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While I’m sure that copybotting will be around as long as there are people on the internet, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it.

Strawberry Singh posted an article after being contacted by a full perm content creator.  If you’ve ever shopped on Marketplace, you know it’s full of copybotters.  And generally, as quickly as they are reported and stopped, they create a new account and start selling again.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight the good fight. 😀

Some (most) of the copybotters don’t even attempt to hide what they are doing, using the same vendor ads as the original (and legal) creators.  When you see a copybotter, it would be nice to drop a line to (one of) the original creators, so that they can file a DMCA claim and have the copybotter removed.

Again, it won’t stop them, but perhaps if it’s a tad more difficult or time-consuming, it will slow them a bit.

Read Strawberry’s full post:

I was recently contacted by a Full Perm Creator (Valentine Resident of Underground) who has informed me of a seriously frustrating problem on marketplace regarding full perm illegal sales. Apparently there are many accounts on the marketplace reselling full perm creations that they do not have permission to resell. They purchase full perm items from […]

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