Exploring Netherwood

On a recent photography jaunt around SL, I came upon Netherwood.

The land description says, “Experience the natural beauty of Netherwood. Inspired by the picturesque English Lake District.”  Now, I’ve never been to the ‘picturesque English Lake District,’ but Anglophile that I am, I made a beeline for Netherwood. 😀

Netherwood 1

I’ve confessed before that I am terrible about exploring and only after I am done, do I read all the notes you sometimes get when you arrive at a new place. In my defense, when you land and see something like this intriguing rail line, it’s hard not to start exploring.

Netherwood 2I loved the windlight, so I didn’t spend a lot of time faffing about with those for photos. I just started walking. There were little scenes and vignettes sprinkled liberally around the sim, and there was something to look at no matter where you turned.

Netherwood 3

After following the rail line for a bit, it opened out into this lovely agrarian area, with animals and tractors and adorable little farmhouses. The imposing mountains in the background are just spectacular.

Netherwood 4

There were lots of animals here, there, and everywhere.  Cows, horses, sheep, and these cute little goslings with their mother goose.

Netherwood 5

Directly across from the farm was this fantastic stone bridge.  I love the ivy growing on the bridge.  According to the notecard from the sim creator (which I did read, eventually), she modeled the sim after the Lake District in the UK where she lives. If this is what she sees every morning, I’m so jealous.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Netherwood 6

This little scene in front of one of the farm cottages is chock-full of nostalgia.  The mix of toys, the wagon, the worn suitcase on the porch – this could be the house my grandmother grew up in.  Warm, welcoming, and comforting all at the same time.

Netherwood 8

One of my favorite things about my visit was the end – because of this.  I love it when there is a sense of mystery about a place.  Where do the tracks go?  What’s beyond the tunnel?  The only limit is your imagination.  🙂

Netherwood is absolutely stunning, and whether you are looking for a great place to take some photos or just relax for a spell, you won’t be disappointed.

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