Exploring the Crystal Gardens

I haven’t had much time lately to wander and take some photographs, so yesterday I just put everything else on hold and made time. 😀

During my explorations, I found the fabulous Crystal Gardens.

Crystal Gardens 1

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a thing for lighthouses – probably because we don’t have any where I live.  😛

There were a ton of areas to explore on this sim, and the landscaping was just gorgeous.
Crystal Gardens 2

I loved this view – the majestic mountains in the background (something else I don’t see much) and the hot air balloons floating gently above.

Crystal Gardens 3

The little thatched cottage and windmill are adorable, and I loved all the farm animals wandering around.

Crystal Gardens 4

I don’t know who made these rocking chairs, but I want one!  The scroll work on the arms and legs is so elegant and well done.

This is the sort of gazebo I would love to have but can’t, because I live somewhere that 30-50mph winds are pretty standard.  All this loveliness would be two states away after a stiff breeze. 😛

If you have a few minutes free, take a quick trip over to the Crystal Gardens and have a look-see.  It is truly enchanting.

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