Just Another Tequila Sunrise

On one of my recent jaunts around SL, I decided to visit Just Another Tequila Sunrise.  I’d heard good things about it and wanted to see for myself.

Teq Sunrise 1I was not disappointed.

The sim is absolutely gorgeous.  Tons of things to see and photograph – so many that I had a hard time picking out which photos to use in this post!

Teq Sunrise 2I love this little church with the cemetery right next door.  It’s very reminiscent of many churches around where I live.

Teq Sunrise 3This fantastic little conservatory build is one I’ve seen many times, but it is perfect for this sim.  I love how the horses are grazing in the fields in the background.

Teq Sunrise 4Of course, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the lighthouse. 😛

I should start a collection of all the lighthouses I’ve photographed!  If you haven’t visited Just Another Tequila Sunrise, take a few minutes out of your day and have a wander.

It’s so peaceful and relaxing.  Stunning build.

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