace Too

All the beach houses were lovely, surrounded by the water and gorgeous fields of colorful flowers.

vintage car at The Trace Too

My favorite find was this vintage car.  I can just imagine driving around, top down, the wind blowing through my hair, taking in all the gorgeous sights.

The Trace Too is a must-visit!

African Beauty at Devin

I saw some pictures of Devin from other photographers, and I just had to go take a look for myself.

Devin Landscape

The sim is gorgeous.  This was taken near the landing point – the sun shining down on the water, the elephants at play – I couldn’t resist snapping a shot.

I’m a sucker for animals, so I had an absolute blast wandering the sim and taking photos.


I mean, how adorable is this tiny elephant?! There were animals of various kinds all around the sim, along with various areas where you could sit and just enjoy the scenery.

giraffe taking a drink

As I zoomed around with my camera, I found these giraffes taking a short siesta. Such magnificent creatures!

vintage rusty car

There were other things to look at besides the animals, including this rusty vintage car, probably for use as some sort of cobbled together shelter from all the animals.  It doesn’t look very comfortable, though.


This was one of my favorite areas  – who doesn’t love baby zebras?!  Mama was a tad overprotective of her little one, so I kept a respectful distance.

Devin landscape

The sim was so beautiful I wanted a wide-angle shot of everything.  The river running through it, all the animals, the sand, and the sun – a fantastic and wonderful place to spend a few hours and soak in the beauty of nature.

An Uncertain Destiny

The last several days I have spent some time traveling around to new places, trying to ease my soul with beauty.

One of the places I found is ‘An Uncertain Destiny.’

gargoyle fountain

I found myself drawn to objects on the sim, like this gargoyle fountain. I love the play of light and shadows on him, the duality of it – is he as adorable as he appears? Or will he eat your face off?  Hard to know, isn’t it?

The sim is a rather rainy destination, so an umbrella is probably in order if you visit.

dragon light

This little creature caught my eye as well.  The detailing of the textures is simply stunning.  The lantern bathes him in soft light, bringing out the amazing patina.

vintage tricycle

I found this little gem just as I was getting ready to leave the sim.  A reminder of a time when life was simpler.

LOTD #279 – Winter Wonder

LOTD 279

Wandering alone, she found a wonder.


My blogging has been somewhat irregular of late – RL and SL are both keeping me busy.

I’m still plugging along in my Visionaire course, though there are days where I just want to bang my head against the desk.

I’ve been meeting some great new people, though, and finding new things.  One of the students in my class is launching a new SL store, and she graciously shared one of her first creations with us.

The gorgeous book tree you see in the pic is her creation and it will be available at the next round of The Liaison Collaborative when it opens on December 7th. She will have other complementary pieces as well, so make sure you check it out.

As a bibliophile, this is possibly my most favorite SL Christmas tree ever. 😛



Hair:  Truth – Emika

Skin:  Genesis Lab – Latte

Eyes: Genesis Lab – Green

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modified)

Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya – Lara

Head: Genesis Lab – Nina

Coat: Anachron – Winter Blossoms Coat – Snowball

Shoes: Rebel Hope – Jennifer Mesh Boot – White

Book Tree/Lights:  Elusive (@TLC on Dec 7th)

Pose: Elephante Poses

Location: Nouvelles Aventures




LOTD #278 – Hope

Will My Tears Wash It All Away?

Can tears wash it all away?


It’s been a while since I posted – this photography course I’m taking has been keeping me busy. And, I hope, improving.

My homework this week was to come up with a piece for a new gallery that is opening. This photo didn’t make the cut, but I’m still really proud of it.

It took me much longer than I anticipated to take it, but I’m finding I’m much pickier about my photos than I was before – and that’s a good thing!

Even though I was initially crushed that this photo would not work (mostly because of the work that went into it), I’m excited about trying out some of my other ideas and seeing how they come to life.



Hair:  Argrace – Chizuru

Skin:  Glam Affair

Eyes: Izzie’s – Sad Eyes – Blue

Shape: Laqroki – Glow (modified)

Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya – Lara

Head: Catwa – Kori

Tears Appliers: Izzie’s Tears

Pose: Nantra