Epic Fail

I like to think of myself as organized – I don’t like a lot of clutter, and I routinely go through my inventory to box up or delete old items.

Thursday, I was happily organizing, boxing up old clothing and shoes.  My inventory count has been hovering around 35K, and it was bugging me.

After I box up everything and delete what I don’t need, I generally empty my trash.  I always look at it first, just to make sure I don’t delete anything accidentally.

Except Thursday.

Lost Inventory

This is me, Friday, sobbing and wailing when I discovered that I had somehow accidentally deleted my ‘Solo Acts’ folder – the folder where I kept all my show costumes – corsets, burlesque outfits, feather fans, headpieces, tiaras, crowns, weapons, gacha outfits, particle effects, and more.  And then, blissfully unaware that the folder had somehow been moved into my trash, deleted my trash.

*Wails uncontrollably*

Pretty much every costume I’ve been collecting for the last 6 years is now gone. Silks – gone.  Corsets – gone.  Hand particles – gone. Feather fans – gone.  Wings – gone.  Hats – gone.  Cute avatar costumes, like my gummy bear – gone.

When I realized what happened, I felt sick. There was absolutely no way I’d be able to get back everything I lost.

I spent a good 15 minutes crying about it, and then told my husband.  Such a sweetheart – he told me I could take all his L$ and go shopping.   I didn’t, but I did start making a list of all the items I could remember that I might want to replace.

My two biggest wants were the items I’ve purchased from Cole’s Corner (she makes absolutely fantastic particle effects – check her out!) and, of course, all my costumes from !deviousMind.

I tried to visit as many places as I could and try to get redeliveries – however, neither Cole’s nor !dM had a redelivery terminal.  Yikes!  I took a chance and sent notecards to both owners, asking if I could get redeliveries, even though the purchases were so old I didn’t have proof of them.  My hope was that the owners would have their own records and could verify I’d actually purchased the items.

I know I won’t get any gacha items replaced, so I’ve had to say a tearful goodbye to all the outfits I collected over the years. 😦

As I was frantically tp’ing around to various places for possible redeliveries, items suddenly started appearing in my inventory.  ColeMarie Soleil – owner of Cole’s Corner – graciously replaced all my particles.  I was ecstatic.  So be sure and check her out – the particles are fabulous, they are very well-priced, and she is an absolute gem.

I’m still waiting to hear back from !deviousMind, so wish me luck. 😀

I did manage to get redeliveries from several stores, but I was surprised at the number of stores who don’t have that option.  I have also purchased a lot of costumes on Marketplace, so I will be going back through my orders and sending notecards to some merchants asking for redelivery for those items.

Thankfully, my loss did NOT include my dance animations (I have those backed up just for this sort of thing!), my dance HUDs, my mesh body/heads, skins, hair, or shoes. I do have a folder of regular (non-costume) clothing, so I don’t have to wander SL naked.  😛

I’m trying to find the humor and see the silver lining here.  A lot of my costumes were old, and many of them were system clothing, which I don’t wear very often anymore.  However, the shock of losing 11K items, especially some of my precious and much-loved costumes, was terrible.

So, avoid your own epic fail, and make sure to check and double-check your trash before you hit ‘delete’.


8 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. I don’t know if you can still do this, but you used to be able to log into a beta version of the SL viewer which operates on a different system. It only updates periodically, so I could retrieve something that I’d lost and when I logged into my regular viewer it was back. Time was of the essence. You can to beat the next sync between systems. I know these aren’t great directions, but maybe if you Google secondlife trash restoration or something along those lines you might find a solution. Good luck.

    1. I have filed a ticket, as I am a premium member, but it’s really up to LL at this point whether they do something to put the items back in my inventory. I screwed up, and if those are the consequences, well – I’ve learned my lesson. 😛

  2. Oh nooos! But I know I’ve done things like that before – I used to blog for a Monday Sales Group and put all the things I really liked in one huge box (boxes within boxes) and one day accidentally deleted it. I did phone the Labs and they tried to get it back but because I’d left it too late before I found out – it was gone. Regards to your hubbie, that was generous of him.

    1. Yes, I did file a ticket with LL, just on the off chance that they could do something. I did get a response, but their fix didn’t work, so – shopping it is!!

  3. Oh, Kat, that sounds horribly painful! That’s the kind of thing I’m paranoid about, why I hardly ever delete things outright (and am even nervous about emptying my trash), but if I were to just follow your policy of always checking trash before emptying it, there would be nothing to worry about.

    I’m glad you’re getting some of your items back, and I hope it’s more than you expect!

    1. Sadly, much of it was so old that it’s just gone forever. I hit redeliveries where I could, but I’m still down about 10K items. Definitely going to start keeping better track on my own!!!

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