Copycats – Flattering or Annoying?

I haven’t posted anything to Flickr in a few weeks, but while I’ve been neglecting my own stream, I have been paying more attention to others.

What I’ve noticed is some people who seem to be copying the styles of other popular SL Flickr photographers.  Not that that is necessarily bad, or that they are doing it to cause problems for the other photographer.

I guess I find myself taken aback because when I see a photo, I think it’s by the photographer I associate with that style, and then realize it isn’t.  Doesn’t mean the photo is bad, just that it feels – wrong?

I don’t want to name names or point fingers, because again, I don’t know that there is any malicious intent behind it.  Maybe they just really like a particular photogs style and want to try and emulate it.

But I have to wonder if those photogs are flattered or frustrated by the copycats.  I know in at least one instance, the original photog felt frustrated because the copycat was not only copying the style but the content of the photo.  Which, again, could be a way to build your skills, but certainly comes across as disingenuous.

Have you had anyone copy your photos?  How did you feel about it?

Second question: What is with all the photos that appear to be taken portrait, but then turned to landscape when posted to Flickr?  I end up tilting my head trying to make sense of the images.  Is there a memo I missed somewhere that said this is the new ‘thing’ in photography?

2 thoughts on “Copycats – Flattering or Annoying?

  1. I have deliberately taken the same shot as someone else
    I cannot remember now in which order the 5 photographers took their pictures, it was interesting to see the different way each took their shot.
    I have also seen pictures and thought “how on earth did they achieve that look?” and I have then tried to replicate the picture, but I do not think that I have then posted on Flickr.

    1. In your case, I think that sounds amazing, especially asking others to compare your photos with the others. In that instance, everyone is getting more exposure and you are being upfront about what you are doing. Certainly a multi-sided issue!

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