Breezes Dancers Show

This weekend I was able to attend a show put on by the Breezes Dancers.

Each act was based in a different country.  The sets were minimal, but very well done.

Breezes 1The show opened with a number danced to a medley of ‘Cabaret’ and ‘Fever.’

I thought the costumes were fantastic. 🙂

Breezes 2Up next was a tango number – all the routines were group dances, but the choreographer did a great job of finding ways to accent groups of dancers.

I liked this set and how the textures added to the feeling of ‘depth’ and perspective.

Breezes 3One of the numbers was set in Spain, and also included an opera singer.

There was also a number done to a gospel song by Elvis, though I didn’t capture any pics of it.

The costumes were fabulous, though!

Breezes 4My favorite number of the show was the tap dance number.  I love watching tap dancers. 😀

Having all the male dancers with top hat in hand was a nice touch.

The finale of the show took us to France for a traditional can-can dance.

Breezes 5The show was very smooth and the time between acts was very minimal (even with music playing, sometimes it seems to take forever for the next act to take the stage!), which I appreciate.

If you are interested in seeing the Breezes Dancers, join their group or subscriber to stay updated on the latest happenings.