Forgotten at The Pulse

On a recent jaunt around SL, I stopped at The Pulse.  Sadly, when I went back to double check my LM, there is a note board explaining that Forgotten is no longer hosted at The Pulse.

So, though I am sad the build is gone, at least I got the experience of wandering around the sim.  And I have the pictures to remind me of the beautiful build.

The Pulse 1This sad little angel statue seems even more fitting now that I know the build gone. 😦

The Pulse 2I didn’t realize until I was going back through my photos that I inadvertently captured myself.  I was going to Photoshop myself out, but I decided not to. 🙂

The Pulse 3I had a wonderful time exploring the sim.  I’m glad I was able to visit when I did.

The Pulse 4A beautiful waterfall – it was so calm and relaxing to sit and listen to the sound of the water.

I try to visit various places around SL to encourage others to explore and share in the beauty.  Unfortunately, this time you’ll have to be content with the photos.