Tutorial: Low poly artwork in Photoshop – OLIVIA BAINBRIDGE

I saw this article and decided to give the technique a try.

It was much more time consuming than I had anticipated, even with a relatively simple subject.  It did, however, appeal to both my OCD and my love of abstract artwork. 🙂

Here’s my attempt:

Polygon Experiment
This is just a rough and rather rushed attempt, but I like the way it turned out.  There is a definite ‘art’ to creating your polygons and keeping the shading realistic.

With this attempt, I drew each polygon with the lasso tool as I went.  I think next time, I might attempt to use the same polygon shape each time (create an action and make it less hand/mouse intensive).

But it was very calming and cathartic work.  Try it out!

This week I’ve been having fun experimenting with low poly art work in Photoshop to create some clean, modern, and colourful work like this parrot. It’s a pretty simple process so here&…

Source: Tutorial: Low poly artwork in Photoshop – OLIVIA BAINBRIDGE