Time Travel to Prehistorica

I had a bit of time to do some sim-hopping the other day, and I decided to re-visit some places I’d been to previously.

I’m always on the hunt for great locations, especially to use as backdrops for photography.  I visit tons of fabulous sims where people who are landscaping geniuses have worked their magic.

Today I decided to re-visit Prehistorica – I’d been there once, quite a while ago, but watching all the dinosaurs was fun, so I headed back to see how it looked now.

SL Prehistorica Sim

They’ve added additional portals (new to me, anyway), so now you can visit other places besides the dinosaurs, like an underwater Atlantis sort of place.

But I was here for the dinosaurs, so off I went!

SL Prehistorica Creche Sim

I had to wander for a bit before I found the dinosaurs, but there was plenty to look at along the way.  I did stumble onto a raptor finishing off his dinner.  Luckily, he was full and I managed to shoot this photo of the remnants. 😛

SL Prehistorica Rocks

With a careful eye out for other raptors who might see me as a good meal, I kept wandering. I could hear other dinosaurs in the distance, so I headed that direction.

Prehistorica DinosaurSuccess!  I found this momma dinosaur wandering about, with her two babies never far away.  I thought the long-necked dinosaurs were herbivores, but she had some nasty looking teeth.  Discretion seemed the better part of valor, so I hid behind some rocks and zoomed in from a (hopefully) safe distance.

Prehistorica TriceratopsI also found this spiky guy nearby.  He seemed peaceful enough, but the horns were still a pretty strong deterrent to getting any closer.

If you like dinosaurs (and/or other things prehistoric), hop on over and explore Prehistorica.  There’s lots to see, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to wander around.  Don’t forget your dino repellant!

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