Revisiting Sansar

I visited Sansar for the first time two days ago.  My first thoughts were like those of many: meh?

I want to like Sansar. I really do. But my first visit was not that impressive.  Granted, I’m visiting via PC instead of VR, so clearly I am not the ‘targeted’ consumer at this point.  I’m also not a creator (though I’m working on that), so what I can do in Sansar right now is limited.

I can walk, talk, and take photos.  That’s about it.

My first visit was out of curiosity – to see if it lived up to the hype. For me, not yet.  Some of the computer specs are pretty stiff, and my graphics card, while great for SL, works overtime a lot when wandering around Sansar.

My initial impressions aside, I wanted to go back in and look around again, especially after reading some of the posts people have written about their initial experiences in Sansar.

Is it as robust as SL?  Nope.  It’s still in beta, so of course it won’t be.  They are still developing Sansar as I write this, and likely will be for some time to come.  SL as it is now looks nothing like what it did 1, 2, or even 5 years ago.  (Flexi hair, anyone?) So Sansar as it will be may look nothing like what it does today.

My plan is to log in every so often and check things out as they are updated.  And also to take lots of pretty pictures. 😀

Grand Gardens in Sansar

Today I visited the Grand Hall and Gardens experience by Loz Hyde.  This is the view when you gaze off into the distance.  The clouds, the light rays – so gorgeous!

While I was wandering around taking photos, I experimented again with some of the camera controls and had much better luck this time.  It is a definite learning curve to ‘forget’ how I do things in SL and discover how to do them in Sansar.

My second visit was better than the first – enough to encourage me to try again.  In the meantime, my better half is searching for a VR headset so we can both try Sansar via VR instead of PC.  We’ll see what happens. 😀

9 thoughts on “Revisiting Sansar

  1. Kat. please can you tell me how to take a photo in Sansar without my avatar showing? I’m just taking screenshots really but I would like some to be close-up to show off furniture and decor but of course my daft avatar is always there. Thank you!

    1. Strawberry Singh has a great video explaining the controls, but here’s the short version: hit F3 to ‘decenter’ the camera from your avi. Right-click your mouse (holding down) and then move the camera around. Once you hit F3, you can use the WASD keys to move the camera in/out/right/left. In addition, if you hit F4 after hitting F3, you can then use the E and C keys to move the camera up and down. It takes a bit of practice, but it works. 🙂

      1. I kept holding down ALT then clicking something and expecting my view to recenter. Followed by a face palm and a loud DUUUUUH.

  2. Kat your second visit to Sansar had a different outcome than mine. The “so what” attitude continued for me. I’m still curious and will continue to follow Sansar on blogs but unless I hear of some major interesting development I won’t be back in that collection of experiences.

    1. I’m still curious, but judging from my data consumption numbers, I will only be visiting for short stints. 5GB for roughly an hour of exploring is pretty steep when you have a data cap. :/

      1. I hadn’t considered that but that is another reason I won’t be rushing back to Sansar. I don’t have a data cap but my ancestors were Scottish and that offends my natural frugality.

  3. Me neither, and i don’t have data cap either, i wonder if LL even thought of that handicap?
    And by reading the Unofficial LL blog (LIMW ) i do think there is a shift on Sansar strategy, from saying it is a beta almost ready to a early alpha.

    1. What LL admit a mistake. Wait, I think the earth has stopped spinning.

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