Guerilla Burlesque at 7pm

RL and SL have been extremely busy at the same time lately, which is a rare occurrence for me (thank goodness!).

I am stealing a few moments to sit down and put together a blog post.

Hopefully I will have more time over the next few days to sit down and actually write out all the thoughts that have been rumbling around in my head for the last several days. 🙂

I haven’t made it to many dance shows lately, but I have managed to catch a couple over this last week.

I made it to ExtravaDanza’s Disney show, and I made it to Guerilla Burlesque’s first 7pm SLT show on Friday.

Yes, you read that right – a Guerilla Burlesque show at 7pm!!

I, for one, was excited to hear this, because I just can’t make the midnight Friday shows.

GB 1Guerilla Burlesque is known around the grid for their performances, including the very successful “Le Cirque De Nuit” production.

For their midnight shows, it’s typical that guests begin to arrive an hour before the show to ensure a seat, as the sim can fill incredibly fast.

The 7pm show was no different.

The show began with a performance by Gloriana Maertens, a beautiful forest fairy scene.

The set was gorgeous and the particle effects added to the ethereal feel of the number.

The next number was quite a switch, going from the soft beauty of a forest scene to the hard edges of a techno set.

There aren’t many male dancers on the grid, so it’s always a nice change of pace to see one.

GB 2Dancing to “Dangerous,” Oodlemi Noodle made great use of animated textures to help set the scene.

I think there was a bit of a lag hiccup at the beginning of the number (not surprising with a full sim).

However, once the lag was kicked into submission, it was a very enjoyable performance.

The next set was the highlight of the show for me.

The absence of mirrors in SL (while understandable) is something I wish weren’t so.

GB 3I’ve seen a lot of talented photographers do amazing things with Photoshop to make it appear as if there are working mirrors in SL.

I’ve had an idea for using mirrored dances running around in my head for quite a while, but haven’t had the chance to put it together.

Instead, I got to watch Chewie do an amazing routine to ‘Mirrors.’

I love, love, love the angle of this shot.

I know how the effect was achieved, but isn’t it cool?!

I was snapping away madly, trying to get the ‘perfect’ shot, and this one comes pretty close. 🙂

GB 4The set is very minimal and forces the audience to focus on the performers.

I love how something simple can have such an impact.

The next performers were Aubreya and Azabella.

Aubreya’s routine was set in a not very nice neighborhood (can I say ghetto?).

I’m glad my husband was watching over my shoulder, or I would have missed a very cool part of the number.

As she danced from one end of the set to the other, the neighborhood began to change and became a very well-kept street scene.

I would love to show you a before/after, but alas, the shots I thought I had taken seem to be missing from my photo folder. 😦

I didn’t get a good shot of Azabella’s number either, unfortunately, as I was distracted by all the twitching, dismembered people in the windows behind her. *shudders*

It was a very cool (if rather unsettling) effect.

GB 6The last performance I saw was Zahra dancing to a song by Melody Gardot.

I had never heard of Melody before, but I am now a huge fan.

I absolutely love her voice – reminiscent of Nina Simone, Norah Jones, and Adele.

Zahra did a great routine to ‘Love Me Like a River Does.’

I love the end of the set – the soft moonlight shining down as she dances.

I think there was one more number after Zahra, but pesky RL called me away and I didn’t get to see it.

If you haven’t seen a Guerilla Burlesque show before, run, don’t walk, to the next one!

They just had auditions recently and I am excited to see what new performers they have found.

I’ve already marked next week’s show on my calender so I won’t miss it.

Hope to see you there! 😀

Starlite Theater Show

Last night I attended Starlite Theater’s last summer show.

The theater will be dark for a few months while some remodeling takes place.

I arrived about 30 minutes early for the show and was surprised at how quickly it filled up.

Starlite Vaudeville 1

With just a few minutes to showtime, there were 99 people on sim.

Unfortunately, with that many people, lag is inevitable.

The first number started about 15 minutes late as we waited for the lag to subside.

I tried to take pictures, but was afraid to cam around too much for fear of crashing.

I did manage to snap a few of the first number, a trio of short vaudeville numbers.

Starlite Vaudeville 2

There were still a few issues, as some of the costumes and body parts weren’t rezzing for everyone.

I saw the first two dances with no problems, but one of the dancers in the last bit of the trio remained stubbornly bald. 😦

Sadly, I don’t remember which songs they danced to, but the number was cute and well-choreographed, as usual.

There was a showgirl dancing on stage between each piece of the trio.

However, by the time her corset rezzed for me, the number was over.

I really enjoyed the short little numbers.

Starlite Vaudeville 3The vintage vaudeville-type acts are one of Izzy’s strong suits. 🙂

The last number of the trio was my favorite, with the dancers dressed in plaid hobo suits.

The dancers were troopers through the whole number, despite the lag issues.

Unfortunately, there was apparently another lag spike and another delay after the opening number.

After waiting another 15 minutes for things to settle, the show continued.

Sadly, I didn’t get any pics of the second number.

Starlite DeynaThe third act was a number by Deyna Broek to a song by the Pussycat Girls.

I’d tell you which song, but I can’t remember, darn it!

The lighting in the pic doesn’t do the number justice, as I didn’t spend my usual time fussing with the photos for fear I would crash and not get any.

I only had an hour free to attend the show.

As the next number hit the stage, RL was calling and I had to leave.

The few numbers I did see were well done, as usual.

After the theater reopens (in August, I believe), make sure you try to catch one of their shows.

Mark your calendars for Mondays at 7pm SLT.

Be sure to arrive early to allow time for everything to cache and rez!!

What’s Your Maturity Rating?

Image Source:

There has been quite a brouhaha over the last few days regarding an article about Second Life.

The article, written by Eric Grundhauser for Atlas Obscura, was a great piece about some historic locations in Second Life.

The brouhaha came when New World Notes published an article saying that the article by Grundhauser was misleading.

Now, I don’t want to get involved in the whole mess – if you’re interested, read the articles (including the comments).

But after reading the NWN article, I was left with questions.

The article contained a graph showing the top 25 most popular Second Life sims.

I’ve seen graphs like it before, and almost always, regions marked as ‘adult’ are at the top of the list.

Which leads people (including the article’s author), to assume that sex is the biggest draw for Second Life.

I think we’re all aware that sex is present in Second Life, just as we’re all aware it’s in RL.

But does a rating of ‘adult’ mean that sex is the ONLY thing happening on that sim?

Honor McMillan had the same questions, and actually visited a few of the sims on the list.

Her blog post reports a few of her discoveries – none of which included sex.

Maturity Ratings

So what do the maturity ratings for sims actually mean?

I went researching and found a page in the Knowledge Base with the definitions.

There are several reasons a region must be labeled ‘adult,’ but the one that caught my eye was if it ‘hosts, advertises, or publicly promotes photo-realistic nudity.’

I go to a lot of dance shows, and many of them are ‘burlesque’ or ‘cabaret’ shows.

Some of them have dancers who strip to full nude.

While the maturity ratings information says ‘burlesque’ dance clubs can be considered moderate, the definitions for ‘adult’ are ‘broadly defined,’ according to the Knowledge Base.

Given that violations of the TOS could result in loss of your club, parcel, sim, and banning of your account, some club/sim owners may choose to err on the side of caution when choosing the maturity rating.

So perhaps the number of adult sims has more to do with the lack of strict definitions than it does with the amount of actual pix sex taking place?

The Numbers

In looking back over the NWN article and the graph of sims, of the top 25, only 13 sims are labeled as ‘adult.’

The other 12 sims (48% of the most popular sims) are rated as ‘moderate’ or ‘general.’

If you only look at the top 10 most popular sims, 5 (50%) are ‘adult,’ the rest are not.

If you narrow it to the top 5 sims, only 2 are ‘adult’ (40%), 2 (40%) are ‘moderate’, and 1 (20%) is ‘general.’


It seems that while sex is popular in SL (just like in RL), it isn’t the only thing people are interested in.

Given the purposely vague definitions of ‘adult’ and the possible consequences of violating the TOS, simply rating a sim ‘adult’ does not mean that it will contain ‘extreme violent and sexual content.’

For myself, I have chosen to be able to access sims of all maturity ratings.

If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to access ‘adult’ sims which produce high quality dance shows that happen to sometimes contain ‘photo-realistic nudity.’

It also means that every search on Marketplace will likely have male genitalia as some of the ‘most relevant’ hits for me.  -.-

At the end of the day, the whole affair seems like a ‘storm in a teacup.’

I’m sure it got the author some nice traffic stats, though. 😀

What’s your take on maturity ratings?

Saturday – Party Time!

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Saturday is finally here, and I am rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off, as my grandpa would say.

Actually, he probably would have said, “You’re busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest!”

Grandpa was a hoot. 🙂

Anyway, I’m still busy cleaning and getting ready for our big soirée tonight, but I wanted to remind you that there are some great dance shows on this weekend.

Breezes Dancers are doing a show – I saw their Christmas show and it was wonderful.

Fusion Dance Crew is also doing a s show – Ric and Feli are amazing, so if you haven’t seen this group before be sure to check them out.

And of course there are the regular weekend shows – hop on over to my calendar page for dates, times, and SLURL’s. 🙂

After I’m done with my crazy weekend, I will be trekking around the grid to animation vendors to see if there is anything new out there.

I know there have been a few new AO releases, so I will be checking those out as well.

I was actually excited to see the release of a new mesh head.

I don’t generally care for the look of mesh heads, because they seem too stiff and lifeless, as well as all looking pretty similar.

However, the new mesh heads from Rowne actually look pretty good to me.

I’m not jumping the gun, because the heads do not currently use appliers, which means I would have to switch skins to wear them.

I just switched skins a month or so ago, and I’m not looking to outlay another load of L$ for a mesh head AND new skins. :/

It’s back to work for me.

Enjoy your Saturday!!

Hello Weekend!

Image Source:
Image Source:

It’s finally Friday!!

Which means I still have an a**load of stuff to do before tomorrow.


I was up bright and early this morning to start cleaning (I was supposed to do that yesterday, but I got distracted working on LOTD pics). 😀

When I logged in yesterday, more news – things are in flux for everyone lately, it seems.

Performance Art

The latest issue of Rez Magazine had an interesting article about a possible new ‘performance art’ venue opening in SL.

Yummy was the first one I know of to apply that term to the new direction that many dance performers seem to be heading.

I think it’s more appropriate than ‘burlesque’ or ‘neo-burlesque’ or ‘cabaret,’ and it seems to be gaining traction, given the number of times I’ve heard/seen it lately.

Performance art, to me, means that I will be able to see something someone has created from their soul – a piece with layers of meaning, some obvious, some not, some hidden even from the performance artist him/herself.

It’s entertainment, yes, but also so much more than that – a story, a feeling, evoking emotions (positive and/or negative) from the audience.

It will be interesting to see how this shift impacts current/future performers in SL.


There are a TON of events going on right now – as always seems to be the case in SL.

Collabor88 opens their current round today.

I’m never lucky enough to get in on the first day, so I’ll probably stop by sometime next week.

We ❤ Role Play is open now, and there are some gorgeous items I want to pick up, if I can ever find the time. 😛

FaMESHed is also open and celebrating their anniversary.

Join the group (it’s free), and pick up a TON of free anniversary gifties.

The Chapter 4 is open, also celebrating an anniversary, so stop by there for some free goodies as well.

This weekend also has a number of dance shows in addition to the regular weekend fare.

Fusion Dance Crew is putting on a show on Saturday, as are the Breezes Dancers.

I think the Waterfront Theater is also looking for acts for their variety show next month, so if you’re interested in that, check it out.

Sadly, I probably won’t have time to attend many (if any) shows this weekend, so if you go, take lots of pics and share them!

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

Lots of News!!

Image Source:
Image Source:

Apparently it was a busy weekend for lots of people, not just me. 🙂

So I have lots of tidbits to share with you today.

Here they are (in no particular order):

  • Tuty’s has released a new Kid Girl AO.  I don’t need a child AO, but some of the anims might be useful for routines.
  • A&M Mocap has released a new dance – The Real Twerk 3.
  • The A&M Mocap Maniacs are looking for choreographers – find all the details here.
  • Since today is May 4 (if you’re a Star Wars geek like I am, you know what that means!!), Starlite Theater is putting on a themed performance tonight at 7pm SLT.  I can’t decide if I want to go as Princess Leia or C3PO. 😀
  • Firestorm has released a new beta version of the viewer.  They’re calling it a beta because there are still some issues/bugs they need to fix, but there are a TON of new features.  I am most excited about the updates to the phototools and the ability to add filters (like you can in the Black Dragon viewer) before you take the photo.  Saves me post-processing time.  🙂
  • Bright Canopy has announced their invitation-only early access Pre-Launch on May 19th at noon SLT.  Read all about it here.

Lots of exciting stuff happening.

Enjoy your Monday, folks!

Happy Friday!

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As the school year winds to a close, RL is intruding more and more on my SL time.

I was so busy yesterday I didn’t even have time to log in! 😦

Hopefully after the next couple of weeks are over, things will get back to normal and I will have a more set routine.

Until then, I’ll do my best to keep blogging!

One of the things I’m hoping to start is a series of posts on creators – places where I like to go for props, poses, particles – anything you might use in a routine.

I have a few creators already in mind, but I would love to hear from you – what places are ‘go-to’ stores for you when trying to find something particular?

I hope to be able to interview some of the creators as well, but given everyone’s busy schedules, I’m not sure how many will be able to participate.

Regardless, I will be doing some posts on them. 🙂

At least it’s Friday – Happy Weekend, Everyone!

Club IMAGE – Monsters Tea Party

Monsters FairyLast weekend I was lucky enough to catch one of the last performances of Club IMAGE’s ‘Monsters Tea Party.’

The show had a storyline, complete with dialogue, about various monsters arriving at a tea party.

The costumes were amazing, as were the particle effects.

I should have written down the names of the characters – my memory isn’t what it used to be. 🙂

First to arrive at the party was a fiery fairy.

(I think her name was Electra, but I’m not sure.)

After the cute (but teeny bit scary) pixie arrives, there’s another knock on the door.

WerewolfThe werewolf arrives.

Again, the costumes were spectacular.

As they arrive, the monsters are shown into the library to await the arrival of the rest of the guests.

Suddenly, it seems to grow darker.

Who is arriving now?

NyxNyx, the mistress of night.

Played, of course, by Diawa Bellic.

I loved the particle effects in this number.

After Diawa’s stellar performance, Misse took the stage.

MisseI am always in awe of Misse’s performances, and this one was no different.

The visual artistry of her routines (and those of other IMAGE dancers) is simply amazing.

The spots of red against the black, the moving pieces of the set – superb.

Several other monsters arrive, and we discover the hostess has forgotten to order tea for the tea party.

Not to fear – the last guest arrives with tea to save the day!

Curtain CallThe show ended with a group number.

The pictures don’t do the performance justice.

They are no longer performing this particular show, but they put on shows every Sunday.

Set your alarm to get up early on Sunday and check out their expert use of visual effects.

Happy Hump Day

Because who doesn't like a little Liam? :-D Image Source:
Because who doesn’t like a little Liam? 😀
Image Source:

Yesterday was a busy day for me.

It was 21 Shoe so, you know – SHOES!!!

I’ve been busily trying to blog, photograph, and organize items I’ve collected over the past several weeks.

I’m making progress, but not there yet.

My schedule tends to be kind of fluid lately, so I’m hoping I can make it to the Velvet Vixens show tonight at 6pm. 😀

I came across a great tutorial from Alicia Chenaux about making a smile shape – editing your shape so that when you smile (using a classic/system avatar), you don’t look like a complete dorknoid.

I’m kinda mad at myself for not thinking of this – but she does a great job of explaining how it works.

So yay!  I can try my hand at pics where I actually have an expression on my face. 😛

Bright Canopy (the group that may be an alternative to SL Go), has a blog and is currently running a photo contest.

It sounds like the service may be up and running much quicker than many people (including me) expected.

So yay again!

I’m still debating over changing up the theme of the blog (I hate change :/), so if things look a little different, don’t panic. 😀

Happy Hump Day, y’all!!

Pay Per View

Image Source:
Image Source:

I’ve received several show invites/announcements over the last couple of months that are charging admission and/or requiring reservations.

Is this a growing trend in SL?

Paying to view dance shows?

I’m wondering what other trends are here or on the way.

Reserved seating for VIP’s?

Audience numbers limited to combat lag?

Script limits enforced?

I’m not necessarily against any of these practices, just curious that they seem to be cropping up.

I can certainly see limiting scripts and/or limiting the number of audience members in order to combat lag.

There are some shows that are very resource-heavy, and limiting some factors would help ensure audience members get the best performance possible.

As for paying admission, I’m curious how many venues are actually charging admission.

For large-scale, one-off performances, I can see how admission might be necessary.

But for other shows?

Along with paying admission, several venues have reserved seating.

I’ve even seen reserved seating at some venues for sponsors.

In SL, reserved seating seems like an easy perk to offer, since generally seating doesn’t affect your view of a performance.

In RL, you can get stuck behind a pole and have your view of the stage ruined.

In SL, you can simply move your camera around to get the perfect viewing angle.

I still maintain, however, the biggest thing you can do to ensure good viewing of a performance is to arrive early.

Yes, it might be a pain, since you can tp in at the last second.

However, your computer still needs time to rezz and cache everything, and venues are doing that pre-show priming BEFORE the show starts. 😀

So if you arrive early (15-30 minutes), you can find a seat, park your avi, go take care of RL business (drinks, bathroom, whatever) for that time, and when the show starts, you will (hopefully) see everything as the performers intended.

As we all know, however, nothing in SL is guaranteed. 😛

Are you willing to pay admission for a performance?

Would you pay for reserved seating?

Would it make a difference if you got to choose your reserved seat?