Windlight Magazine’s 30/31 Event

Windlight Magazine has created a new bimonthly event aimed at introducing people to 2D, 3D, and decorative arts in SL.

The inaugural round began at 12am SLT on March 31st (so that means it’s open NOW!).  There are some amazing artists in this round, including pieces from Johannes1977 Resident and Myth.

Johannes1997 Resident (the owner/creator of Windlight Magazine) has some of his own fabulous art available in this round.

3031 Johannes1977 Resident

The stylized watercolor paintings would make a wonderful addition to any art collection.  This round of 30/31 only last until April 7th, so make sure you don’t miss out on some of these fantastic pieces.

You can find the “Medieval Hideaway” at the Epic Chromatic Gallery, and the “Residez Schlossvom Balkonaus” at the Windlight Art Gallery.  Both pieces are available for only $331L.

Myth has two very different items – one is a piece of 3D art, and the other is a decor item.

Myth 3031

The Butterfly Frame 1 is a gorgeous piece of art with 3D butterflies that seem to leap out of the frame.  A steal at only $131L!  So pretty!

Cascade is a piece of wall art, made of interlocking shapes and lit candles.  Also priced at $131L, it would make a fabulous addition to your interior decor.

The Myth mainstore has a lot of great items, so take your time and wander a bit – you never know what you’ll stumble upon!

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