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An interesting post from Daria over at MeshBodyAddicts about the new/coming soon JellyDolls.

I found her numbers interesting – I’ve tested the ARC of my Lelutka head previously, and it wasn’t that high, so I’m wondering how the math is different with ACI vs. ARC.

I am anxiously awaiting both this capability and the quick graphics preferences, which I hope make their way into the Firestorm viewer.

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2 thoughts on “What’s your ACI? – Mesh Body Addicts

  1. ARC is an obsolete metric based on arbitrary numbers put together without test data to support their validity. Avatar Render Weight (what it is called on the current live viewers), soon to be called Avatar Complexity – is a formula based on data.

    Advanced -> Performance Tools -> Show Render Weight for Avatars will show you your weight (and other’s weights as well). And you can use that to test individual items.

    The formula is here:

    1. I’ve used that previously to determine RW for clothing and other items. However, the numbers don’t seem to be constant, ie – I would add something and get one value, but when I took it off, the number would be different than the RW number I started with. Regardless, I am hopeful that perhaps more people will pay attention to their own ACI if/when they realize that others are choosing to not to see them because they are so resource-heavy. Perhaps clothing designers will become more aware as well! 🙂

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