Rustic Charm at Flux Sur Mer

Flux Sur Mer is a sim that I’ve heard mentioned many times, but I had never managed to make it there for a visit (probably because I was spelling the name incorrectly!).
Flux Sur Mer 1

The sim is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m so mad at myself for not visiting before now. 😦

I was snapping pictures like mad. I took so many that it was hard to narrow down the ones to put in the blog post.

Flux Sur Mer 2

Everywhere I looked there were little scenes, hidden areas, and some new area to explore.

Another thing I liked was that the buildings were all decorated on the inside, which made the whole sim feel more warm and inviting.

Flux Sur Mer 3

The trees and hills and stone give the sim a rustic but welcoming feel.  I’ve seen this domed building in many sims, but I particularly like the placement here on the edge of a hill.

Flux Sur Mer 4

I think this is one of my favorite shots from this visit.  I love being able to capture large pieces of builds like this in a picture – it makes it seem more real somehow. :-/

There are lots of great sitting areas all over, including some fabulous dining terraces.  There’s even an art gallery where you can buy some original artwork.

Flux Sur Mer 5

There are also many statues placed around the sim.  I’ve not seen this particular statue before (that I remember, anyway).  Another detail that adds to the rustic French feel of the sim.

Flux Sur Mer 6

Near the art gallery and terraces there is a fabulous country farmer’s market, with all kinds of goodies for sale.

If you haven’t made it to Flux Sur Mer yet either, you should drop everything and run right over.  It’s a fabulously gorgeous sim, and you will love it!

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  1. It’s a lovely sim, Kat. Great pictures and thanks for remaining me as I haven’t visited there in ages 🙂

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