Nusquam – Welcome to Nowhere

I often say that I live in the middle of nowhere.  I really do – I live smack in the middle of the United States.  In fact, I live in almost the geographical center of the contiguous 48 States.  Can’t get much more ‘middle of nowhere’ than that, I don’t think.
Nusquam 1

My nowhere looks pretty similar to Nusquam, except for the water and the rocks. Trees, railroads, old barns – those I can find everywhere around where I live. My small town is surrounded by farms, fields, pastures, and livestock.

Nusquam 2

This is another familiar sight – tractors, fields, hay bales, old and/or dilapidated farmhouses.  Somehow it’s much more attractive in SL. 😛

Nusquam 3

Horses grazing in the fields – also common, though around here it tends to be cows much more often than horses.  Horses are prettier. And smarter.  😀

Nusquam 4

Lighthouses seemed pretty scarce in the middle of nowhere (go figure!), so I had to content myself with pictures of tractors.  I love the grungy, rusted, worn textures on these.  Although these days, the tractors I see are new, bright green and yellow, with enclosed cabs and air conditioning (farming seems very lucrative around here).

Nusquam 5

I think this counts as a lighthouse, though the building portion is much more reminiscent of an old train station.  The old train stations in nearby towns have been converted into offices and museums.  One town still has a passenger train come through it, though.

Nusquam may be the middle of nowhere, but it is sure a sight prettier than my every day view.  I took these photos earlier this month, but just got around to editing them.  Nusquam seems to be a popular spot for photographers, as I have seen it all over Flickr and other social media.

It is well worth a visit – be sure to wear your boots, in case the horses left any ‘presents’ in the fields as you wander through. 😀

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  1. Kat unfortunately Nusquam seems to have departed to that Great inventory in the sky. the location is now ANSHEX.COM Homestead 10L$ upfront & 6499L$/Week w/ EM Rights, Nusquam

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